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Restoring 10 Ocean Amazon Rainforests In Just 5 Years

10 Regenerated Ocean Amazon Pastures Will Naturally Manage The World’s CO2 Crisis And Bring Back The Fish

Cheaper, Better, & Faster than any other solution to save and feed the world.

For many the icon of climate and environmental chaos on this planet is the Amazon Rainforest, commonly called the lungs of our planet, it breathes in CO2 and breathes out Oxygen

But it is truly the oceans that are most the endangered lungs of our blue planet.

The oceans have seen the worst of the impacts of our high and rising CO2. Many scientific reports have noted that over the past 50 years ocean plant life, the green phyto-plankton, has been eradicated at the rate of 1% per year.

ocean amazon

A more accurate globe. Imagine the 10 lost Amazon’s being regenerated in the oceans around the world. Those restored ocean Amazon’s become once again the most powerful natural solution to our CO2 crisis and save our blue planet and providing food for all. – click to enlarge.

In a terrestrial context during each 5 years the oceans have been losing an equivalent amount of plant life to an entire Amazon Rainforest. So over 50 years that is 10 entire Ocean Amazon forests that have stopped their work as the lungs and life of this planet breathing in CO2 and breathing out Oxygen.

It is true that destruction of the Amazon Rainforest has been and continues to be a terrible example humankinds assault on Nature. At 6.7 million km2 (twice the size of India) the Amazon forest is virtually unrivalled in scale, complexity and opportunity. The Amazon’s green plants breathe in 2 billion tonnes of CO2 each year. But the trouble in that green paradise is clear, according to the World Wildlife Fund, almost 20% of the Amazon has now fallen to make way for agriculture and other modern human pursuits.

Hundreds of organizations around the world have sprouted with the honorable intentions of helping to save the Amazon and other rainforests. They count millions of devoted followers and have made some progress at slowing the destruction of vital rainforests. There is however precious little that has been or can be done to regenerate the rainforest lungs of this Earth.

The oceans offer a most important lesson and opportunity. First it is the ocean forests, also known as ocean pastures, where the most dreadful impacts of our fossil fuel age are wreaking havoc. Through loss of ocean plant life the oceans power to keep our blue planet in its Goldilocks’ Zone is collapsing. Ocean plant life has been the most powerful force of Nature on our planet for billions of years.

  1. Ocean plants capture and repurpose CO2 into new ocean life – that’s photosynthesis.
  2. Ocean plants are sensitive to getting sunburned so they produce natural sunscreens – we call them clouds! The ocean plants are responsible for producing more than 2/3’s of all clouds that shade our blue planet. We call this ‘Plankton Cooling.’
  3. Ocean plankton cooling or the loss of it is resulting in ocean warming. Ocean warmth/coolness is the principal controlling influence on global warming and climate.
  4. Revived ocean Amazon’s will prove their worth to us by growing and sending billions of additional fish into our nets and onto the plates of all of humanity, enough to dramatically curtail world hunger.

We must and we can restore ocean plant life, plankton cooling, and curtail ocean warming

Our ocean plants are disappearing because our high and rising CO2 is starving them of vital mineral micronutrients, dust in the wind.

As we restore the dust our modern society has denied the oceans they will stop turning into lifeless blue deserts and become lush life-filled blue-green ocean pastures immediately.

Scientific studies involving 50 nations have been applied to this ocean promise for 30 years. Large scale ocean experiments have proven IT JUST WORKS and that it is safe, sustainable, and remarkably low-cost AND IMMEDIATELY!

One picture is worth a thousand words… so here’s that picture!

sitka news salmon story

My 2012 ocean pasture replenishment and restoration work in the NE Pacific returned the ocean to life as seen in the largest catch of salmon in all of history in Alaska the next year. Similarly restored cean pastures around the world will bring back the fish everywhere.

Together we can save the world by restoring the oceans to historic levels of health and abundance.

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