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Pacific Warm Blob Caused By Collapse Of Plankton Cooling

Planet cooling plankton blooms in the North Pacific are in peril

The ~30% loss of Pacific plankton in just decades is taking away the most powerful force of Nature that controls (cools) ocean temperature as plankton blooms are the principal source of cloud forming aerosols on our blue planet.

The oceans clouds in turn keep our planet at just the right temperature, not too hot not too cold, without ocean life we are all cooked!

Steve McQueen staring in the 1958 Sci Fi thriller “The Blob” finally figured out how to destroy it, the same prescription will work with today’s terrifying and very real Warm Blob.

Ocean phyto-plankton evolved over billions of years on this blue planet that is just a smidgen too close to the sun for comfort. Evolution has provided the most abundant form of life on this blue planet, the ocean plants, with the power to control their climate and exposure to dangerous UV light. They make most of the vital clouds that reflect away 30% of the Suns heat and offer a natural sunscreen. Anything messing with Mother Natures clouds can expect a heated rebuke as the Warm Blob reveals.

Earth is a bit on the hot side of our Goldilocks Zone so we need our plankton cooling or else

Earth lies on the hot side of our Solar Systems Goldilocks Zone, ocean life created plankton cooling and its protective terraforming ocean clouds without ocean life we’re all cooked! Recall Venus’ surface is the temperature of molten metal, Mars is about as cold as Antarctica.

Anthropogenic CO2 is the trip wire leading to collapse of plankton cooling


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With our emission of nearly a trillion tones of fossil CO2 into the atmosphere, in a single century, we have dramatically messed with and shifted the balance of nature against the source of all life, the surface ocean and its’ vital ocean pasture plankton blooms.

The ocean plants make 90% of our oxygen by repurposing CO2 into ocean life and it is recently reported in leading scientific journals that ocean oxygen production will cease sometime between 2050 and the end of this century.

Ocean life isn’t just swimming out there doing nothing it is a vital part of Nature every single species and individual does its share on behalf of planetary ecosystem services helping to make life as we know it possible on this blue planet. The death toll of ocean fish populations, sea birds, and more all over the world testify to the collapse of ocean pastures and their photosynthesis, a fact confirmed in countless reports.

warm blob

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The recently appearing Pacific “WARM BLOB” is also a telltale characteristic of ocean plant life collapse. Further it lies precisely in the region of the North Pacific most afflicted by plankton collapse. The ‘ warm blob’ is clearly there and its never before seen warmth is in near perfect alignment with the collapse of plankton cooling, hence the ocean warming that has created the Blob.


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The scope of ocean warming is dramatic globally.  The oceans, surface temperatures have increased at an average rate of 0.12°C per decade since 1976—triple the rate of warming that occurred in the 75 years before that (0.04°C per decade). The warming is accelerating: global ocean temperatures in 2016 have been 0.82°C (1.48°F) above average and 0.21°C (0.38°F) hotter than 2015, making them the hottest waters in 137 years 0f record-keeping.

Too many physicists and climatologists eschew the power of life (and science of biology) on this blue planet as they seek ever more complicated mathematical computer models that reshuffle heat in the ocean to account for the warm Blob. Occam’s Razor however advises us to look for the simple answer, that answer is ocean life that has forever controlled the temperature of the ocean and our climate is in terrible peril.

warm blob

Cloud decline in N. Pacific Warm Blob region clearly confirmed in Journal Nature July 2016. In fact the regions of the world’s ocean pastures with most dramatic decline in phyto-plankton match very well to the regions with reduced clouds.

Ocean clouds that are made by plankton have a ten-fold greater influence on this blue planets temperature than does the radiative forcing effect of CO2 and other greenhouse gases including the principal greenhouse gas – water vapour. Logic demands one look to the small but powerful forces that might explain observed effects before diving into the even much weaker minutia. It is clear that relatively small perturbations in the ocean pastures and their plankton that form and sustain ocean clouds are the best candidate for explaining the observed anomalous warm blob.

Our CO2 is a more dire problem when multiplied by the power of the loss of photosynthesis

Our CO2 excesses works through several paths but the most potent of all is that it limits the amount of vital mineral dust from reaching the ocean pastures. How it does this is simple to understand. Our high and rising CO2 is producing a widespread global greening of the earth. More greenery growing on land is also known as ground cover.

More grass growing means less dust blowing.

Ocean plant life that lives in water depends on dust in the wind, when there is a terrible drought of dust, as there has been for more than 50 years ocean plant life is in peril. The rate of loss of ocean plant life and photosynthesis has been 1% per year for at least 50 years. In a human earthbound context this in those 50 years our Blue Planet has lost the equal amount of plant life to 10 entire Amazon Rainforests!


We can and MUST restore ocean pastures and their plant life – click to read more

If you follow the growing tragedy of the Amazon, perhaps as a member of one of the hundreds of organizations dedicated to saving the rainforest, you are concern because 20% of the one true Amazon has been cut down. You might spare some concern for the 50 fold greater environmental disaster taking place as our once verdant ocean pastures turn into blue deserts.

There’s more proof showing the vital role of ocean plankton as the primary controllers of our blue planet climate. The most effective specks upon which moisture in the air condenses turns out to be specks of plankton! Not the mineral dust that those of us who have given thought to what was at the heart of a raindrop. To read more on the recent reports in ocean and climate science on how plankton control our climate follow this link to learn how at the heart of every raindrop lies a speck of plankton.

The chilling prescription to kill the blob.

warm blobIn the 1958 Sci Fi classic “The Blob” the Earth is in peril from the horrifying BLOB, it’s indestructible, it’s indescribable, nothing can stop it …. but in the end Steve McQueen saves the day with a ‘chilling ending’.

Our BLOB is just as horrifying and we have but one chance to stop it. We must restore plankton cooling without delay. Fortunately we have the means to do so developed through the efforts of researchers in over 50 nations over the past 30 years.

It Just Works!

Watch Steve McQueen in one of his early roles.

Join me to restore and replenish the ocean pastures.