Ocean Pastures Are Maricultures 'Sine Qua Non' - An Indispensable And Essential Action

Ocean Pastures Are Maricultures ‘Sine Qua Non’ – An Indispensable And Essential Action

As the worlds ocean face cataclysmic collapse due to our treating them as merely transit routes, hunting grounds for wild things, dumping grounds for our wastes, and battlefields, something must change.

When ten thousand years ago mankind began to treat lands as an environment that he must steward the concept of pastures was born.

Through the millennia  we learned by doing that the most indispensable fact about pastures, that they have limits or a carrying capacity for life, we learned how to care for them. We stopped hunting the pastures on land without limit as to do so meant the life we took from those pastures could not be sustained. We learned that to receive from pastures we had to be their stewards and give back to them.

My work to introduce the concept of ocean pastures and work with those pastures is an ongoing learning process. But the learning is happening fast. It is the proverbial harvest of low hanging fruit that every pioneer discovers is a characteristic or being first in a new field of endeavour.

There is good news, wonderful news, in the lessons being learned. Most importantly what we have learned is that the ocean pastures respond incredibly fast and favourably to stewardship, to caring, to replenishment, and they become restored.

The work I have been doing for almost two decades and the lessons I have been learning need to be shared. In this category of posts, the school of ocean pastures, you will be able to learn what I know. I hope you will take these lessons to heart and decide to become an ocean pasture steward yourself.

Learn by doing. Doing so is full of the joy of working to restore nature. It is rewarding in the appreciation of the life that springs forth from the smallest of efforts. You will be part of replenishing and restoring the ocean pastures to a condition they and we have not enjoyed for a century. Perhaps more.

If you want to go to sea to restore the ocean pastures you will marvel at the unimaginable multitude and mass of planktonic life that responds to your caring hands, come and learn to care about plankton.

If you want to bring tuna and a multitude of other fish back from the brink of extinction come to this school of ocean pastures to learn how you can be the stewards of the tuna and grow more than you take.

If you are saddened by starving baby sea lions, come to this school of ocean pastures to learn how you can steward their home and replenish and restore the fish on their ocean pasture.

If you want to help the whales, the greatest gardeners of the ocean pastures ever, recover and swim side by side with you as stewards of their ocean pastures come to this school of ocean pastures.

If you want to know that sea birds who are today are diminished by 80% from recent times are on the mend because you have become steward of their ocean pastures come to this school of ocean pastures.

If you have a ship that travels the oceans, come hither and learn how during your voyages you can work to replenish and restore ocean life.


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