The Climate Industrial Complex Juggernaut Sunk By Mother Nature?

The Climate Industrial Complex Juggernaut Sunk By Mother Nature?

The pivotal issue regarding CO2 for most is the cost of doing something about it.

Countless people now work spending billions, even hundreds of billions of dollars on this topic. It has become the Climate Industrial Complex, like the Military Industrial Complex, it is a juggernaut out of control. And that scares the heck out of almost everyone not aboard that juggernaut.

climate industrial complex icebergBut what if the solution to a large portion of the CO2 problem did not need to cost hundreds of billions, not even billions. What if a major part of the solution were to cost mere millions. I’ve worked for decades developing, and last year testing, just such a solution.

This accomplishment and its startling success has earned me the new moniker Greenfinger.

Here’s a link where you can read more…  I sort of like that new moniker, in spite of its’ pejorative intent.

About our high and rising CO2. IT IS dramatically changing plant ecosystems everywhere and those plant ecosystems are changing the world for us and everything else we share it with. However hosw CO2 works might just surprise you. In just this past month a pivotal paper in the Journal Nature by a grad student in New Mexico has revealed the epic power of CO2.

The paper points out that plants benefit from our high CO2 world. Because of easy to come by high CO2, they are working less and thus losing less water via transpiration (breathing). As is reported in the Nature paper plant transpiration provides 4-5 times more water vapour to the air than does evaporation!

Water vapour is the most important “greenhouse gas” many times the potency of CO2. Plants are now putting in dramatically less of their primary greenhouse gas (water vapour) as they remove ever more CO2 from the air. Here’s a link to read more…

So if CO2 and plants are the root and leaf of the problem what more appropriate place to focus our attention. What if a “home grown” solution is at hand. Well it is.

Plants can be helped to remove even more CO2 from the air, billions of tonnes of dangerous CO2 can be turned by plants into life itself.

The cost of replenishing and restoring plant life to manage these billions of tonnes of CO2 is mere millions not billions of dollars…It’s Ecoengineeging, giving something back to Nature so that we may continue to receive…read how here…

This work is not without problems. First and foremost those aboard the juggernaut have brought their big guns to bear on our tiny village project and done their best to suppress news of a solution that upsets their big dollar schemes. A million dollar pie just doesn’t divide into the feast many have come to be accustomed to. Worse it doesn’t fit the dogma.

But as scientists have long experienced new discoveries are frequently met with derision in because of the change they portend. As Galileo said in his compelled statement about the heavens and earth “blah blah blah, and yet it turns.”

Join us. Choose Life.