40 Million Salmon Can't Be Wrong Video

40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong Video

In the winter of 2011-2012 in between Christmas and New Year’s Day my salmon muse visited me.

I penned a song to explain how the miracle of salmon teaches us a very important lesson. Fortunately I have some good friends who are musicians and are known as “The Artist Response Team.”  I was able to go to them for help in making the words become music and now this video.

The song reminds us that we just borrow this planet from our children.

Here is the lesson of the salmon. 40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong.

You can read more about how replenishing and restoring the ocean pastures of the salmon brings all of sea life back.

Holly Arntzen and Kevin Wright have a career teaching through music important lessons for children about our environment. I have known Holly as a friend since the early 1970’s.

They have a band they call “The Wilds” and a company they call “The Artists Response Team.”

If you want to listen to more of Holly and Kevin’s music here’s another of my favourites, “Mr. Douglas. ”

And yes that is legendary guitarist David Sinclair lending his incredible hands.