Atlantic Salmon Lost At Sea Film

Atlantic Salmon Lost At Sea Film

This is a new film (late 2013) that tells the story of how Atlantic Salmon are dying at sea.

While the film seems to think there is a mystery the truth is simply that the Atlantic Salmon ocean pastures are so decimated they can no longer support once thriving populations of Atlantic Salmon and Cod.

Update: June 2017, thanks to the UN Ocean Conference just concluding in New York City ocean restoration is now to be declared a global imperative as a result the Atlantic Salmon have new hope.

Atlantic Salmon have been one of the western world’s most iconic fish. But they have all but disappeared and are now extinct in countless of their former rivers and streams. Despite in efforts to help save them nothing has worked. Vast numbers of baby salmon swim out to sea every year but almost none return to the rivers and streams where they hatched to spawn.

No significant numbers are caught at sea so its NOT overfishing that is the cause of their plight. The are simply lost at sea, but is it a mystery or do we know full well how to restore them to historic abundance?

Here’s a trailer for a video title Atlantic Salmon – LOST AT SEA, aka starving at sea.

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The plight of the Atlantic salmon as well as all of Atlantic fish is not something we can do nothing about. We can and we must restore Atlantic Salmon ocean pastures and bring back the fish. This can be accomplished in just a few years at a trivial cost.

Read everywhere on this blog about how this will be done.

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