Beware The Climate Industrial Complex

Beware The Climate Industrial Complex

Societies react to dangers and crisis’ in predictable ways that are frequently exploited by financial political monsters.

In 1961, President and General Dwight D.  (Ike) Eisenhower ended his presidency with that stern warning to the nation about the dire consequences of increasing power of  what he described as being a military-industrial-complex.

Ike was also a concerned conservationist (these days we might say environmentalist) at heart and also advised restraint in consumer habits, particularly with regard to the environment.

“As we peer into society’s future, we–you and I, and our government–must avoid the impulse to live only for today, plundering, for our own ease and convenience, the precious resources of tomorrow. We cannot mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without asking of the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage.” 

Ike in his admonition on behalf of the environment led generations of America environmental concern. Through no small measure of his efforts a vital and beneficial new “environmental establishment” was nurtured. However Ike did not portend in his admonition and warning of the dangerous and perverse power of the “military industrial complex” that a parallel dangerous and perverse power would emerge in the “Climate Industrial Complex” we see in operation today as a sister of a darker “Environmental Media Industrial Complex”.

The dangers of a Military or _ _ _ _ _  Industrial Complex

Eisenhower called upon the nation and his successors to strike a balance between strong policies of national defense and diplomacy and the need to contain and constrain the influence of the vast wealth the nation was feeding those policies. Eisenhower expressed grave concerns about the growing influence of a powerful force he described as the military-industrial complex.

The Second World War converted much of American industry into military production, but out of and after that war Eisenhower described and feared the emergence of a vast armaments industry. Who could possibly know better whether to fear such a threat. The establishment of an immense and wealthy military industry is new in the American experience Eisenhower warned.

“We must not fail to comprehend its grave implications. We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence…The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. ”

Eisenhower cautioned that the federal government’s collaboration with an alliance of military and industrial leaders, though necessary, was revealing itself as vulnerable to abuse of power. Ike then counseled American citizens to be ever vigilant in monitoring the powerful and influential military-industrial complex. Only an alert and knowledgeable citizenry can compel the proper meshing of the huge industrial and military machinery of defense with our peaceful methods and goals, so that security and liberty may prosper together. He became widely ridiculed for this stance in what history now reveals was the orchestrated use of mass media spin mastering facilitated through the pervasive expenditure of Payola to media organizations and their hacks.

Today we must face the fact that a new dangerous complex has arisen and is running wild and using the same methods, it is the Environmental Industrial Complex.

Morphing Conservationists And Nature Lovers Into The Environmental Industrial Complex

A new industry of eco carpet-baggers has allied itself with and taken over the environmental movement and it is empowered by the wildly potent and unrestrained Internet and social media industry. New media industries and industrialists are emerging out of the chaos and collapse of the former media industry. What we see today as news media is no more the dignified, intelligent, and socially responsible reports and commentary from the likes of Walter Cronkite or Huntley & Brinkley. Today we get the puffery and lies of Brian Williams or worse.

Today’s internet along with Google and others news aggregators of its ilk have transformed news and media into a world from screen to screen of pure “click bait.” No part nor parcel of intelligent or socially responsible moderation guides the Matrix-like algorithms that match aggregated snippets with matching adverts tailored to the individual reader. ‘Big Brother’ had nothing compared to these malevolent human/artificial intellects hybrids.

While your every keystroke is watched and calculated by the ‘search engines’ your personal computer likely came with similar watching programs such as the sinister ‘Superfish’ that performs the same and unknowable other tasks of monitoring every move your typing fingers make. Welcome to the world of click bait, root kits,and superfish.

video games woman1

Google is one of the many tech companies allowing their employees to play violent video games during work hours, not just as a perk or for relaxation, but as a focused, deliberate pursuit meant to enhance the employees agressive work. Click to read more…


It’s all facilitated by computers programmed by generations of dutiful programmers dancing to the tune and design of their corporate masters and financier investors. The world of internet media today, the world of bloggregators show no more semblance to having a moral center than the common programmer mentality that is focused on blood, guts, violence and big boobs of today’s video games, manga gone mad.

