Comments From A Friendly Publisher

Comments From A Friendly Publisher

Wow, Russ: I can see you’ve been busy. A lot of work went into this website. “Awesome.” I like the inflammatory tone in places and the sacred care in others. Poetic. Keeps a body reading … Also the fact that there’s a history-in-the-making vibe to this site. Your passion invites people back.

Plus, I see you’re writing a book! Would like to hear about that!

Let me know if/when there’s anything you would like me to collaborate on, such as editing your book or proof-reading the website. You’ve done the lion’s share just getting it up, but there will always be idiots out there who have nothing better to do than pick on the typos. One small recommendation, if I may: as you keep writing, you might make the paragraphs shorter. More white space on the page makes it easier  to read.

BTW, I still have that article in mind that I want to pen for the magazine I write for. Things should be slowing down a bit soon so I can get to it.

I hope the fear mongers and media hacks have decided to get off your back and go play elsewhere and good press can take over. Any news on how well the salmon are growing? What’s happening to the bloom?

All good things,