Food Aid Can Start With Abundant Food

Food Aid Can Start With Abundant Food

Food aid for those most in need is both a question of charity and a question of available food.

The Fish Came Back

The Fish Came Back

Last fall when our pasture fed salmon swam back to Alaska and produced the largest catch in state history it wasn’t clear to me what might happen next. Surely the incredible bounty of salmon would be a good thing.

Then in January of this year (2014) prominent politicians in Alaska and fishing industry people started talking about the historic inventory of salmon now in the storehouses of Alaska.

In the past Alaska has always given generously of its fish to food aid programs both in the USA and abroad and this year there was an added incentive, the all time largest inventory of salmon ever.

The USDA was contacted about it’s domestic food aid programs and before long it was agreed they would immediately buy 60 million servings of the bountiful salmon to send to needy American children.

For me that was the most welcome surprise I’ve ever had as I have for most of 20 years been working on the concept of ocean replenishment and restoration and my project of 2012 had surely been a major part of last falls record breaking salmon catch. I have raised my own children and now have grandchildren so it is near and dear to my heart to think I have done something good for children in need.

Today I read in the news a story of a food aid crisis, it’s not a crisis in some undeveloped poor country, the crisis is about the growing number of people in the UK who depend on food aid. Here’s a bit of that story.

The Archbishop of Wales has urged the UK government to tackle a national hunger crisis as figures show a big rise in numbers using foodbanks.


Archbishop Morgan

The Trussell Trust said it had given emergency food aid to nearly 80,000 people in Wales in the last 12 months, more than double the 2012-13 figure.

Archbishop Barry Morgan said it was “incredible” for this to happen in such a “prosperous country”. More than 500 of his fellow clergy signed a letter as part of the End Hunger Fast campaign.

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Today the people here at Ocean Pastures Corp. have shown that part of the world’s food crisis might be resolved by replenishing and restoring the world’s fish to historic abundance. The methods we’ve developed are akin to the practice of pasture stewardship that man has employed for thousands of years to maintain healthy sustainable herds of livestock on pastures and range lands on Earth.

Our methods can be employed to replenish and restore ocean pastures around the world and within just a few years bring an extra billion fish to the world’s hungry.

It’s about time that we, the human race, employ caring ways to our ocean pastures. If we do the world will have an incredible bounty of food with fish enough for all.  The rewards are simply to incredibly wonderful to refuse.

We can BRING BACK THE FISH… It just works!