plankton beneath the ice

Mystery Of Krill Beneath The Ice Revealed

There’s a new video just available showing an utterly alien world inside of its glorious cathedral of light

Could it be that NASA has kept secret from us their mission to the frozen water moons of Jupiter?

Or is it a blue planet world of wonder much closer, one where we need no rockets to go there.

Take a bit of time to watch in awe and glimpse into the world of krill.

Do it now as the krill are in terrible trouble, they are rushing toward extinction, 80% of the krill that this blue planet depended have gone missing in just the last 30 years! And don’t just watch do something to help save the ocean pastures and their krill and all the rest of ocean life. To jump immediately to the most stunning images of what it is down there in the cathedral of ice move the slider to minute 29:00 (about half way into the vid).

The krill are in terrible trouble, read about their plight and how help is on the way…