Plankton Bloom Spotted In Deep Space

Plankton Bloom Spotted In Deep Space

An amazing new photo from a telescope in Chile has captured the most detailed view yet of a stunning green feature 3,300 light-years away from Earth. It looks incredibly like a plankton bloom here on this blue planet.


The new image, released today (April 10) by the European Southern Observatory, shows the planetary nebula IC 1295 like it has never been seen before. The picture, which ESO scientists dubbed “ghostly,” marks the first time the planktonically green nebula has been imaged such unprecedented detail.

It has the spooky feature of looking like an Earthly eddy that makes it resemble a plankton bloom in the Earth’s oceans as seen from space, like this one just east of the islands of Japan.

With this bit of news along with the recent news of finding extraterrestrial  plankton fossils inside a meteor fragment that fell to earth in December 2012 and then the news of “sentient” plankton even more recently, what the heck is going on.

We call it out of this world fun.