Greenfinger Speaks - How Just 100 Villages Might Save The World From CO2 And Feed It Too!

Greenfinger Speaks – How Just 100 Villages Might Save The World From CO2 And Feed It Too!

As a result of my work, not mere talk, I have been dubbed Greenfinger and a plethora of other names mostly meant to be pejorative.

The more common descriptor than Greenfinger is that of Geo-engineer. As a man whose mostly worked in life sciences it is irksome to be called any kind of engineer but if I must be an engineer let me be known as an Eco-engineer.

I work to restore nature. It is good work and necessary work and if one of the costs is facing the determined efforts of a bunch of armchair pundits to besmirch me and my work, so be it.

My work on Ocean Pasture replenishment and restoration has been the problem for some time. HSRC_Press1  saving the planet one greenfinger at a time

The fact that I’ve now, in partnership with a tiny native peoples village, shown that IT JUST WORKS seems to be a really big problem.

Here’s some high points of how well it works.   By replenishing a bit of rock dust, ideally hematite iron ore dust, in a volume equal to one single grain of salt in one cubic meter of dying ocean, the ocean comes back to life in splendiferous abundance.

All manner of sea life comes to the restored ocean plankton pasture which blooms for months, growing food for all. The whole pasture ecosystem is enriched and restored for years.Pearl_MocNess

So here’s how we did it. We took a single fishing boat, loaded it with ocean science gear, scientists, villagers, and a bit more than 100 tonnes of our favourite rock dust. It took weeks to spread the dust as we needed to put such a a tiny amount in such a vast area.  The ocean plankton pastures thrive when they have 1/millionth of the iron you or I or any fish needs to survive.

Think its scary putting 100 tonnes of our villages favourite rock dust into the ocean. Here’s a link to a story of one of our neighbouring villages in the state of Washington is putting 50 million tonnes of their favourite rock dust in the ocean. The Washington state village is receiving universal praise for the good deed it is doing with the US government providing over $345 million to assist.

We spent months at sea studying the dying ocean surrounding our particular ocean pasture and the life we replenished and restored in our pasture.

We’re started our studies years before the experiment and are still studying the experiment location today.   Here’s a link to a narrative on the observed effect.

The reason a little dust is so potent in restoring the ocean pastures is that dust, and its mineral micronutrients, are in a dire state of decline all over the world save downwind of places like the Sahara desert. The vast majority of the planets oceans are simply dying for want of a little dust in the wind. That dust has and is disappearing fast due to our CO2 emissions. Here’s a link to some more detail on the Yin and Yang of dust and rain.

Bloom Data

Snip Of Bloom Glider Data

In this work which is the largest, most extensive, and intensive scientifically run pilot project on ocean plankton pastures ever undertaken the more than 170,000,000 discrete measurements and more than 6 years of work are yielding some dramatic revelations.

We can say with certainty with experimental evidence to support this not mere mathematical armchair models that via this simple method of restoring ocean plant life billions of tonnes of CO2 can immediately and sustainably be converted from its deadly form into ocean life itself. Given the choice between ocean death and ocean life, we choose life!

The cost of the practical applied ocean pasture stewardship methods we’ve developed and are developing is not the hundreds of billions of dollars proposed by governments, institutional science, donation seeking NGO’s, or commissioned sales and brokerage firms in the global carbon offset bubble markets.

The cost is not even billions.

The costs is mere millions.

The work can be done by just 100 villages. To become one of the hundred follow this link, we just need 99 more.

That many of the tens of thousands of people who have jobs selling the doomsday scenario of climate change and its limitless demand for money hate this work is painful but no mystery. Here’s a link to a post on the pork barrel crowd.

There is a lot more on this blog… give it a read.