Ike’s age of “environmentalists” grew out of the roots of Walden’s writings, Audubon’s birding, Teddy Roosevelt and generations of hunters, and John Muir hiking the wonders of the High Sierra. But it has been uprooted and transformed through Edward Abbey and the likes of the Quaker greens of Greenpeace into something else … regrettably unintended and unimaginably worse for us all.

When the wall fell

When the Vietnam war ended and the Berlin wall came crashing down we in the west and many in the ‘east’ rejoiced. But unexpected consequences were soon to follow. The peace movement in a world of peace suddenly found itself struggling to find money. Somehow the peace movement merged with the world of health food, miracle cures, fadists and charlatans.  They then joined rank and file in overwhelming numbers over to those in conservation groups transforming them into “environmentalists or greens”

Greenpeace epitomized the merging of the conservationist and natural history community with these so-called ‘peace-nik health oriented greens.’ It became home to thrill seeking mercenaries, eco-warriors, groomed for the news media. Overnight it grew from a virtually unknown group of Canadian hippies into a gazillion dollar empire via media enthrallment and promotion of its harassment (secretly supported by the US Military) of Russian whalers who oft-times were accompanied in the North Pacific by Russian spy ships in disguise. If ever there were a marriage made in hell that was one.


I stood some night shifts at the helm of my poor old ship Rainbow Warrior Sunk By French Frogmen Dockside New Zealand

I know this well as some 30+ years ago I served my share of night watches at the helm of the good ship Rainbow Warrior. Though at the time my job was to try to convince the ship, which was run like a privateer, to add ocean science to its sea duties. I failed as my shipmates were more interested in playing out their roles as eco-pirates and were not willing to stoop to lowly work of drag plankton nets and sully themselves with boring ocean science when there was grog, girls, and glory to be had. ‘Money for nuthin and the chicks for free.’

About that same time the Internet emerged and took on the media establishment providing any and all who could tickle a keyboard a wild west media environment where no editors save the author, no holds barred, and no blow to low. Indeed Greenpeace was helped to the forefront of this as John Kay of KayPro computers provided bargain at cost computers to Greenpeace members including my first KayPro portable the size of a carry-on suitcase.

Today when the media, which means the Internet, covers an environmental story it does so in the fashion and style of the most brash tabloids and paparazzi. If it bleeds it leads is the key editorial rule and fact checking has been done away with by merely citing any link to any webpage with supporting content. No such support out there, well that just takes a few minutes and a free blog page.

Search engine optimization facilitate automated and ruthless obedience to dumbing down of every story. The  Flesch Reading Ease test automatically reads every page and passes judgement on whether the content uses too many big or unusual words and ruthlessly advises that the writer make sentences shorter. Heaven forbid that a complex idea be presented in a complex sentence. Key word analysis claims to be able to help Google’s, Microsoft’s, Yahoo’s and other browsers better automatically match advertising with content and schmuck.

Enter Climate Change The Best Money-Making Environmental Click Bait Ever

Climate change is without a doubt the keystone of today’s ‘environmental industrial complex.  No other global disaster headline and story holds a candle to it. Every environmental and green organization has taken hold of climate change, formerly known as global warming, and run it to the front lines as their battle standard. They have bet the farm of donate here buttons on the gigantic churn of money it generates.

Along for the ride with the so-called greens are legions of ‘professors’ and ‘bureaucrats’ children of the diploma puppy farms paid for by the doting fathers of the Ike’s post war baby boom. What else might we kids do in the rapidly modernizing west as industrial work was being moved as fast as possible to the Latin barrios and Asian sweatshops.

The greatest tragedy of the commons, is the emergence of the tabloid click bait internet. It  has been embraced and engineered by the environmental industrial complex, not at all exclusively but in a manner second to none. Environmental work has become direct action designed with top professional PR and Media aplomb to create news stories that are marketed with the unparalleled penetration onto our every screen via click bait presented six ways from sundown. With the click of a laptop keyboard on WiFi at the Tiki bar millions of direct action emails instantly arrive to mailing lists of tried and true and new disciples. Naturally there is a donate now button on every one for the targeted reader to click.

Here’s an example of just how perverse this environmental industrial complex back story is.

