New Musical Stage Show - 40 Million Salmon Can't Be Wrong

New Musical Stage Show – 40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong

Here’s links to two songs from our new musical stage show and one of my science talks in that are part of the show. This was a workshop performance our first in front of a live audience. We think it was great. Next will be more finely honed performances on large stages and a theatrical length musical documentary.

Our intention is to share our knowledge with you via the age old tradition of music, art, and song what we have discovered. We can help “bring back the fish.”

Bringing Back The Fish - It Just Works

It Just Works

Russ’ Introductory Story

Restoring Ocean Pastures

How It Just Works! Instantly at a cost of pennies not billions of dollars.





40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong 

Namesake song from our new musical stage show. We can help Mother Nature and bring back the fish!

Check back the whole show in glorious HD will soon be here!

AYO – World Premier of this haunting salmon song

Ayo is a word, more like a cry of joy, called out by people around the world when the fish are seen. The fish seem to respond to the call allowing themselves to be caught, sharing what they are with us.




Here’s a link to another of my blog posts on how our work to bring the fish back is now front and centre in the world of climate change.

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