feed and save the world

Dear (fill in your name here) Please Help Feed (and save) The World

Many bemoan about how world is able to pay for wars and luxury but not to feed and save the world.

They are right though calling for others to do something is done because of the false belief that one person cannot possibly tackle this crisis

In fact it will require as few as 100 people to globally re-create the miracle of fishes and in doing so help end world hunger almost immediately.

Actually only 99 more as I am one of those hundred.

Here’s my open invitation to 99 (or all) to join me!

ROME – Pope Francis on Monday called upon aid workers to “dream” of way to feed and save the world, creating a world without hunger with food for all and re-creating one of the most enduring lessons from Christ’s miracle of fishes. He bemoans that love of our fellow man seems to have been lost as hunger seems to have become tragically accepted as being part of the ‘natural order’.

Pope Francis passionately asked,
“Please pray for me so that I may personally do something against hunger in the world.”
Read on as this posting is my answer to his prayer.

miracle of fishes

Pope Francis addressing UN Food Meeting in Rome June 2016

The pontiff blasted what he called the unacceptable “paradox” of a world in which weapons circulate freely, yet humanitarian aid is blocked by politics, self-interest, and petty bureaucratic considerations. The Pope is far from being one voice bemoaning this sorry state of humanity and the merchandising of doom and gloom.

Add to the Pope’s name, Bill Gates who is working to provide a chicken in every pot in Africa, all one needs to do to discover the countless famous, rich, and common people calling for someone to do something about world hunger is type the search term ‘hunger’ into Google.

According to the statistics from the World Food Program, some 795 million people in the world don’t have enough food to lead a healthy life.

Pope Francis made his recent remarks in a visit to the Rome offices of the United Nations World Food Program Monday morning where he blessed the start of the annual executive board meeting of the program. At that meeting there were hundreds in attendance whose job it is to work on the crisis of finding food for all. The Pope though comes from a life working in ‘brotherly love’ and a life of simplicity, even though today as Pope his life is no longer that of a simple man. He might just consider becoming one of the 99.

He spoke clearly saying,
“The credibility of an institution is not based on its declaration, but on the work accomplished by its members.”

The Pope is correct in his observations and admonitions about the roles and actions of others. Sadly he has neglected the clear solution to solving a very large part of the problem of world hunger that he knows, or should know very well, is in his very own hands. It is within the teachings of his faith that the solution has been at hand, including his own hand, for some 2000 years.



What the world needs is people more than leaders who will do more than merely bemoan the tragedy of the twin issues of world hunger and environmental degradation, they are indeed linked. More than teaching about Christs Miracle of the Fishes, our world and our fellow people simply need a very few of us to act and to do so immediately. We few, as learned through my own work perhaps only 100 of us, have the resources in our hands and hearts to carry out the tast of bringing back the fish to biblical abundance.

Financial Resources Is In Our Hands

We all know the vast wealth that is controlled by individuals, organizations, corporations, and governments. Scores of billions are in the hands of far more than 100 individual oligarchs, trillions are in the coffers of governments. What the world needs is not the blessing of those with vast wealth, what it needs is the modest resources of just 100 average people, perhaps will a little help from their friends.

While Christ’s teachings on the ‘loaves and fishes’ are essentially correct in that if we take good care of the fish they will take care of us is surely truth. This world being a blue planet where 72% of it is fish pastures is clearly a world that can feed the few of us who live on land. The fact is that 99% of all life on earth lives in the oceans and the oceans when healthy are more than abundant enough to take care of all.

blue earth

In this view of our Blue Planet from space one can see that the ocean pastures are crucial for its and our survival. click to read more

The crisis facing the oceans today is that the fish are disappearing fast. Many species of fish once abundant are now found in ever dwindling numbers. While it is ‘politically popular, even politically correct’ to lay blame on the decline of fish on sinners, those bad overfishing fishers, especially corporations, that blame game ignores the most fundamental character of the oceans.

Oceans are not uniformly productive bodies of water, they, like the land have centers of productivity we are all familiar on as pastures on land. The same basic pasture ecology exists in the worlds oceans. When pastures on land lose the animal life they normally sustain we don’t generally blame ‘over-hunting’ when the pastures are seen to be in a state of drought and growing little grass. It’s the drought that is to blame!

Ocean pastures grow grass, it’s called phyto-plankton, and that ocean pasture grass grows in water so what it depends on to arrive from afar is mineral dust in the wind to thrive. This is the very same as pastures on land where the grass grows in mineral soil and depends on rain in the wind to thrive or be stricken by drought. Today around the entire world there is a terrible drought of dust and as a result the ocean pastures are turning into blue deserts. Read ore about this Yin and Yang of Rain and Dust and pastures..

