reagan address

Dear Mr. President Please Return To Your Old Haunts

And Scare Some Reagan Common Sense Into Your Misbehaving Disbelieving Republican Bretheren

Don’t worry they won’t argue with you

reagan libraryIf you happen to visit the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library you might be surprised to find an extraordinary piece of environmental, CO2, and climate change history.

Look for a file marked “carbon dioxide – climate change” and perhaps to your amazement you will read in this publication details of Reagan’s two-day gathering titled Carbon Dioxide, Science and Consensus, September 19-23, 1982. President Reagan’s right hand man and head of his Carbon Dioxide Research Division, Frederick A. Koomanoff, started the meeting and wrote into the record and with President Reagan’s and Congress’ full backing ..

“The Executive Branch and the Congress clearly regard the CO2 issue as one deserving serious, sustained and systematic investigation. The credit for this lies in the good science and solid research that has and is being performed.”

Will the wonders of that man ever stop? Reagan’s right hand man wasn’t all, he came at the urgency of the CO2 crisis two-fisted when his left hand man chipped in with even more in affirmation of the joint executive and congressional commitment to work to resolving climate change. That left hand was James C. Greene, Science Consultant to the Congress’ Committee on Science and Technology and he was the whip at the meeting there to make sure the attending scientists were fully engaged with the urgency of this topic.

A veil hangs ominously over the earth, from pole to pole, over all the continents, and over the oceans,” Greene noted, adding, “To a significant degree, man has put it there. It is called simply enough, carbon dioxide pollution. If today’s worst case scenario becomes tomorrow’s reality, it will be too late to reverse the atmospheric buildup or to ameliorate the severe adverse human and environmental impacts of this pollutant. However, if we quickly develop a sufficient research program to provide the necessary answers, there may still be time to rend the veil or at least keep it from reaching the dimensions of disaster. This is a major goal of the Federal carbon dioxide research program and it requires the cooperation of scientists, governmental officials, and the citizens.”

President Reagan through his carefully scripted right and left hand men urged the scientists participating in the conference to not merely be scientists but rather to become energetic advocates, as they revealed in the prepared statement,

“Involvement of scientists at all levels of public policy development is absolutely necessary if correct decisions are to be made — C.P. Snow expressed it best in his book Science and Government, when he wrote, ‘I believe scientists have something to give which our kind of society is desperately short of … that is foresight.’ That is why I want scientists active in all the levels of government. You must provide the information and the foresight — no one else can. The carbon dioxide issue is a case in point,” and then concluded, “Until recent years, scientists were not even certain if the carbon dioxide buildup would increase or decrease the Earth’s temperature. Now, the controversy is, what is of impact and how long before it will be felt worldwide?”

So Dear Republicans fellow countrymen and women of every sort, remember the teachings of one of your heroes who knew what was important and stop with the blustering nonsense.  Yes I know that the cost of doing the right thing is today being spun into a spectacular trillion dollar budget figure and comes with a cabal of folks all too eager to be appointed bankers, or is that banksters, of that money but we have a solution to that carpetbagger problem.

How We Can Fullfill President Reagan’s Urgent Request

Me replanting trees on a slash burned British Columbia landscape 1973

That’s me replanting trees on a slash burned forest landscape in 1973. I planted millions of them so I know something about being closer to God while restoring her trees.

The lions share of the CO2 problem that menaces this Earth, this common home of ours, can be managed at the cost of mere millions of dollars every year. Not but a tiny fraction of 1% of the trillion dollars of pork being sought by the ‘climate change community.’ That technology is as wholesome and natural as Mother Nature herself. Can you think of anyone who doesn’t think planting trees is as close to godliness as one can get, you know so that as the trees grow they will suck up our noxious CO2 and repurpose it into more tree-life.

Please take note that on this planet earth only 9% of its area might be covered with trees and forests, even with our determined help. But on this Blue Planet 70% of it is able to sustain healthy ocean pastures filled with ocean plant life. The ocean pastures of our common home are in a terrible state of decline and are but a shadow of their former health and abundance but here’s the real magic. Those few million dollars per year we spend to restore ocean plant life in all of the world seven seas back the the condition of health and abundance they and we enjoyed a century and more ago will each year repurpose billions of tonnes of CO2 into new ocean life. In the bargain Mother Nature will send us an annual dividend of billions of additional fish allowing us to catch more than enough to help end world hunger. This is surely enough to make the ‘gipper smile down on us’ and perhaps you too.

Read the details here…  Restoring America’s Ocean Pastures

Not sure anything that sounds this good could be true?

Record salmon returns

My 2012 ocean pasture restoration project worked so well it brought back record salmon returns To Alaska the very next year