In Love With Plankton

In Love With Plankton

Studying plankton requires some passion


Sorting Zooplankton in Ship Wet Lab


Mmmm, Zooplankton…We even made some Planktamite.. far more flavourful than Marmite or Vegemite.

If you are going to replenish, restore, and tend to ocean pastures you must first study plankton, and you might as well get a lot of samples, heck, you might even want to invent a more efficient method of sampling.

We did all of those things, before, during, inside, and outside of the our particular plankton bloom and we did it around the clock.

We have thousands of samples of phytoplankton and thousands  of samples of zooplankton. Each sample contains hundreds to thousands of plankton individuals.

Collecting phytoplankton is a relatively easy chore, however viewing, describing and estimating the quantity of phytoplankton can take quite a while.

Collecting zooplankton on the other hand is a much more difficult task. It takes big nets, to catch small creatures. Once caught, the zooplankton then need to be sorted and sub-sampled.

Here’s a video on our plankton sampling