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Global Warming Is Real How CO2 Does It Is Not What You’ve Been Told

Endless global warming argument stalls our solving Natures crisis caused by humanities CO2.

The truth of how our high and rising CO2 warms our blue planet, it’s not what you might think.

With understanding comes the hope and promise that we can act immediately solve the crisis and save our world – better, faster, cheaper!

There seems to be hardly anyone on Earth who has not heard about ‘global warming’ aka ‘climate change.’ It’s the talk of the globe and is truly of vital concern to humanity and Nature. But there is an important misunderstanding and story behind about how our burning of fossil fuels and the emission of CO2 is harming our blue planet. That misunderstanding is what has led to and sustains the endless acrimonious arguments over whether and what we should or can do about it. Surprise surprise that ‘misunderstanding’ drives the cost of doing anything up to the trillions of dollars in new climate taxes agreed to in the Paris Accord.


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The CO2 (aka greenhouse gas) problem harkens back to the very real and true observation of ‘global warming’ and the search for simple sound-bite science explanations about why the warming is taking place. The evidence is clear that the warming is happening in lock step with the high and rising levels of CO2 in our atmosphere.

The two data sets are very well matched to ancient data sets of temperature and CO2 from glacial ice and sedimentary records going back hundreds of thousands of years or more. That global temperature goes up and down with CO2 doing the same is certain. The reason why, that’s not likely what you think.

Are CO2 ‘Blankets’ Warming or Cooling that is the question.

The reigning sound-bite ‘global warming is caused by radiative global warming driven by CO2 concentration in the air’, aka the greenhouse gas blanket, is simply not the whole story and certainly isn’t the most important part of the story of CO2. The origin of that radiative warming blanket story comes from the fact that our human world of science is dominated by physical science – chemists and physicists and those rascals created that common global warming/CO2/climate change sound-bite. But those physical science tools are like hammers, everything to them looks like a nail, aka the most simple physical/chemical equation.

OK I admit I come from the other side of the tracks in science, the life science side.  The world of science sort of allows that some interest in ‘biology’ is OK but by the time the trickle down effect gets past the chemists and physicists those scientists working on ecology, the science of how life interacts with nature are left with barely a trickle of anything… funding, respect, indulgences.  If we are to believe our rapaciously funded avaricious physical science peers biologists and ecologists and their ideas are an impossibly insignificant part of the community of climate science. Or are they?

Peeling back the clouds

One thing is certain – cloud cover is the most powerful variable that keeps our blue planet in the desirable Goldilocks Zone and there is troubling news about clouds.

plankton cooling cloud decline increases global warming

Vital cooling cloud cover is disappearing fast 1983 to present! Click to enlarge

The chart to the left shows how our vital cooling clouds are dramatically and rapidly disappearing. We have lost 10% of our cooling cloud cover in the past 3 decades and that loss of clouds is the biggest factor in warming our globe and changing our climate.  In only 30 years the 10% loss of clouds has produced a ‘global warming’ effect greater than 100 years of CO2 emissions.


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The loss of clouds is clearly shown to be due to loss of ocean plant life which are responsible for the vast majority of aerosols that make our clouds. It’s that dang simple fact that the oceans cover 72% of this blue planet that means the ocean ecosystem and its plankton are in control of its climate.

The Story of Goldilocks (nerdy glasses may be required)

Here is some simple thermal accounting with regard to how our life-sustaining Sun keeps this planet not to hot, not too cold, but just right.

  1. 29% of the Sun’s light/heating is normally reflected away from our planet by the clouds
  2. 71% of the Sun’s heating gets past the clouds.
  3. Of the 71% getting past normal cloud cover 48% of that heat is absorbed by the surface, it is this warm surface that controls the planet’s temperature, remember 72% of this planet is water so that is where the lions share of the suns heat goes.
  4. Of that 48% absorbed some 71% of that, so 34% heads back to space a re-radiated heat, with a portion being absorbed by the greenhouse blanket effect on the way. That means that 14% of the sun’s heat acts via the greenhouse gas blanket global warming agent.
  5. Of the 14% warming effect 80% is managed by water vapour and 20% by CO2 (and other greenhouse gases) so the 20% of 14% is the role CO2 plays in global warming. That’s just 2.8% of the Sun’s warming potential… But look back at item #1 in this list, clouds are responsible for reflecting away 29%, 10 times as much. And here’s the twist plankton are substantially responsible for helping make and sustain most of the worlds clouds.
  6. So as the plankton cooling clouds diminish by a mere 10% from their norm, as we see they have done, they equal the power of greenhouse gas driven warming. That is precisely what we are seeing and more. The loss of global plankton cooling effect is in fact producing far more global warming than we see from man’s CO2 emissions.
  7. There is a major compounding effect on the loss of plankton cooling clouds where cloud loss is most pronounced in the equatorial and sub-tropical regions of the planet. Since the path through the atmosphere for sunlight is so much shorter in these regions the effective potency of plankton  cooling and the converse ocean warming is much more potent in these regions. This is just where the loss of plankton cooling clouds is most needed and most diminished.