In my work on ocean pasture restoration a few years back I created a company named Planktos. I had some investors who promised to provide a few million dollars to test my business hypothesis that I could restore and revive ocean pastures, bring the oceans back to the state of good health they and we enjoyed decades ago, and perhaps make some money doing so.

The key to this work was to have a research ship from which to do the work. That work was to sprinkle 100 tonnes of iron bearing dust over a patch of ocean 100 x 100 kilometers. The scientifically proven and interesting facet of iron is that the ocean needs so little to come back to health. It’s a million times more potent than fertilizers and since Mother Nature dumps hundreds of millions of tonnes of iron bearing dust into the oceans every year a mere 100 tonne test is almost infinitely smaller than a drop in a bucket.

I found a used research ship and purchased it at an incredible bargain price from a leading marine science institute that like my ideas and wanted to support the work. I then had to find a captain and a crew so where might you think I looked. The first person I called was my old shipmate and captain of the Rainbow Warrior Peter Wilcox.

Peter was in Vancouver and so he and I met on the Greenpeace flagship he was captain of at the time. Executives from Greenpeace International flew over from Amsterdam and in meetings we came to an agreement. Greenpeace would loan me my friend Captain Pete and he would be allowed to take his pick of key Greenpeace shipmates, a chief engineer, first mate, and cook. Together we would provide the green heart and soul for my ship the Weatherbird and engage in the pioneering research of seeing if we could indeed restore and revive critical ocean pastures. What could be a better real story of working to save the planet.

As it happens the better story was secretly crafted by Greenpeace ad men and that story was to wait until the Weatherbird was underway and then to declare it a pirate toxic waste ship in utterly false and lying press releases. Don’t mention the fact that the ship is crewed by the most dedicated and greenest of the Greenpeace navy.  This is about manipulating the public for profit.

So we sail and they do it. They send out tens of millions of emails proclaiming me and the ship rogues and make sure the Donate Now Buttons on the emails were backed by redundant server capacity.

  • Never mind the fact that the ocean was dying and that this work had been studied for 20 years at the cost of hundreds of millions in public scientific funding.
  • Never mind that many experiments of this nature, albeit much smaller, had shown that it worked.
  • Never mind that Mother Nature dusts hundreds of millions of tonnes of similar iron bearing dust into the oceans with nothing but good effects resulting.
  • Never mind that for each tonne of 100 tonnes of the micro-nutrient iron dust that we’d use would result in the biological capture of not less than 300 thousand tonnes of CO2.
  • Never mind that those tens of millions of tonnes of CO2 would not become acid in the ocean killing ocean life but instead would become ocean life itself.

Now that’s how you make money, big money, dirty green money.

Of course there is more going on in the back story.

That includes using the well-organized and oiled Environmental Industrial Complex machine to share, orchestrate, and implement matching and interlocking press releases and email blasts from a dozen and more partner organizations in the Environmental Industrial Complex and similarly affiliated members of key government and non-government organizations, media, and professors. No one, not even the infamous Military Industrial Complex Ike warned us of, could put forth a more perfect racketeering example.

And it worked. The storm of negative media flooded and fooled the world. The good ship Weatherbird was refused entry into the Canary Island Port of Las Palmas where all of the arrangements and paperwork had long been completed with the approval of the Spanish government. The University of Las Palmas and the department of ocean science there along with professors and support staff would not be allowed to come aboard the research ship as agreed to and long-planned to guarantee great science on this vital ocean saving work.

The company was torpedoed and destroyed precisely according to the carefully planned and executed attacks by the Environmental Industrial Complex. They made millions in donations, some in the know say tens of millions.

More importantly they also prevented restored and revived ocean pastures and the plankton those pastures would sustain from proving that billions of tonnes of climate changing CO2 could be converted to revived ocean life at a tiny fraction of the cost the global climate change industrial complex was and is counting on.  The most dangerous green technology on the planet, effective affordable technology, had to be stopped from solving the lions share of climate change for a fraction of 1% of the hundreds of billions being demanded by the Environmental Industrial Complex. Who killed the electric car had nothing on this.

Suppression of the work to restore ocean pastures was successful for a time, but the cat came back.

