What If The Cost To Meet The Australia CO2 Crisis Was Mere $Millions Not $Billions

What If The Cost To Meet The Australia CO2 Crisis Was Mere $Millions Not $Billions

There is very good news for Australia and its struggle to do the right thing by its CO2 emissions.

There has and is a crisis in Australia CO2 that is largely about the cost of doing the right thing.

Work I have done with a tiny native people village in the NE Pacific to replenish and restore ocean plankton pastures to bring the fish back has succeeded.

Having completed the world’s largest, most extensive, and intensive development and delivery of ocean plankton pasture stewardship we are seeing that IT JUST WORKS.

In our collection of hundreds of millions of discrete measurements of the ocean pastures we have studied in the NE Pacific we see both incredible benefits to feeding all of ocean life and that astonishing amounts of CO2 is converted by our restored ocean plankton pastures and becomes that ocean life.

A side benefit is it shows that in ideal ocean locations such as those to the immediate south and west of Australia, ocean plankton pasture stewardship will not only bring the fish back to historic numbers. It will do this by converting CO2 from its ocean killing form into ocean life itself.

The cost for Australia to manage its CO2 in partnership with Nature can be reduced from billions to mere millions. This is price Australian’s will be happy to stomach, especially since at the same time they will be enjoying eating healthy fish in abundance.

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Let’s bring back Australia’s fish and solve the nations and Mother Natures CO2 problem.