Pandora's Promise - Green Carpet Baggers Cashed In By Killing Environment Saving Technology

Pandora’s Promise – Green Carpet Baggers Cashed In By Killing Environment Saving Technology

nuclear power vs. coal

Robert Stone Hold Geiger Counter

New Robert Stone film reveals how opposition to nuclear power turned into massive increases in coal burning power plants.

The far worse outcome for the environment from deadly coal has filled energy demand for decades. This striking story in a theatrical release documentary film is coming to theatres by director Robert Stone this month. It may be worth the steep price of admission.

The film tells an old story in the nuclear energy world but it does prove that truth does eventually resurface no matter how deeply it is buried by those who wantonly replaced truth with dogmatic lies in our age of mob rule. There can be no question that the marketing campaigns against nuclear energy have been the most lucrative and long-lived of all money making campaigns of countless “environmental” organizations. (Replaced today by climate change.)

A number of prominent “greens” are featured in the film offering their heartfelt confessions and repentance for decades in opposition to the planet saving technology. Those confessions come too late to save the environment from the near trillion tonnes of environment changing and ocean killing yesterday’s CO2 that came from the coal and fossil fuels that nuclear power was on course to replace. But at least the confessions perhaps come in time for some slowing of the administration of the second lethal dose of CO2 into the air and oceans.

The transformation of sensible anti nuclear weapons opposition into anti-nuclear anything has resulted in billions in revenues over decades for clever “green” fund raisers. The price paid by our environment as a result of this marketing campaign is catastrophic.

Tragically for the planet the highly successful and lucrative mob rule of the anti-nuclear movement has effectively promoted coal and fossil fuels to the exclusion of meaningful alternatives. The resulting half a trillion tonnes of extra CO2 emitted by coal and fossil fuel is now shown to be a lethal overdose already administered to the planet’s environment. This deadly CO2 overdose has resulted in extinction of plankton pastures in the oceans equivalent to losing an entire Amazon Rainforest in each five year span since the 1950’s. That’s as far back as good data on these loses goes.

Along with the deadly CO2 of coal burning the mercury in ocean fish that we are all now warned about is a relatively new phenomenon showing up in the same 60 years since the 1950’s. Mercury in our oceans that finds it way into the food chain, into our tuna sandwiches and more, comes primarily from the burning of coal. Coal is a natural carbon filter that has collected eons of heavy metals including mercury and uranium and many more.

Burning vast quantities in coal fired power plants has and is releasing incredible amounts of mercury in its most dangerous form into the environment. Over 70% of all mercury going into the environment now comes from the burning of coal. That mercury is many times more “active” than mercury from natural sources. Here’s a link for more reading…

As for uranium series elements that are released from the burning of coal in power plants the dose of radiation from coal burning is 4-100 times that of an equivalent nuclear plant. Keep in mind that coal provides 41% of the world’s energy and nuclear 13%. Indeed some reports suggest that enough nuclear fuel is spewed as waste from coal fired power plants, that if used in nuclear energy systems might produce the energy output of those same plants.

Perhaps the film Pandora’s Promise will spark an enlightenment and awareness that the continued burning of coal must have an immediate alternative.

Fortunately there are solutions for both clean green energy and the antidote for the toxic CO2 already emitted and killing ocean life.

Here’s a trailer for the film.