Starting A Google+ Ocean Pastures Community, Howa

Starting A Google+ Ocean Pastures Community, Howa

This is the start of a new village project. It’s a virtual village located on Google+, the community is called simply Google+ Ocean Pastures.

I hope that people will come and join this village project to help replenish and restore real ocean pastures. It’s not meant to be a place for argument and trolls. It is meant to be a place where ideas that can walk can be refined, nurtured, and helped to become reality.

There are lots of such ideas that can walk. It’s easy for example to replenish and restore ocean pastures, all they need from us is to give back to them the little dust in the wind we have taken away.  How little, we worked that out by experiment and it’s a tiny amount. About the same volume of a single grain of salt per cubic meter of ocean pasture!

But to be a learned and caring steward of an ocean pasture and bringing that pasture back to sustainable health requires tools of observation and measurement and the skill and opportunity to use those tools.

There are many such tools available to us that we use every day. Satellites carry a plethora of instruments that we log onto and use their open source observations to watch our ocean pastures.

Instrument bouys have been deployed by us both dumb bouys and smart bouys.  

We have the underwater Slocum Gliders that we send on missions.

We have new overwater ocean gliders that will be flying over our pastures soon.

We have a raft of ideas for low cost ocean pasture science tools that we are designing and working to build.

This work and walk of replenishing and restoring ocean pastures has been set upon by wealthy vested interests who have spared no sentence in text books on conducting propaganda campaigns to spread misinformation and disinformation about this this remarkably hopeful work.

There are financial requirements. How are villages able to afford to replenish, restore, and become learned stewards of their ocean pastures.

There are other questions and answers to discover.

So with that, come join our new village.

As my neighbours in the Haida Village of Old Massett who helped in this often say.

Howa  ( it means thank you but much more, it also means friend)