The drought of dust is due to our high and rising CO2 that is producing global greening on land and global blueing in the oceans. Remember that this is a blue planet so while some extra greenery on land is great turning the oceans into blue deserts is terrible. Global greening means more grass growing, and that means less dust blowing. You know grass is ground cover, as in covering the soil so that dust does not blow away in the wind. That dust in the wind is the only thing that keeps the oceans alive and abundant.

Sure overfishing or overhunting the life hanging on by a thread on a dying drought stricken pasture will make things worse and so I do not propose that ‘overfishing’ doesn’t happen. It is a simple to understand fact that overfishing is not the primary cause of ocean fish collapse, as much as those usual suspects are so convenient for many to lay the blame upon. Let’s forget about the blame and get on with restoring and replenishing the ocean pastures and re-creating Christ’s Miracle of Fishes!

Here’s my modern Miracle of Fishes technology and methodology

For about 30 years now the international ocean science community has poured a quarter of a billion dollars of funding into developing the technology and methodology to regenerate ocean fish pastures. The solution it turns out is perfectly safe, sustainable, fast, and incredibly low cost – I like to say it is ‘dirt cheap’ as dirt is the single magic dust that the oceans are dying for lack of.


Click to read more…

By restoring ocean pastures in the World’s Seven Seas billions of additional fish will every year fill fishermen’s nets to overflowing providing sufficient food to help end world hunger. When ocean pastures return to health and abundance it takes only a few years, 2-5, for these billions of additional fish to be providing nutritious food for all. The cost will be a scant few millions of dollars per year, easily affordable by the just a very few of we common people.

The ocean pastures grow by repurposing billions of tonnes of CO2 into life, that is the simple scientific fact of photosynthesis.

With 30 years of great science completed the means to regenerate the oceans is as simple as borrowing a little something from the land and giving it to the oceans. While what the oceans are shown to respond to is not exactly loaves of bread, but rather the dirt that grows those loaves.

Here’s an example from my work proving Christ’s lesson to give back to the sea something vital from the land.


Here’s a photo (below) that speaks a thousand words. In 2012 with 10 shipmates I took a small fishing boat out to sea in the NE Pacific. We carefully spread 100 tonnes of mineral dust on a dying ocean pasture. The cost of that blessed dust is less than $50,000 (fifty thousand dollars). The ocean pasture turned from being a blue desert into a lush green pasture. The very next year the fish came back, hundreds of millions of additional salmon.

feed and save the world

My 2012 ocean pasture restoration project worked so well it brought back record salmon returns to Alaska the very next year where 50 million fish were expected to be caught instead 226 million were caught ( final tally). Scores of millions of meals of nutritious fish went from these nets onto the plates of American children via domestic food aid programs.

Dear (fill in your name here)  I’ll Help You Re-Create the Miracle of Fishes

Here’s what you can do with your life and with a very modest sum of money.

To begin join me, lend a hand to prepare for our voyages of recovery.

Help us charter a few modest fishing boats, one for each of the World’s Seven Seas.

We will buy enough mineral rich dust to sustainably resurrect one to several ocean pastures in each of those Seven Seas.

We will find some shipmates to lend a hand, we don’t need many in fact in my work proving this process there were only 12 shipmates aboard my ocean pasture restoration ship in the summer of 2012.

The work is hard for few days at a time to restore each pasture but that work is remarkable as the ocean pasture changes from a dying blue desert into a Garden of Eden in 3 days after receiving the sacrament of dust we deliver.

miracle of fishes

This doesn’t require rocket science, I undertook my first ocean pasture restoration project using a 100 year old wooden schooner just 100 feet in length. ‘Ragland’ was graciously loaned to me by singer Niel Young. We did our work under sail and you can see the bright red mineral dust trailing behind the ship in the summer of 2002. Click to read about the voyage.

This is not a one time job, it requires that the ship and shepherds return to their ocean pasture more than once each year and continue to do this for the next 100 years and more. The dire poisoning of our planets air with a trillion tonnes of CO2 already emitted and surely another trillion tonnes to be emitted before our fossil fuel age is done requires that we be good shepherds of our ocean pastures for centuries.

Join me.

If you like this idea and want to help I hope you will contact me. I stand ready to teach you what I have learned about how to feed and save the world. I’ll be going to sea on the Seven Ships to Save The Seven Seas to teach those aboard how to become good shepherds of our ocean pastures. You are most welcome to come along and lend a hand, together you and I will re-create the Miracle of Fishes and provide billions of fish to feed the hungry!

The photo at the top of this post shows my few shipmates and I replenishing vital dust to regenerate the world’s first restored ocean pasture (July 2012).