Eco Jihadis Of The Climate Industrial Complex

Eco Jihadis Of The Climate Industrial Complex

President/General Eisenhower warned the nation and the world in the 1950’s of the danger of the emerging Military Industrial Complex and it’s ilk.

Eisenhower noted, “these monstrosities were able and were indeed buying and subverting mass media and journalists to create a false appearance of public support while they were in fact a great internal danger to democracy.”

Today Eisenhower’s fears have come true as radical industrial complexes are thoroughly entrenched and not just those with right-wing conservative-like appearance but evil twins of equally corrupt and entrenched factions as seen in green industrial complexes with seemingly leftwing-like appearance. Their common feature… follow the money.

Leading from the left radical author Saul Alinsky’s book, Rules for Radicals, seems to be the established Whole Earth Bible for eco radicals who have been on a tribal attack.

Alinsky advises – “Pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. Individuals are easier to hurt than ideas. A good tactic is one your people enjoy. A tactic that drags on too long becomes a drag. Keep the pressure on, with different tactics and actions. Ridicule is the most potent weapon. There is no defense. It’s irrational. It’s infuriating. “

Today’s Climate Industrial Complex seems to be led by the not so secret society made up of the tribes from the World Wildlife fund, Greenpeace, and the far more radical Malthusian Sea Shepherd Society and ETC Group headed by individuals so radical and intolerable they were kicked out of Greenpeace. But don’t be mislead by their left-wing window dressing there are plenty of right-winger tribal allies. They even have an Eco Jihad wing of the so-called green movement part of the Climate Industrial Complex (CIC) that sustains a well-funded, carefully choreographed vendetta of character assassination and destruction, vilifying whomever they deem a likely victim whether that be dangerous man-made climate change “deniers” or anyone else with view contrary to their prescribed dogma.

The tribal chieftains/mullahs employ their green Jihadis legions to destroy anyone who attracts their steely gaze. Their Big Green, Big Government, and Big Media allies are clearly both actively complicit and rooting from the sidelines whether openly or covertly. They have a thorough understanding of social media and prominent in every action they take is the ever-present DONATE HERE button sent out in electronic messages costing nary a cent to send to scores of millions of recipients on their carefully complied and targeted mailing lists.

Instead of bullets, suicide bombers, and beheadings – they deploy and use double-edged standards, Greenpeace FOIA demands, demanding and threatening letters from shills in the Senate and Congress, threats against professorial tenure and of lost funding and jobs, and constant intimidation and harassment. Submit, recant, admit your guilt, and renounce your non-belief of the truth in the indelible evils of modern man and his technology. Or suffer the consequences, including “direct action” by the Jihadis to interfere or even violently sink those they oppose and certainly covertly orchestrated government attacks.

The NSA and Five Eyes have nothing to out do these CIC Jihadis who have the secret influence to send the tax man, environmental agencies, and even armed and armoured SWAT teams bursting through doors, as they did with Gibson Guitars who dared to put tiny pieces of tropical hardwood on their guitar fingerboards or my tiny Canadian “Salmon Restoration Corporation” working to repurpose CO2 into ocean pasture life to bring back the fish, which it did with spectacular success. Commit a sin by their definition or absolve a sin it’s all seen as usurping on the territory of the CIC controlled dogma and must be put down with extreme prejudice.

The Climate Industrial Complex wants a controlling authoritarian monopoly over the issue and the very language of any issue they set upon. The best-selling issue of all for many years has been CO2, global warming, and climate change whichever name you choose to use they are all the same. They seek not to offer practical mitigation tools that reduce the impacts of technological harm to the environment but rather to use the fomented doomsday gloom of climate change and other environmental issues to seek authoritarian command and control. Here’s a story in the conservative media, National Review, that wonders openly why the greens attack work that provides practical affordable solutions to the environmental harm wrought by CO2.

As for any semblance of democracy in the CIC none of the big greens offer any form of representative involvement of members or donors in management of their mega corporations that take in billions in DONATE HERE dollars every year. They are all run by iron fisted ego driven power and money mongers, men stricken by testosterone rage as ruthless as any military industrial baron or oil sheik. (It’s an oddly equal opportunity complex with equal measures of hormonally poisoned testosterone aggressives and estrogen passive-agressives.)

The CIC infiltration of the major, minor, and social media is near perfect as the media industry knows that nothing sells like a good fight story – “if it bleeds, it leads” is the media’s ticket to eyes on the page. In this modern world of electronic profiling by the likes of GOOGLE and every other “search engine” every individual who sets their eyes on any given internet page is instantly identified and sent a tailored personalized collection of enticing “click bait” advertisements. The percentage click-through and payment rate is hardly important when the volume of presented profit generating click baits numbers in the billions.

Of course the Search Engine Industrial complex doesn’t collect data that is tied to individual names, but it does collect data that is tied to particular computers, internet service devices like your cable box and wifi which can pinpoint whether the computer being used is in your living room, bedroom, or even walking around with you in your I-pocket wherever you go.

Don’t be fooled into thinking that the Climate Industrial Complex is just some one-sided left-wing evil empire it’s thoroughly entrenched in the right-wing world as well with the big energy players who mostly changed their names from Big Oil to “Energy” some years ago. Big right-wing Oil saw the writing on the wall that there was an enormous potential to sell anything with the phrase green or renewable in the name of energy and to harvest tens of billions in government subsidies to do so.

In the present world of climate change the control and redirection of hundreds of billions every year has been successfully accomplished. This vast wealth now employs tens of thousands of workers ranging from lowly treeplanters planting carbon footprint neutralizing trees for wages of pennies per day in tropical heat to top echelon banksters repackaging climate derivatives into all manner of complex financial instruments they trade on spot and futures markets around the world. Some such as those Duetsche Banksters have been arrested and charged with corrupt climate market wheeling and dealing.

While the wild climate markets may seem to have calmed most recently calls are for the world to up spending/redistribution of money on the topic to $3.2 Trillion. That stupendous pork barrel of global public funds will feed unlimited growth of the Climate Industrial Complex, or at least unlimited growth until its present dragons of the guild can retire with mountains of gold.

We need to end our spin mastered school of thought that this is a battle between them and us – right-wing vs. left-wing – and root out the Climate Industrial Complex, its corporate dynasties, minions, Jihahis, and ??? and stop feeding them countless billions.

We need get down to the very basic and simple work of becoming good shepherds and actively caring for our planet and refocus our concern and efforts on developing and deploying real world solutions that will undo the harm modern society is having upon our environment.

And NO, screwing in another energy conserving light bulb while a good thing to do IS NOT ENOUGH to do for the planet nor is separating your recyclables from your garbage for the garbage collector.

Here’s my contribution to the cause, you might consider spending not the most you can afford but the very least you can possibly put forth to replenish and restore the natural environment for your children and grandchildren… find just a penny for our planet.