world hunger solution

A Practical Solution To World Hunger

Mr. Presidents Here’s Something To Agree To

Simple care and caring for our common home will provide all the fish the world can eat plus Mother Natures CO2 management solution at a cost too cheap to meter

UNITED NATIONS (Fall 2015)— President Barack Obama committed the U.S. to finding a new blueprint to eliminate poverty and world hunger by testifying before a UN global summit that a sweeping new development agenda is “not charity but instead is one of the smartest investments we can make in our own future.”  Now President Putin of Russia has stated in Russia’s annual address that Russia can and will lead the world in producing ecologically clean food.

OK Mr. Presidents here’s some advice on how you might deliver on your promises immediately. There can be no question that the world’s ocean which cover 72% of this blue planet harbour that majority of life and can be a vast low-cost source of food for the hungry. However fish catches have been in decline all over the world for decades. While some find it politically correct to lay the blame for the collapse of world fisheries on ‘overfishing’ indeed the cause is far more due to collapse of the carrying capacity of ocean pastures in all of the world’s seven seas.

Walt Whitman once said, “all beef is grass.”

I say, “all fish is plankton.”

Restoring those ocean pastures, the largest part of our common home, to the state of health and abundance that they and we once enjoyed is immediately within our grasp and will cost mere millions each year to sustain, not even a fraction of one percent of the funds the US or Russia spends each year on climate change.

The UN has recently recognized that work to restore world forests will offer a “decisive role” in ending world hunger. Given that just 7% of this blue planet is forested it is remarkably good news that restoration of a small fraction of that 7% of our common home will produce a UN’s “decisive role” in ending world hunger. The far more potent ecosystem restoration opportunity is in the 72% of the world, the oceans, that host our ocean pastures.

The Fish Came Back From Our Restored Ocean Pasture Producing The Largest Catch Of Salmon In Alaskan History

The Fish Came Back From Our Restored Ocean Pasture Producing The Largest Catch Of Salmon In Alaskan History

Ocean pastures restored and rejuvenated will immediately annually sustain and deliver billions of additional fish into the nets and onto the plates of hungry people everywhere. In 2012 my ocean pasture restoration project in the NE Pacific resulted in Pacific salmon promptly returning to all time historic abundance. Where in Alaska alone one species, Pink Salmon, were expected to be caught the following year as a bumper crop of some 50 million fish – instead more than 4 times that number 226 million Pink salmon were caught, the largest catch in all of history. Those additional Pink salmon alone provide more than an extra billion meals of highly nutritional fish. When taking in the numbers of all species of fish that share our restored ocean pasture with those Pink salmon many billions of additional fish were grown on our restored pasture. All manner of other sea life were also fed and sustained by our blooming ocean.

The State of Alaska reports that communities in the state received a tremendous economic boost amounting to many billions of dollars as a result of the bountiful fish from my work to restore her ocean fish pasture the restoration cost being well under $1 million dollars.

Taking this work to the next logical step see us beginning to act as caring stewards to similar ocean pastures in need in all of the world’s seven seas. Our work will deliver several billions of additional fish that will be sustainably produced every year, more than sufficient to help feed all of the world’s hungry with low cost nutritional fish amounting to billions of meals each year.

The cost of putting my miraculous proven blueprint to work is well-known as a result of my demonstration project of 2012 where the ocean pasture restoration grew to replenish an ocean region of about 50,000 sq. km. was accomplished all for the cost of materials and labor amounting to a few hundred thousand dollars. This is less than the cost of flying one high tech bomb load of high-tech smart bombs against some invisible malevolent terrorist enemy in a distant land, that same killing mission can be turned into life for the entire worlds oceans as they are restored for a year providing billion of meals of fish for the hungry.

60 million servings of salmon as food aid

USDA buying Alaska salmon as domestic food aid

Not sure about this miracle? How about taking the words and deeds of the US Department of Agriculture who are not uncertain at all as demonstrate in their purchase of millions of servings of our ocean pasture fed abundant salmon to feed America’s hungry children in USDA Domestic and School Food Aid programs. Sure the USDA paid out this money to also prop up the salmon market in Alaska that is awash with the largest catch in history. The fact is my work to grow that historic abundance of salmon that is feeding millions of nutritious meals to American kids even as you read this post today didn’t cost the tax payer a penny.

Join me Mr. Presidents and I’ll teach you how less money than you, as just one man, have personally made from your book sales can feed the worlds hungry for decades.

PS… Don’t ignore the fact that as ocean pastures are revived they convert billions of tonnes of the CO2 that is menacing the world into ocean life itself, every year! Help choose life for our CO2 instead of death and chaos, especially at a cost that is simply too cheap to meter!  I dare say that the cost of your and the US entourage who are to attend the Paris COP21 meeting would more than cover restoring all the world’s ocean pastures for several years while converting the lions share of civilizations CO2 into ocean life.

Give me a ring or txt me Mr. President the oceans and the world’s hungry await.

Suggested reading is this review of world hunger which clearly shows that the presence of hunger is most often the result of political decisions not a consequence of natural events. The bold fact presented is that hunger can be averted by simple political decisions to do the right thing, such as restoring ocean pastures to return billions of fish to feed the world. Also this paper just published reports on the repeated effect of dust in the wind lowering atmospheric CO2 levels in ancient times via ocean pasture enhancement.