Super Pod Of Dolphins Feasting On Record Salmon Run

On Halloween, passengers aboard the B.C. ferry between Galiano Island and Tsawwassen were treated to the sight of a superpod of about 1,000 Pacific white-sided dolphins moving through Howe Sound. Again, the spectacle was caught on video and shared through social media.


In other sightings extraordinary numbers of Orca’s and other whales have been spotted on our Pacific Northwest coast. The rarest whale of all, the North Pacific Right Whale hasn’t been seen for 67 years and this fall two have been seen and photographed.

North Pacific Right Whale Last Seen 67 Years Ago

North Pacific Right Whale Last Seen 67 Years Ago

One incredible sighting was of a large pod of Orca’s that doggedly accompanied a Washington State ferry that was transporting native artifacts. That occurance while credited to the super abundance of Pink and Chum salmon in the area was viewed by many who witnessed the event as something more magical. The fish have come back and with them all manner of sea life.

Nick Claxton said recent whale encounters could have a deeper meaning, according to an Indigenous worldview.

“We see them as our relatives, as ancestors,” said Claxton, a member of the Tsawout First Nation and doctoral student and Indigenous academic adviser at the University of Victoria.

“All of these occurrences remind us of our place here and our connection to the natural world. It’s for the better of all of us to listen.”

Orca’s In Elliot Bay Near Seattle This Fall

We listened and we went to sea last year to become the first stewards of our ocean pastures. With our help the pastures flourished with historic abundance and the simple fact is it just worked… and the fish have come back.