We Live On A Wee Bit Of This Blue Planet Which Is Owned By Children Of The Future

We Live On A Wee Bit Of This Blue Planet Which Is Owned By Children Of The Future

Here’s Our Most Important Pie Chart Of Where We Live. Our part is that 14.6% part that is habitable.

for the children of the future

All of the above has happened here.

There is a whole lot of ocean and ice, lots of rocky mountain and barren desert, and just a wee bit of dry-lands and arable lands. It’s on that wee bit that we all live and we’ve modified the vast part of that wee bit to our liking.

This blue planet is 71% water and only 29% earth ( This includes the 10% covered by ice caps and glaciers so really 81% of this blue planet is water!).

Humans, all 7 billion of us today, have been tending to the Earth for thousands of years. In doing so we have modified the natural world in countless ways and to an enormous degree.

43% of the land area of the Earth has been converted to human use, 60 million km2, much of the habitable part.

37% of the land area has been converted to agriculture, 54 million km2

3% of the land is covered by cities and settlements, last year cities grew and covered an additional 58,000 km2. Cities now cover nearly 5 million km2.

In the oceans we’ve simply ignored it in large part save a tiny percentage along the shores. The entire area of the worlds continental shelves is less than 10% of the ocean area. Of that continental shelf area less than 1% is occupied by humans. So the oceans remain 99.9% untouched by the hand of man, save that we treat the oceans like wild hunting grounds where we pursue and kill wild marine life, each other via our navy’s, and drive 50,000 large cargo ships across the oceans on a daily basis.

Worst of all our 100 year gluttony for fossil fuels has resulted in the emission of a trillion tonnes of CO2 entering the atmosphere and oceans. Almost all of those trillion tonnes of CO2 are slowly mixing in the ocean waters and as they do H2O + CO2 = H2CO3 carbonic acid. With only 1/3 of the trillion tonnes of CO2 absorbed to date the oceans have already become 30% more acidic (less neutral) than they were a century ago. The remaining CO2 from the first dose we’ve administered, yesterdays lethal over dose, will continue to kill ocean life. The phytoplankton are the only force on earth that can convert that deadly CO2 from becoming ocean death and turn it into ocean life itself.

Instead of selling the doom and gloom of the dying planet and oceans we choose to act.

We choose life!

We have faith and hope.

It works!