Eco Triage, We Have Limited Resources, We Must Make Choices

Eco Triage, We Have Limited Resources, We Must Make Choices

A method of simple eco triage is presented here.

Remember the reason we need eco triage is that we recognize that we DO NOT have sufficient resources to treat every problem. We must ration our limited resources. This will result in suffering, death, and life, it’s the latter category that we must focus on.

Look upon your patient, Mother Nature, and divide her ails into three categories:

  1. Those ailments that are likely to result in continued life, regardless of what care they receive; ignore these.
  2. Those ailments that  are likely to result in loss of life, regardless of what care they receive; ignore these.
  3. Those ailments for whom immediate care might make a positive difference in outcome. Give your all for these.

Keeping focused is the most important thing you can do. Don’t let the hostilities or easy things you might do overwhelm your spirit or your intentions. This won’t bring you wealth, but it will sustain you.

Here’s an examples of “green” actions that I see people being spoon fed. Easy stuff, mindless stuff, stuff that assumes the problem is so large that nothing you or I as an individual might do that will make a big difference, feel good stuff, but failing the basics teachings of triage.

Feeling like screwing in another energy efficient light bulb.

green-bulb eco triageOK this is good to do but it does nothing to mitigate your CO2 that has already gone into the air and is causing great immediate harm.

The same goes for buying that new socially positive hybrid car, easy to do but its not going to help Mother Nature who is bleeding to death at your feet.

Remember you have limited resources, use them wisely for the benefit of the patient.

What needs to be done first in our eco-triage on behalf of Mother Nature is to treat the harm already done to her first. Limiting further harm will be useless if she dies from the first deadly dose of CO2.

So what you need to do is invest in something truly green, make certain that your every breath of CO2 turns into life, into restored plant life that is Mother Nature’s most fundamental body, restore her trees and seas, save her from the first deadly dose of CO2 already killing her. Don’t think that by doing the easy thing and not adding your CO2 to a second lethal dose will be the antidote for the poison already in the air.

Most important to remember is that the resilience and capacity of Mother Nature to heal herself and continue to provide for us all is sufficient. She has the capacity, with our help, to not only survive but to thrive.

I’ve seen this and measured it in both the sea and tree ecosystems. The cost of converting billions of tonnes of CO2 into life itself is mere millions NOT billions. In the bargain we all enjoy the benefits of bringing back the fish and all sea life to the worlds oceans.


Provided we do our part.