A Call To 100 Villages. You Can Bring Back Your Fish.

A Call To 100 Villages. You Can Bring Back Your Fish.

My work developing and teaching the practical skills and science of ocean pasture stewardship in partnership with a tiny native village on the islands of Haida Gwaii in the N.E. Pacific has demonstrated that an ocean miracle is near to hand, affordable, and deliverable.

Much of the credit for this miracle belongs to one tiny village of fewer than 800 souls. One village of people with a real belief that they are part of  nature. And along with that faith, as a village we have proven to have the ability to dream the impossible dream and to work to make that dream literally come alive.

village sockeye

Sockeye Salmon

We are bringing back village fish and all marine life not by talking but by becoming learned stewards of our ocean pastures and replenishing and restoring those ocean pastures to health. The numbers and tonnes of fish is beyond anyone’s wildest dreams. Not just thousands of fish, millions of fish. Not just hundreds of tonnes of fish tens of thousands of tonnes of fish.

What if this first village were joined by 99 more.

The answer – together 100 villages can replenish and restore our oceans and our world, your world.

It works one village at a time. Imagine what 100 caring villages might do.

This miracle is not one of our sole invention. It is one that has come about by working with this one small village over the course of 6 years. It comes out of 16,ooo years of village culture on a tiny group of isolated islands. In just these past 6 years we have helped rediscover, refine, make ready, and now present our ocean miracle to a world of villages facing the same desperate need our village on the islands of Haida Gwaii faces.

Your village, like our first village partner, can do the same with your ocean pastures. We will teach you how to bring the fish back.

Where will replenishment and restoration of ocean pastures work? Almost everywhere, on all of the world’s seven seas. Some places better than others. If your ocean pastures once had more fish than today don’t imagine that overfishing has been and is the whole problem. Ocean pasture collapse is everywhere, save very near to shore, the far greater problem facing ocean fish.

If you want to continue to receive fish from your sea you must give back and become the stewards of your ocean pastures.

tahiti_village_artIf just 99 more villages join with us, we will bring village fish back everywhere, as food for our children, as our gift to all life in our Mother Ocean, and as our labour of love on behalf of the rest of the world. In doing so together as 100 villages we will eliminate the lions share of the dire consequences of fossil CO2. Far more than the Kyoto agreement ever hoped to do.

Not just a little CO2 can be converted from its deadly form to ocean life, not mere millions of tonnes of CO2, billions of tonnes.

Not at a cost of hundreds of billions, but for mere millions.

Come to our school of ocean pasture stewardship and we will teach you. There is much to learn and we will show you that the learning so that your village can achieve immediate results comes easy. We’ve done most of the hard learning and will make it easy for your village. You just need to begin.

Imagine that within just a few years, your fish came back in abundance.

Imagine that within just a decade that abundance of fish in your ocean pastures was equal to the greatest numbers in history.

Leave us a comment in the form below with your name and email. Tell us a little about your community, is it a village, a town, a fisherman’s cooperative, or even a fishing company, all are welcome. We will reply to tell you more about what we do.

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