It took me 5 years of work but in the summer of 2012 a new project was underway.

Years of cautious talking with government ministries in Canada led to support by many of those ministries. No one wanted the news of the project to get out having seen what the Environmental Industrial Complex racketeers had accomplished in 2006-2007 with Planktos. But with the explicit knowledge of more than a half a dozen Canadian federal ministries and the valuable support and assistance of many such as Indian Affairs, Fisheries and Oceans, the Canadian Space Agency, National Research Council and more on a foggy day in July 2012 my iron bearing magic dust was finally making it into one of the most vital and important ocean pastures on this Blue Planet.

I had assembled a small team of people with the necessary skills along with many additional supporting science and technical personnel ashore. We had the best and most appropriate scientific hardware aboard including two Slocum Gliders the most desired and effective ocean science drones on the planet. They were sent to sea many weeks before the ship sailed to do their work autonomously measuring a plethora of ocean chemical, physical, and biological factors.

Aboard ship I had specified the custom manufacture of a multi-frequency biomass sonar that would be used for the first time ever married to a giant MocNess plankton sampling system. As we caught plankton samples in the MocNess’ 7 nets my custom-built multi-frequency biomass sonar would be taking sonar movies of what was being caught. My plan was to make a technological breakthrough in measuring and identifying life in plankton blooms using sonar as opposed to the infinitely more difficult, expensive, and painstakingly slow plankton net tows.

Multi frequency flourometers we aboard in abundance constantly monitoring the ocean pasture and sent over the side attached to vertical sampling systems as well as being towed for transects that would match up with similar flourometers aboard the Slocum gliders.

Experts assisted us via telepresence over satellite communications systems aboard ship that tied us in with them and their labs thousands of miles away. Courtesy of the Canadian Space Agency the worlds earth observing satellite systems were at our constant beck and call providing with vital measurements and guidance.


We made it through the weeks and weeks at sea first making initial measurements of the ocean outside and inside our working pasture. Then followed many days needed to deploy the iron bearing dust. The time required was so long as the dust was only needed in such tiny amounts that the big problem was sprinkling it thinly enough. We had to spread our 120 tonnes of material over 10,000 square kilometers. If we were instead to have been spreading common fertilizer at the rates used to fertilize lawns and gardens we’d have needed  50,000 ships like the one we had. That would be all of the ships on Earth!

Upon completion of the project we knew the word had leaked that we’d been at sea. Members of the Environmental Industrial Complex were livid. Their minions came to us brandishing everything from badges to placards. They spread the word throughout their complex of organizations and co-conspirators. The media mercenaries were enlisted to begin stings in the guise of honest interviews about what had taken place in this ocean pasture and salmon restoration project.

Clearly behind the scenes radicals in government organizations and non-government organizations were working together with Loyalist Canadian mainstream media especially the government-owned media to bring on a perfect storm of opposition. On Monday October 15th within a matter of hours news reports and broadcasts were simultaneously reporting on what the declared was a rogue project. And none other than a proclaimed wealthy US businessman (the worst brand, an American, anyone can have in Canada) Russ George, was the villain.

The media storm continued and continues unabated to this day. The same lies are repeated and courtesy of the ruthlessness of the Internet and Google every lie remains as present as the day it was first published. Indeed a university scholar who for a time studied the news reports about me and the work unveiled the incredible circular citation and use of logical fallacy that through and through was and remains the recurring source of the lies promoted and published time and time again.

For the Environmental Industrial Complex their spin mastering of attack stories on me and the work of restoring ocean pastures is a never-ending Donate Now bank account. It doesn’t matter what the truth is. In this day of struggling media profits Payola works better than ever and comes in many flavors and under many by-lines.

But suppression by media wasn’t working quite well enough

From Mid-October to Mid-March I was continuing to direct work on the treasure trove of scientific data we had collected. The lies put forth by the likes of David Suzuki that we’d not done any science were being seen to be just plain lies. Something had to be done to kill the work.

