Disruptive CO2 Tech ‘Too Cheap To Meter’ Banned At Paris COP21

By definition a “disruptive technology” is one that displaces an established technology creating a completely new industry.

Disruptive electronic technologies courtesy David Pogue

Disruptive electronic technologies courtesy David Pogue

(Examples include personal computers, email, cell phones, social media, the internet, and soon ocean pasture restoration.)

What if there is a “Disruptive Technology” already being deployed that will render the astronomical cost of CO2 management and mitigation a simple service that is too cheap to meter?

Oh and by the way it will also be a decisive tool to end world hunger.

It’s no wonder the climate change establishment is using every dirty trick in the book to sustain their old ways.

To those following two decades of ‘conferences of the parties’ aka COP, this weeks Paris COP21 meeting is more of the same old same old. Once again the conference is glorified out of proportion and context by global media of all sorts – social and anti-social. This PR spin of those with vested interests obfuscates the central tenet of the Paris meeting being about the quest to create a multi-trillion dollar per year new green world order when in fact what we all want are solutions that will save the world first and only make money as a secondary goal, maybe.

The core requirement for this new climate industrial complex is the need to create global agreements to enforce collection of trillions in new carbon taxes. With such an astronomical sum in play there has never been more attention paid to the 1st Commandment of Capitalism – Follow The Money! As such qualifying solutions being orchestrated to center stage in Paris are first and foremost the most expensive, and thereby profitable, solutions. Low cost solutions, especially ecosystem services in soils and oceans, are all but forbidden save those targeted for deployment by a climate peasantry in the third world.

It’s “the big blue elephant in the room,” Earle says. Everyone knows it’s (oceans) essential, yet they’re not taking action, which baffles Earle, an oceanographer and National Geographic Society explorer-in-residence who was named a “Living Legend” by the Library of Congress in 2000. She’s the grande dame of ocean protection and is in Paris to put world leaders on notice that if you neglect the force “that drives climate and weather, shapes planetary chemistry and is the principal governing body of planetary temperature,” efforts here will fail. “No ocean, no life. No ocean, no us.”

Climate change denial or sticker shock?

That there is global angst and argument over the leveling of trillions of dollars in carbon taxes (and commitments) is no wonder as the immediately obvious dichotomy is that there will be givers and takers in that enormous new food chain. This new carbon food chain has proven potency seen in the 45,000 people who rank high enough in their respective organizations to merit being sent on expense accounts to Paris to play their part in lobbying for the COP21 carbon food chain proposition and their share. Not only do the salaries of the attendees in Paris depend substantially upon their intentions succeeding, far more of their ilk populate the massive army that has been created to uncover the desired carbon gold mine.

While all the usual climate world suspects/sponsors are prominent, the alternative energy corporations and wannabe start-ups, the old guard energy corporations with their rebranded names that rarely today carry the word oil or petroleum words replaced by the wordy energy or the likes, new politicians with new brand names for their ministries or departments, banks aplenty including those which just a few years ago were discovered gaming the emerging carbon markets, countless nations from the under developed world who have come to Paris to insure that some part of the trillions finds it way into their realms, and of course all manner of Green NGO’s whose web presence and MailChimp messaging never fails to offer a convenient DONATE HERE button. One and all have come to Paris for the time of their life.

OK OK Enough of the blah blah blah..


My work is all about how ocean pasture restoration manages to provide a CO2, climate change, and world hunger solution all rolled into one simple natural technology that will cost mere millions of dollars per year (instead of trillions). It will manage billions of tonnes of CO2 each year converting it into ocean life instead of ocean death, and deliver billions more fish to feed the world working decisively to end world hunger. This is as simple as becoming caring stewards of and restoring our ocean pastures so that they become more resiliant and adapt to the burden of our menacing CO2 just as we do when we care for our pastures and landscapes on the 17% of this blue planet that is land (not incl. rock and ice).

Record salmon returns

My 2012 ocean pasture restoration project worked so well it brought back record salmon returns To Alaska the very next year. Where 50 million fish were forecast to be caught 226 million were landed.

Taking charge of many billions of tonnes of CO2 our menacing CO2 every year in all of the world’s seven seas will surely cost just a few million dollars per year. The demonstration proof of principal work was completed with astonishing success in 2012. Proof came in the form of top caliber science but even more profoundly in the form of hundreds of millions of additional fish, the largest catches of salmon in all of history. For the climate industrial complex that is the worst news ever. That this technology is well-studied for more than 25 years of international science and ready for immediate deployment makes it even more disruptive. That a handful of ocean pasture projects easily executed by less than 1000 people can offer more benefit to the world of CO2 management, climate change, and hunger than the tens of thousands of delegates at the Paris COP21 is nothing less than shockingly disruptive.

Here’s a few links to continue reading on this wonderous disruptive world saving technology.

Carbon Market Gaming, Banksters, and Boosters

Last but not least remembering the man who first suggested this idea, the late great John Martin.


John Martin had done the math in the 1980’s and I’ve no done the experiment he called for. His math was correct, a trifling amount of iron rich mineral dust to restore diminished ocean pastures will mitigate billions of tonnes of CO2 every year! Read more about John Martin’s incredible insight – click the cartoon