What Is Geoengineering? What Have We Done On the 14.6% Of The Planet We Occupy.

What Is Geoengineering? What Have We Done On the 14.6% Of The Planet We Occupy.

All of the above human “geoengineering” activity has taken place on just 14.6% of this planet.

There seems to be a raging controversy about geo-engineering. But the discussion is not at all about real geo-engineering, it is rather about whether some few can beat the drum to declare what is geo-engineering. What is most apparent in this is what is NOT being declared geo-engineering.

The rationale for this is of course as old as human speech, the one who defines the words controls the discourse. The manner and methods of our antagonists follow the horrid rules of propaganda that derive from theatres of war and dirty politics.

That humankind has altered the face of the planet is unquestionable. We’ve been doing so for several thousand years and in the past few centuries we’ve taken it on with zeal.

Why some aspects of modern society are attacked in efforts to declare R&D in those fields as banned is of course all about the money. The climate industrial complex that has come into being is managing the redistribution of hundreds of billions of dollars each year in the name of climate change. They have their sights set on the annual budget becoming trillions of dollars each year. That’s a pork barrel is exceeded only by the military industrial complex and the medical industrial complex of the world.

My own work has been declared “geo-engineering” by dark greens and dark conservatives alike. It’s been praised by many as well.  For certain there is a dedicated highly funded propaganda campaign to declare that working on a village scale to replenish, restore, and bring life back to traditional ocean pastures which are in a state of collapse is somehow an evil form of “geo-engineering.”

It doesn’t matter that the village ocean pasture I replenished and restored from a degraded state is no larger than countless features such as cities, towns, pastures, and tended lands around the world.

What drives the lies, propaganda, and hate-mongering being spread by dedicated propagandists and their media partners to the thundering sound of jack boots echoing in hallways is that there attempt to secure the exclusive right to control the definition of what is and who is engaging in “geo-engineering.”

The reason this topic is so polarized and beset with the dirtiest of dirty political tricks is that for those intent on seizing this beachhead in global governance this is a battle for power where ends justifies the means.