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Wild Fish Shrinking In Six Pictures Worth 6000 Words

If you can bear witness to this tragedy of ocean collapse read on

Here in ‘6000 words’ you will fully comprehend the fish shrinking tragedy in 60 seconds! Best of all you will learn how we will bring the fish back! Big and by the billions.

Photos: Courtesy of Monroe County Public Library

Fishing is one of the things people do in Florida, ocean fishing tours have been and are available to one and all. At the end of a day’s fishing the “catch” is always put on display for photos with happy fishers. Once upon a time all was well with our oceans, not so today as our ocean pastures and the fish they sustain are dwindling and the fish shrinking.

The photo collection below shows the dramatic change in fish caught in the ocean off  Florida. These shrinking fish are not unique to Florida, the same is seen the world around as oceans and the plankton pastures that once were turn into blue deserts unable to sustain large and healthy populations of fish. This tragedy can be rapidly, safely, sustainably, and most importantly inexpensively reversed. That’s what my life is all about!

Here’s the bad news in pictures, fish shrinking in size and numbers, don’t despair there is good news at the end!

1957 fish shrinking



1958 fish shrinkint



Mid 1960's fish shrinking

Mid 1960’s


Mid 1960's fish shrinking

Mid 1960’s


Mid 1980's fish shrinking

Mid 1980’s


2007 fish shrinking


What’s the cause…. must be those bad over-fishing fishermen or at the very least CLIMATE CHANGE

There is proof of climate change everywhere…

Evidence of climate change NOT shrinking fish

Evidence of climate change NOT shrinking fish

The real collapse of ocean fish populations and the shrinking of big fish into little fish is not some mystery that we can wag our disapproving fingers of blame at the usual suspects.

It is not climate change, it is only in part over fishing, it is primarily collapse of ocean pastures.

The suspects are all of us whether you’ve evercaught a fish or not. It is our CO2, the nearly trillion tonnes we have emitted in all of our yesterdays of this fossil fuel age, and yes we will emit another trillon tonnes in all of our tomorrows of our fossil fuel age. I concern my work mostly with yesterday’s CO2 that is the fish shrinking overdose we’ve already sent into our air and oceans that will destroy life as we know it one this blue planet regardless of the second dose.

The problem with the oceans is very simple as oceans are environments made up of patchy ocean pastures. They are not big single test tubes of water all the same everywhere. Being pastures the amount of livestock/fish they can support is entirely controlled by the health of the pasture.

Think of ocean pastures they way you know how pastures on land work. Walt Whitman, an English author of 150 years ago put it very clearly when he spoke of the foundation of human agriculture.

All Beef Is Grass

For the oceans, you might imagine what is to be said.

All Fish Is Plankton

Good news for our blue planet

There is much more to understanding ocean ecology and fish but that’s a perfect start. On my blog you’ll find hundreds of articles that explain every nuance… Even better you find how we are working to restore and revive ocean pastures in all of the World’s Seven Seas this year!  Don’t believe such a miracle could be real? I’ve done it once to prove it in the world’s largest and most effective ocean pasture restoration demonstration and my revived ocean pasture sent hundreds of millions of additional fish into the nets of fishermen and onto the plates of hungry people.

Record salmon returns

My 2012 ocean pasture restoration project worked so well it brought back record salmon returns To Alaska the very next year

Join me or sit back and watch my dust!