Greens Attack Haida Mariculture

Greens Attack Haida Mariculture

Being learned science and green business folk we don’t ordinarily read the hard edge conservative media but today we’ve learned a welcome lesson to be more open minded. Writer Robert Zubrin has written a lengthy articlezubrin_square published today in the National Review Online titled “The Greens Attack On Mariculture” and he gets a great deal of our village story right, bless his conservative soul for what he writes:

“Over the past several months, while most of the political world has been focused on the election and the ensuing struggle over the fiscal cliff, a little story appeared that is worthy of much more attention.

It concerns the efforts of the British Columbia–based Haida native-American tribe to restore the salmon fishery that has provided much of their livelihood for centuries. Acting collectively, the Old Massett people voted to form the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation, financed it with $2.5 million of their own savings, and used it to support the efforts of American scientist-entrepreneur Russ George to demonstrate the feasibility of open-sea mariculture through the distribution of 120 tons of iron sulfate into the northeast Pacific to stimulate a phytoplankton bloom.

Native Americans, bringing back the salmon, preserving their way of life, while combating global warming: One would think the environmentalists would be very pleased. One would be very wrong. Far from receiving applause for their initiative, the Haida and Mr. George have become the target of rage drawn from every corner of the community of those seeking to use global warming as a pretext for curtailing human freedom.”

The article goes on in depth to describe the conflict foisted via the adept use of every dirty propaganda trick in the book upon our work by green ideologues and a dutiful and complicit media corp. You’ll want to read it all yourself. There are some conservative digs against climate change that stick in our craw a bit but if we simply agreed with everything we read we’d be the same as the dogmatic ideologues who attack us. Mr. Zubrin ends his article with the following:

“The ultimate question comes down to this: Are humans creators or destroyers? If it is accepted that we are simply agents of destruction, consuming or ruining resources that existed before we came, then it follows that human activities, numbers, and liberties must be severely constrained and that someone must be empowered to do the constraining. On the other hand, if it is understood that humanity is fundamentally a creative force, that we invent resources and improve the world — unleashing abundance, lighting the night, ridding continents of pestilence, and bringing barren oceans to life — then it becomes clear that the essential mission of government is not to limit liberty but to defend it at all costs.

By advancing the case for humanity, the Haida have rendered us all a very important service.” Read the whole article here….link