we aint go no stinkin science

We Don’t Need No Stinkin Science

CO2 Science Shows It’s Worst And Most Immediate Effects Are In Our Oceans!

Facing off with denialists can be futile or worse.

Talking with the other side isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

We don’t need no stinkin science! It’s all politics.

While talking to the denialists, and these days the Whitehouse, it seems that we don’t need no stinkin science.  Amongst Climate Change supporters there is an equally absurd notion that the trouble with CO2 is ONLY about climate.

Irrational ideas that are spin mastered to support the promotion of a ‘politically popular’ view of science create a wide public credibility problem.

Here’s some links to begin learning more about how our precious oceans ought to be first and foremost in our minds when we think and act to save the world from our CO2 crisis. The best news is that immediate, proven, low cost solutions are available and being deployed as you read this.

John Martin, rip, A Giant In Science, showed us the way.
I have followed his charted course to prove it just works!


Next is a story that came about as a result my world’s largest effort restoring a vital ocean pasture.


sitka news salmon story

2012 ocean pasture replenishment and restoration work in the NE Pacific returned the ocean to life as seen in the largest catch of salmon in all of history in Alaska the next year. Click to read more

Restoring ocean pastures will work in all of the world’s Seven Seas! Read the swashbuckling mystery and the solution to Who Killed Jack Mackerel.

Click to read more.

Jack mackerel in the Southern Pacific have declined from catches of 30 million metric tons to less than a tenth of that in two decades.

Jack Mackerel are smaller than tuna but bigger than anchovies, they make up the major part of what is known as the Small Pelagic Fishery.

This mackerel fishery is in bad shape as for many years the ocean pastures of the South Pacific on which they depend have become ever more desolate due to the devastating effects of high and rising CO2. That CO2, our CO2, is forcing a global reduction of dust blowing in the wind, and the South Pacific is far from sources of life-giving dust. If that wasn’t enough super-trawlers have been set loose amongst the schools of fish.

Mr. Presidents, Obama and Putin, WE CAN DO IT!

And in the bargain help end world hunger!


Mr. Presidents Here’s Something To Agree To

Simple care and caring for our common home will provide all the fish the world can eat plus Mother Natures CO2 management solution at a cost too cheap to meter

Everywhere on this blog you will find good reading about how we can restore and replenish Mother Nature back to her (and our own) historic condition of health and abundance.

Join me, lend a hand, in the future you will be more disappointed by the things you did not do than the things you have done.