So one day toward the end of March 2013 there were loud knocks on the door of the research office in Vancouver. I sent one of the young women researchers to the door to see who was pounding on it. As the door was opened armed troopers stormed in with eleven of the fully combat equipped SWAT team officers taking command and control of the 7 people pouring over our scientific data. All of us were herded together by armed men into a small un-occupied office on an un-occupied floor of the building and held there from morning to night while the SWAT team ransacked the office, computers, files everything. While the warrant they had required them to be done by 5 pm that day they did not leave until the next morning. Thankfully they let us all leave for the night.

Now anyone would think that would surely kill the company. And yes it certainly did precisely that. My village partners were provided with powerful political muscle, really powerful political family muscle, and financial backing to attempt to break all the business agreements and complete the destruction of the company I formed in partnership with a small native village which would result in the shareholders of that company would both losing everything.  In the wings a new company blatantly and arrogantly called Blue Carbon was created and standing ready to pick up any valuable pieces. And there must be something of value in what I created as investors in Vancouver are being asked to invest $20 million into Blue Carbon’s “billion dollar” business plan.

We were warned, by Ike

If this isn’t a story that matches the history and urban mythology of the characteristics and practices of the infamous and dangerous Military Industrial Complex President Eisenhower warned us of I just don’t know what else you could want to know. Of course there is more but that’s enough for now save answering the question of why me.

As much as the attacks on me personally, professionally, by the racketeers of Environmental Industrial Complex have taken a great toll the one thing they could not do is prevent the results of the restoration and revival of my ocean pasture from coming to light.

Never-the-less We Brought Back The Fish!

Hundreds of millions of additional fish are swimming into the nets and onto the plates of people here in the NE Pacific. Alaska last fall caught the largest number of salmon in all of history. Instead of 50 million Pink Salmon expected to be caught 226 million were landed. The total Pink salmon run on the Pacific coast is now said to have been 650 million fish, 500 million more than forecast.

This year the largest returns of Columbia River salmon in history are right now swimming home.  Here in Vancouver instead of the million of so Sockeye Salmon that the Fraser River has seen its fish dwindle to in number is expected to see as many as 72 million of bright red Sockeye swim home, surely the largest number in all of history.

So the fact is that restoring and reviving ocean pastures brings back the fish and no one can stop those fish. Not even the Environmental Industrial Complex who can break down the doors science labs, seize and suppress the science so that the results of the work can be disputed, and destroy the lives and businesses me and those involved. Not even they can stop the fish coming back. Or can they?

Hundreds of millions of fish including the largest return of salmon in Canadian history in the Fraser River are now swimming up to the witness-box to testify to the success or restoring ocean pastures.

Does restoring ocean pastures and bringing billions of fish to the plates of people around the world destroy the Environmental Industrial Complex cash cow of Climate Change.

For those who demand that the price of CO2 must be imposed on the world at a cost of tens of dollars or more per tonne with a target reduction of CO2 being a few billion tonnes – I’m sorry get a real job.

Clearly the cost of restoring and reviving ocean pastures and doing so by bringing the plankton blooms and ocean abundance back to levels of 100 years ago  will come at a CO2 equivalence cost of mere pennies per tonne.

Where the fatted cash cow of climate change that is being foisted upon the people of this blue planet was expected to provide a feast of hundreds of billions every year into the pockets of the Environmental Industrial Complex we can surely take more than half that feast off the table at a cost of mere millions. There will still be plenty of high-priced work to do.

In the bargain the oceans, their pastures, and their fish will return to a state of health and abundance not seen on this blue planet for 100 years. And we will be able to sustain this ocean health and abundance until the end of the fossil fuel age even if that day comes centuries from today.

I believe that Climate Change is caused by our CO2 but I refuse to allow the money-grubbing evil doers of the Environmental Industrial Complex turn Climate Change into a vehicle for imposing their brand of global governance by mob rule and impose the cost of solving the lions share of the CO2 problem being the hundreds of billions a year they insist it must be.

We need to do first what we can do and afford to do right away, restore the oceans, their pastures, and fish. It may take 5-10 years to accomplish this but that’s likely still in time.

As Eisenhower noted in his farewell address and I repeat with some liberties here.

We must not fail to comprehend these grave implications. We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must not mortgage the material assets of our grandchildren without expecting the loss also of their political and spiritual heritage.

Whew… I welcome some editorial help on this piece in the works….