Plankton Cooling

To place ‘plankton cooling’ into the context of the ‘greenhouse gas blanket effect’ that produces ‘global warming’ here are the numbers. The greenhouse gas blanket effect from both natural levels of CO2 and other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, including the all important water vapour, and human delivered anthropogenic gases combined contributes a mere 5% to global warmth. This is small but surely any small steady increase in warmth is going to eventually cook our “Goldilocks planet.’


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The percentage of humanities greenhouse gases is very tiny compared to the natural gases and thus our potential to create global warming is also small.

At the same time the power of cooling clouds which are heavily influenced in formation and sustained by ocean pasture plankton blooms which are being decimated by our high and rising CO2 is a far more powerful, perhaps 10 fold, global warming climate changing influence.

The bottom line here is that the cooling potential of clouds is at least an order of magnitude larger than the warming potential of our CO2. So as we are clearly seeing the loss of plankton that make our cooling clouds we also see that is the major factor creating ‘global warming.’

Enough Doom and Gloom Here’s The Good News

While the cost of dealing with global industrialization and the CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions by taking the paths and practices of chemists and physicists will surely cost the trillions of dollars in new climate/carbon taxes each year; the cost of helping Mother Nature help us manage our technological excesses and indulgences is but the tiniest fraction of those trillions.

Every technological solution offered in the world of climate change depends on the investment of energy to operate the solution engine(s). The laws of physics and energy are very clear – the energy it takes to run a reaction in one direction, say for example to make CO2 by burning fuels, is the same as the energy it takes to remove that CO2 from the world. It’s tragically simple we need an incredible amount of energy, an equal amount of energy to what we have used and will use in our fossil fuel age, to undo the CO2 wrongs we have done and are doing. And that energy we use for the cure must not produce more CO2 or our work will be in vain.

ONLY the free clean energy of sunlight is available to solve the CO2/climate crisis on this blue planet!

Fortunately Nature has provided us with the solar energy solution and that is to restore and regrow more green plants. Those green plants are powered by clean free sunlight and they readily and rapidly repurpose our CO2 into new life with incredible efficiency – they are simply the BETTER, FASTER, CHEAPER solution, just what this blue planet desperately needs.


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After 30+ years of intensive scientific research and development conducted by institutions and organizations in more than 50 Nations at a cost of nearly a billion dollars the understanding of the needs of Nature and her most powerful force, her ocean plant life is clear.

We can and must restore and regenerate our ocean pastures. In doing so we will restore ocean fish to historic abundance and help to end world hunger. But if world food abundance and stability is not sufficient then there is more. By restoring the 10 Amazon Forest equivalents of ocean plant life that has been destroyed by our high and rising CO2 in the past 50 years we can help Mother Nature help us all. The regenerated 10 ocean Amazon Forests will capture and repurpose into new ocean life (and life for those of us on land) the lions share of humanities fossil fuel/fool age of CO2.

The reason it is important to understand the pathway for the CO2 forced observed global warming is that if one follows the reigning climate science radiative forcing path the cost to solve the crisis is TRILLIONS in climate taxes and political turmoil as prescribed by the Paris Accord. If the CO2 pathway is Natures ecological path the cost help Mother Nature to solve the crisis her way is mere MILLIONS and in the bargain will restock the worlds oceans with fish at historic levels of abundance, enough to end world hunger. So in this most important of all issues – please don’t follow the money.

No Theory Here – Proven In Large Scale Open Ocean Demonstration – Sworn to by hundreds of millions of scientists

sitka news salmon story

My 2012 ocean pasture replenishment and restoration work in the NE Pacific returned the ocean to life as seen in the largest catch of salmon in all of history in Alaska the next year. So much additional fish was caught the US Department of Agriculture has been steadily buying the surplus and providing hundreds of millions of meals of nutritious salmon to American children in domestic food aid programs.  Click to read more 

Wonder about the scientific corroboration of this healthy healing Earth miracle. That’s easily seen in the report of the return of the ocean pastures to a condition of health and abundance as recorded in the very bodies of each and every one the hundreds of millions of additional fish/scientists that were sustained and swam home into our nets and onto our plates!

(Fish are the best ocean scientists, especially hundreds of millions of them, as they record the conditions of their environment in their bodies, healthy fish means healthy oceans and a healthy world.)

Join me to bring back the fish!