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Restored Haida Ocean Pasture Sees Rarest Of All Whales Return

Restoring Ocean Pastures, It Just Works!

In a stunning affirmation of the utility of ocean pasture restoration a Canadian government research team has reported the return of a rare North Pacific Right Whale. The whale was spotted near the region of ocean pasture that was replenished and restored last summer by the Haida Salmon research project managed by Ocean Pastures Corporation. It’s been more than 60 years since the last sighting of the species in Canadian waters.

“Restoring ocean pastures is very much like what agriculturalists do when they sow a crop of what is called green manure. The principal of ocean pasture restoration is that just like your garden or a farmers pasture the restoration efforts of one year to care for the pasture carries on producing beneficial results for many years.” says Ocean Pastures Corp. founder Russ George. ”

In pasture management on land we have forever known that if from time to time we give back to the pasture our helping that pasture be more productive will create a sustainable beneficial effect that lasts for years. The living biomass that grows on the pasture is retained as part of the living ecosystem.

Restoring ocean pastures by replenishing missing mineral micronutrients restores the ocean ecosystem in a very natural way. This is how these ocean pastures once were sustained by Nature. Read more here about the Yin and Yang of pastures on land and at sea.

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“The return of the rarest of all whales to our restored ocean pasture is just great news,” says Russ George. “Last summer as we watched that ocean pasture return to life we saw the ocean change from a place where we saw only rarely one or two whales to a thriving ocean pasture where we would see great schools of whales that we would count by the score.”  “Sea birds which were seen only rarely suddenly arrived in flocks of thousands.”

“It’s like a miracle, which it is, but it was also an incredible number of years of hard work to do this for the whales and all of us.”

If you want to read a report of the miracle of life that returned to the restored ocean pasture last summer here is a link. And Yet It Works.

Here’s more detail on the recent Right Whale sighting.

James Pilkington, with Fisheries and Oceans Canada, first spotted the North Pacific right whale as it fed on zooplankton off the west coast of Haida Gwaii for three days in May.

Right Whale Ocean Pasture

Right Whales Return to Restored Ocean Pasture

“When we realized what we were looking at, we were in a state of disbelief,” Pilkington said in a written statement.

“I never thought I’d see a North Pacific right whale in my lifetime, let alone have the opportunity to study it over several days. I was ecstatic!”

The North Pacific right whale was hunted to near-extinction in the 19th century, and it is believed there are only a few hundred of the whales alive today.

The last North Pacific right whale seen in Canadian waters in 1951 which was identified only after being killed.

Ocean Pastures Corporation is an R&D Bio-technology company engaged in work in Canada and other locations of the world. The company and it’s partner villages choose to actively engage in replenishment and restoration of ocean plankton pastures.

The return of the rarest of all whales to it’s first large scale ocean pasture restoration area proves that as far as the whales are concerned we are doing the Right work. As for other marine life listen to this music video on why we are doing this for our children… 40 million salmon can’t be wrong.

This work follows in the wake of more than 2o years of academic and institutional science studies on how to replenish and replace mineral micronutrients that the fossil fuel age has denied the oceans resulting in cataclysmic ocean pasture collapse world wide.

While ocean science institutions choose to stand by and carry on endless academic debate on the rights and wrongs of ocean restoration the world loses in every five year span an amount of ocean pasture plant life equivalent to an entire Amazon Rainforest.

In the sixty years of good data showing that catastrophic ocean pasture loss we’ve stood by and watched the eradication of a dozen Amazon Rainforests of life and biodiversity disappear from this blue planet. But no more, we can, we must, and we will restore the world’s ocean pastures.

It’s the Right Whale thing to do.

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