CO2 Clear And Present Danger Is First To Oceans Not Climate

CO2 Clear And Present Danger Is First To Oceans Not Climate

The human race uses ‘mob rule’ to dictate what is fact and fiction.

Not just in sports, politics, and religion but also in the world of science.

In spite of this sometimes humankind and nature find a way – horror, hallelujah, & hope

Take the topic that is so widely known and debated as climate change or global warming; where the concern and action really really ought to be about the most egregious immediate ‘clear and present danger’ wrought by CO2. But our concern as witnessed in Paris at the climate change meeting was entirely about the mob’s favourite ‘reality show’ the very slow, in human time scales, role of CO2 to produce global warming. This is tragically common in science as the scientific elite historically fight to suppress new ideas. Hence only peripherally to the set agenda in Paris was any attention paid to the most immediate and dire impacts of CO2.

Proof of the long-standing ‘mob rule’ in science comes from none other than Albert Einstein who said in response to a 1931 book skeptical of relativity theory entitled 100 Authors against Einstein, “Why 100? If I were wrong, one would have been enough.”

CO2 has been producing rapid and immediate impacts upon the greatest important to life as we know it part of this blue planet through direct chemical and ecological changes to life and the space where it primarily lives, the oceans.  Our oceans are 70% by geographic area but by volume where life can exist 99.99% is oceans. CO2, and importantly the nearly trillion tonnes of CO2 we have spewed during our fossil fuel age, has two immediate destinies. On one path plant life converts CO2 via photosynthesis into more plant life and oxygen. On the second path as water and CO2 mix readily H2O + CO2 becomes H2CO3 carbonic acid. A few other reactions occur but they are a tiny trivial percentage compared to this pair of primary reactions.

Which of these photos of our common home is most familiar to you.


Earth or Ocean – Our home is 70% ocean by geographic area but by volume of living space it is 99.9% ocean! It is in the oceans where CO2 is hitting first and hardest. It is also in the oceans where Nature can help.

The Horror

On our blue planet home where a century of fossil fuel CO2 emissions is hitting first and hardest is in our living space, the oceans. We earthlings, at least we human earthlings, are a very predictable breed of life, we insist that what we believe must be the same as what is true. Our favourite football team is simply the best team on earth, our god is the one god, our terrestrial environment is the most important environment, and our terrestrial life form neighbors are the biggest, best, and most important. We all learn early in life that to dispute such prevailing dogmas, whether they be about the best sports team, the one god, or highest forms of life brings the instant threat of angry retribution.

Sadly as we have gained an ever better view and understanding of life on this blue planet our facts have been tailored and finagled to match our dogma driven mentality. Because our land is all important it is said that the plants that live on the tiny bit of land, the mere 17% of the land area of the planet that is neither ocean, rock, or ice, our terrestrial plants are half of the plants on Earth. Of course this is nonsensical human team political correctness as the oceans and their pastures covering some 70+% of this blue world in reality contain the vast majority of plant life. As such it is simply not true that plants on land produce “about 50% of our oxygen via photosynthesis and oceans the other 50%.” Oceans produce more likely 90% of this planets oxygen as they contain the vast majority of life, both animal and vegetable, on this blue planet  The message here is the ocean pastures are the ‘sine qua non,’ the everything of life in and on our common home.

The Hallelujah

On the last day of the Paris COP21 conference a miracle happened. Whereas to begin oceans were kept off the agenda eventually the cries for reason rang true as the tens of thousands of conference delegates from 195 nations struggled to craft an agreement that might actually work. But the engineering technologies both industrial and social engineering to accomplish the immense reduction that might save the world from the crisis of CO2 was seen to simply not be enough. All those measures would fail if that was all we might do. So to save the world the world has turned to Mother Nature for her help with a promise enshrined in the new Paris Accord and endorsed by 195 nations of man to help her if she will help us from this calamity of our making. The conference of the parties has written that only by looking to the restoration of plant life in natures trees and in her seas can the part of the CO2 crisis our technological prowess and social determination can neither sufficiently nor soon enough resolve must be taken on by the plant life of our common home.

WE MUST RESTORE OUR TREES AND SEAS  was writ bold in the Paris Conference Agreement – HALLELUJAH!

Here’s a link to a prayer the oceans offer in thanks for this.

Hope & Joy to the world today, hard work tomorrow

This has been my life’s work so you might imagine correctly if you were to think I am overjoyed. But more importantly some few of us have been preparing the means to help Mother Nature where she needs the help most and this is a most encouraging development.

We can and must immediately begin restoring plant life and turning your attention to how to accomplish this in the ocean space that contains 99.9% of the living space here is my proven prescription.

Restoring the ocean pastures in all of the world’s seven seas with the goal of bringing them back to the condition of health and abundance they and we once enjoyed can begin in 2016, it will need to be continued for as long as we continue to burn fossil fuels and perhaps longer.

Record salmon returns

My 2012 ocean pasture restoration project worked so well it brought back record salmon returns To Alaska the very next year (click to read about it)

This is a proven method, proved by me in my 2012 large scale ocean pasture restoration in the NE Pacific. Based on my well publicized work restoring nearly 50,000 sq. kilometers of ocean pasture the good news is that the cost of these ocean pasture restorations in the world’s seven seas will be mere millions of dollars per year. (Note the Paris Accord is said to be an agreement that 195 nations of the world say begins the spending of more than a trillion dollars every year to work to solve the global CO2 crisis.)

In doing this work hand in hand with Mother Nature we can safely and sustainably repurpose many billions of tonnes of our menacing CO2, perhaps as much as half of the global crisis CO2, from its present collision with life as we know it into new ocean life, revived plankton, fish, sea lions, seabirds, whales… all of ocean life!

food banks filled with fish

Food banks and school food aid programs for children are today filled with healthy salmon purchased by the USDA from the miracle of 200 million additional salmon that thrived on their restored ocean pasture. (click to read more)

We will reap an immediate ecological and human reward for this work in the form of the harvest of billions of additional fish every year which will most certainly swim into our nets and onto our plates and help us end world hunger that faces billions of people.

Here’s a link to more on my prescription.