Mob Rule On The Internet. A Global Crisis Of A Lost Moral Compass.

Mob Rule On The Internet. A Global Crisis Of A Lost Moral Compass.

There is a global crisis befalling the Internet. Has it reached a tipping point requiring dramatic actions?

Some call the internet an eighth wonder of the world. It exists within and without the borders of all nations, it has closed gaps of time and space, it has stripped all veils of privacy, and it has turned the whole world into a global village or perhaps a global ghetto. No invention has affected humanity and impacted the way we live and work like the internet. But for all the good the internet does it has a perniciously evil dark side.

Like many good things, there’s also the good, the bad and the ugly side to the internet revolution. In its unrestrained access to the social media, it provides to anonymous miscreants hidden in unknowable dark cornors weapons of mass destruction that now pose mortal danger to the credibility, even the lives, of innocent persons, especially but far from exclusively celebrated persons across the social spectrum.

As we transition from the world a a few channels of information to limitless channels the old school mass media is playing by perverse rules where they seek to ride any wave of public interest, no matter the source or content. Mainstream media have always lived by the rule “if it bleeds it leads.” Today the mainstream media, still holding sway because of their vast financial resources, feeds on an endless supply of blood by featuring negative blogosphere “news.” It matters not to the media world that their sources are the rabid activists of mob rule. With naught but a glance, the haters of the internet can be and are encouraged to be terrorists and suicide bombers who use the weapons of social media to steal, kill and destroy their innocent victims, against anyone with whom they nurse some grudge or merely see as vulnerable.

These dangerous hacks are under the influence of a malevolent side of the human spirit and now form part of the ugly side of the global information flow that we ought to deal with like natural disasters. They are the nightmares of truth and justice.

Most law makers haven’t even begun to acknowledge this new arena of hate, slander, and libel.  Those who do are largely moribund in fear that if they speak up they will become targets and victims.

An astonishing and growing number of people have become the perennial victims of junk journalists bloggers and hacks in the social media mob.

The mob will stop at nothing to cast those that they have chosen to attack  in bad light at the slightest opportunity.

Good work is not mentioned by the mob network. Their’s is a world of gloom where social networkers fabricate scandals.

When a refutal is sent to members and leaders of the mob, they simply ignore and refuse to publish it. If they did it would call into question the credibility of themselves and their medium which enjoys considerable following because it’s offerings are able to be secretly consumed by both gullible and voyeuristic public.

In a craze to stay popular on the web and maintain a huge following, bloggers like this often do not bother to ascertain the veracity of stories before publishing, re-tweeting, and re-posting in search of the holiest of holies, a larger “following.”

They get away with this misconduct because they are not bound by any ethical standard; all they care about is attention and money made from inflicting untold injuries on the integrity of credible citizens.

This is the down side of the social media. Is there any hope that these purveyors of falsehood will not last because conscience is an open wound that only truth can heal. You may fool the people some of the time but you cannot fool them all the time. There is grave doubt in the virtual internet world where individuals may never actually come into physical human contact with anyone.

The internet is an ecology where dangerous harmful new microbes evolve away from any sort of public immune system. Being a virtual disease they can infect and invade but almost impossible to eliminate. The virtual world allows instantaneous mutation into new identities.

Today’s practitioners of gossip journalism are professional blackmailers who inflict pain to extort money and privileges from their victims of global internet hate speech by spreading moral terror and morbid fear among their victims and those who might befriend them.

Welcome to the era of the virtual disease, the terrorist blogger-suicide bombers of the internet!

Is it the nature of too many and might it portend the end of the internet age.


Acknowledgement for much help from the lucid writings of one Mr. Ayodeji.