Skeptics, Doubting Thomas's, And Other Pitiful Personas

Skeptics, Doubting Thomas’s, And Other Pitiful Personas

Science educations are sold on such a massive basis by universities and colleges and in light of the very small number of jobs in science this practice leads quite naturally to a lot of frustration.

skeptic-cartoonFrustrated people frequently become soured and an easy way to self medicate this sourness is to criticize others who seem to be enjoying their lives in science.

This has been a characteristic of the diploma for sale business of “higher education” malls and the many shop keepers at those malls, the professors.


These chefs at the science mall serve up courses in science skepticism as their regular and special occasion “bill of fare”.

It guarantees the paying customer doesn’t go away without be satisfied in the future. They are taught they don’t need to actually do science they can participate by spinning antagonistic comments.

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