We Don't Need God, Politicians, Technology, Or Billionaires To Save Our World From CO2

We Don’t Need God, Politicians, Technology, Or Billionaires To Save Our World From CO2

Just plain everyday folks are needed and precious few of those.

How many? Neither millions nor even thousands of people are needed, mere hundreds can easily manage the lions share of the global CO2 crisis.

The means to restoring green plant life on this blue planet is what my blog and life is all about, so by all means for the good news starting reading.

As for those billionaires et al…

Lets face it we live in a world so obsessed with excess and the damage done that solutions and technologies that are deemed ‘viable’ are exclusively those which cost the most and/or are championed by ‘stars’. And our champions who we look to provide solutions are the super wealthy who incredibly are most blatantly excessive and avaricious consumer’s amongst us.

Take the recent Paris Climate Accord as a prime example. The champions who emerged in Paris and rule the mass and social media today include manly movie stars, billionaires, vast numbers of ‘politically correct’ politicians, a smattering of holy men, and a few suitably regal Royals. Who wouldn’t want a backstage pass to that band of merry men. Hence it is no wonder that scampering around the cuffs of those champions are an endless supply of groupies and somewhere in the watching crowd a few, very few, people really working on developing and delivering immediate solutions. The ‘show’ is the perfect ‘Rock Star’ Hollywood promotion.

Here’s a few reminders of what’s going on if you, like many, fell into the blissful oblivion of the holiday season since the Paris show closed in early December.


from People Magazine… most recently People reports that ‘Leo has announced he won’t date a woman who does not believe in climate change, nor any woman over the age of 25’

or if you prefer…


Bill Gates, Richard , Mark Zuckerberg, and 20 of their billionaire friends announced a new venture capital bank, though descriptions of what it will do are long on pomp and short on particulars.

The PR game plan – four basic tenets of the game plan to promote climate change into a multi-trillion dollar per year industry.

  1. The super rich will save us through their philanthropy, the new version of trickle down economics.
  2. A new political world order will save us through levying climate taxes amounting to trillions of dollars every year that will be required for the forseeable future.
  3. New technology, mostly requiring the use of ‘unobtanium,’ will be invented, developed, and delivered in time using those trillions of dollars of climate taxes that will be leveraged down well controlled channels by those running item 1.
  4. God is for this (everyone’s God, all 3000 of those God’s) but especially the God’s of those with financial flocks.

Don’t get me wrong

I am all for the repurposing of resources for the benefit of our beleaguered Mother Nature. So what if this takes a ‘technological moon shot’ costing trillions and requiring 50 years or more. Good for those billionaires forged and formed by the furnace and foundaries of industry, my blessing to them. Let the billionaires bill it, God bless em (oh yeah I almost forgot they already have arranged for Him to be on side.)

They might at least have a chance of success as so far this world of technological wonder has been brought out of its stooping stone age posture into modern world based on the pursuit of wealth. God knows I’d be lost as voice in the wilderness without the silicon foundaries that have empowered the internet. Who knows which one of them will be able to lay claim to becoming the first ‘trillionaire’, go for it boys, lay out the measuring tapes, let the measurement begin. We haven’t forgotten what we got from the first “moon shot” we all still find velcro useful almost every day!

As for politicians and their solutions I am far more cynical as so far it seems that politicians have been historically shown to deliver change via war and oppression of the weak. But we live on a blue planet ruled by our politicians and for once it seems there is a sound ‘save the planet’ script running. (It is very unlikely that Jihadis taking over desert wild lands or YeeHawdis taking over desert wildlife refuges will affect any useful change.)

But what the hell, politicians spout your promises, tweet your sound bites, surely there is an election soon that will reward you for dancing the dance. As for whether your empty promises Trump some other politicians empty promises so it doesn’t amount to a Hill of Sand… The vast majority of us don’t have attention spans long enough for to make the consequences of your lies to catch up to you.

Having led a life of being an applied science and technology guy working to deliver immediate solutions with technology at hand or near ready for prime time I have much faith in the power of science and technology. Though my view on technological solutions to the staggering CO2 crisis is that far-fetched solutions the require decades and trillions of dollars to develop, let alone deploy, will be at best too late to meet crisis in time for life as we know and have been nourished by.

Simple ultra low cost solutions that are in hand today and deploying already have a chance but the problem they face is the money grubbers don’t see a way to mover from billionaires to trillionaires on solutions that work and cost next to nothing. Don’t forget there are more than a few ‘Royals’ nipping in and out uncertain whether they are best described by  #1 or #2.

As for any of the countless God’s admonitions and words of advice such as  ‘See my works, how beautiful and praiseworthy they are. Everything that I created, I created for you. Be careful not to spoil or destroy my world–for if you do, there will be nobody after you to repair it…’ Ecclesiastes. There is today a proliferation of such lordly advice while surely good stuff has hardly ever worked in the world of man as testified to by our history of death and destruction. But if you are so inclined as to need to give the power and responsibility over to a supreme patron and it makes you happy go ahead do so. Just don’t forget to separate the recyclable trash from the compost.

It is time for real solutions right now!


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