On being hunted by so called journalists

On being hunted by so called journalists

I am frequently contacted by journalists from around the world who always proclaim they are honest and ethical.

They almost never are.

This open letter is correspondence that I’ve just begun with one such journalist from Italy who emailed me today saying they were doing a story about climate change. As my experience has been that of one being hunted by journalists who are almost always up to no good I am responding here in the open.

Of recent this journalist writes:

“We we are writing from the editorial office of one of the most important Italian current affairs TV-show… We are producing a documentary on the impact of the renewable energy into the global market and we are interested in showing many of the innovative projects that private companies and governments have created in order to help the reduction of the global warming.

We are particularly interested in knowing your side of the story about the creation of the Vatican forest. We read on your blog a post called “The Vatican Forest, the true story” but since we are a television show, we are particularly interested in interviewing you.  Despite the critics you have received during your career, we believe that you have had experience with the carbon offset and we would like to tell to the Italian public what was both the aim and the results today of your projects.”

I replied:

Grazie per avermi scritto,

There is little more I care to say other than what appears on my blog describing the Vatican Forest issue. The story I think you should be interested in is why and who is behind the many lies about my work that clearly shows the utility for immediate affordable ocean pasture restoration and bringing back the fish. If you have researched me, simply Googled my name, you will know that I am the prey of many, especially predatory unscrupulous journalists who hunt me only to fabricate and foment lies. Almost every single journalist I’ve had contact with has lied to me saying they were honest and ethical trying to obtain information from me, then they proved their true nature by attacking with unsubstantiated lies. The proof of this is clearly recorded on the net and on my blog.

The answer about why this is happening is likely obvious if you simply use the journalists rule – ‘Follow The Money.’


Climate Change Banksters and Green Wolves feast on $100 billion per year worth of bundled climate securities and shady derivitives. Perhaps worse are the academics and bureaucrats who feed at bottomless troughs of public budgets for “research” and managmment.

The Climate Industrial Complex

The world is being sold a true story of global climate doom and gloom. The crisis brought on by modern age emissions of hundreds of billions of tonnes of CO2 each year has fermented and fomented the growth of a monstrous climate industrial complex and accompanying financial empire that annually orchestrates and redistributes hundreds of billions of dollars. The key currency in this global climate monetary regime is called a carbon credit.

Those who game global doom and gloom make use of a sinister tactic that provides for carbon (CO2) reduction costs, carbon credits, ought to be tens or even hundreds of dollars/euros per tonne/credit. In doing so they become rich and powerful and their ranks multiply.

Then the ocean saving ideas of a world acclaimed oceanographer John Martin comes along and are studied for 25 years by the ocean science community. One person, me, works to see if the idea has true merit and might save the world at very low-cost, ~1/10th of 1% of the climate banksters present market.  You might think such news would be heralded as good news for the planet but instead it is the worst news ever for the climate banksters and green wolves. Grrrrr…

sitka news salmon story

My work to restore an ocean pasture in the NE Pacific in 2012 brought back the fish making for the largest catch of Pink salmon in Alaska history… instead of the 50 million predicted to be caught 226 million pasture fed Pink salmon were caught in 2013… likely 10 million tonnes of CO2 was prevented from becoming deadly ocean acidification

What if there is a low-cost means of replenishing and restoring the ocean and bringing a billion additional fish every year into the nets of fishermen and onto the plates of hungry people works?

And I have now proven it does! (ample descriptions are on my blog).

The cost of such work as I am pioneering if expanded to one hundred vital yet dying ocean pastures in the world’s seven seas is mere millions, not hundreds of billions of dollars.

In addition to replenishing and restoring the oceans to the state of health and abundance it and we enjoyed a century ago these replenished ocean pastures and their plant life that take in CO2 like grass or a forest on land, and in doing so capture and convert many billions of tonnes of CO2 each year away from becoming certain acidifying ocean death into ocean life itself.

On my modest scale ~50,000km2 ocean pasture I have proven that the cost of doing this good work and helping Mother Nature convert deadly CO2 into life in the oceans is less than 1 penny per tonne. If you are following the money you will be able to do the simple math and see that if the world becomes good shepherds of its ocean pastures the climate wolves and banksters will be starved of hundreds of billions of dollars. They are howling mad that this good news is here.

Perhaps worst of all news for the climate wolves and banksters is that the public, that is today made victims and feasted upon by these purveyors of shady climate politics and economic crimes to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars each year, will likely gladly pay the less than the 1 penny per person per year it would cost to replenish and restore the ocean pastures.

If the people of the world do so immediately renewed healthy oceans will manage and consume the greatest share of humanities burden of deadly CO2 and convert it into ocean life, fish that will feed the world’s hungry.  Will the messenger of this good news for the planet we welcomed or will being hunted be what happens.

Buona caccia

ps.  As for renewable energy being able to save the world… here’s a story about how Google’s engineers have studied and reported that renewable energy is unable to help much.

Sadly there is another rule in journalism that doesn’t require as much work as ‘follow the money’ … this other quick and dirty rule advises ‘if it bleeds it leads.”