Scientific Discoveries Are Blooming

Scientific Discoveries Are Blooming

Over the many years in planning our village project we ran across many scientific questions that we hoped our work might help provide clues and answers to.

We always had high hopes but the more we studied and planned the more and more we learned what we, and all of ocean science, did not know.

We have found some of those clues and answers, boy of boy have we ever.

One of the most prominent ocean plankton ecologists who is working with us had a great response to one of the simple discoveries. When told him of one finding he said in a very solemn manner, “Oh my, that is really very astonishing and a very important discovery”

Another top oceanographer half way around the world wrote to give words of encouragement saying, ” What you are doing is of historic importance to ocean science.”

A challenge we have as a for profit biotechnology company is that there are many people and competitors who want to know is what clues we have found might lead to what opportunities. Like any ordinary academic research project we have to work on our results and reduce our findings to various forms of discovery. That process is a lengthy one and others in our field like the major Ocean Science Institutes are many years in work on the data collected in their research projects before they report on results.

Look to the recent paper of last July in the Journal Nature which finally reported on the previously best ocean pasture replenishment project. The project took place in 2003 and the reports in the science community came out last year 2013. We are even receiving criticism from the authors of last years Nature paper that we ought to somehow open our scientific findings to their study now. That our project was ten times larger and ten times longer studied is not even considered, they just want what they know we must have, and they want it now, and they want it for free, and they are unabashed about their hostility for being interlopers on what they seem to think is their right to this knowledge.

This makes it all very difficult for us to explain our progress.

We know for example we will be showing information on mysteries in the field of physical oceanography that have been hinted at in previously published work but of which only dozens of data points give just a mere a hint of something very unexpected in the oceans. We now have millions of data points on that phenomenon and we will soon report on new energy processes in the oceans that will set the world of ocean science on fire.

We have made similar discoveries in the field of chemical oceanography that will likewise require an entirely new manner of thinking when it comes to chemical oceanography. So long Redfield its been good to know ya.

Of course since our forte has always been the biological ocean world we can say with confidence that we expect to have some incredible news to report here as well. Just stay tuned and be patient we are after all just a tiny village project.

What else would one expect from our world class science work, village style, the largest, most extensively and intensively studied meso-scale living ocean ecosystem ever studied.

If you are an ocean scientist or a person wanting to help move the science of the oceans forward and think you can help contact me with your ideas.