California's trees dying

California’s Trees Dying By The Millions – Can We Save Them

The terrible drought decimating trees comes from Mother Nature’s tears having dried up.

That we all lose our ability to produce tears when we suffer for too long is known by all.

What so many do not know is that at the heart of every raindrop lies a tiny speck of plankton.

Mother Nature’s plankton has been disappearing in her ocean pastures that lie beneath the surface of the ever more blue open sea.

We can and must act now while there is still time.

California’s trees are in the news today with a striking story of how 70 million trees have died in the terrible drought the state has been experiencing for some years. The reports state that at least that as many as one billion of California’s trees are in danger. The longer term prophecy is even worse for Nature in California’s as indeed everything is suffering in this terrible drought. These reports on dead and dying trees fit alongside countless reports of ocean life dead from starvation on the shores and beaches everywhere.


Like a beached great whale this giant redwood points the way to its kin, the ocean plankton, as the trees last best hope to bring life sustaining rains back to California whose worsening drought is threatening the redwoods amongst the scores of millions of trees dying of thirst.

Together these reports of trees, sea lions, seabirds, and whales expose a common malady. The silent decimation of ocean pastures for decades, their becoming desolate blue deserts, and the starving to death of countless sea lions, seabirds, and sightings of emaciated whales in our most polluted harbours is easily understood as being nothing more complicated than the mass starvation that it is.

Climate change is the usual suspect that is made large in headlines across the Golden State and the world as the evil force behind the drought. But is it really climate change as endorsed in the recent Paris Climate Accord agreement and requiring the spending of trillions of dollars each and every year from now unto the long past the end of the fossil fuel age. OR is there a more simple more ecological explanation (and cure) for the terrible drought!


That’s Kipat standing there on one leg like a big stork bird, his story is about being in tune with Mother Nature, especially in times of terrible drought – click to watch a YouTube video about how Kipat helped to save Kapiti Plain. We too can save California’s plain and we must!

If you have children (or grandchildren like I do now) you might remember reading a wonderful and beautiful children’s book to them – Bringing The Rain To Kapiti Plain. It is an ancient African folk tale about an African boy Kipat and how he stood watch over his thirsty and dying herds of cattle and how he helped Mother Nature in a time of terrible drought to bring back the rain to Kapiti plain.


At The Heart Of Every Raindrop Lies A tiny Speck Of Plankton

Here’s a brief lesson on how the oceans and her pastures, you know that blue part of this planet Earth that covers 72% of our world. It should come at no surprise that such a vast and potent ecosystem influences ecosystems like forests that cover less than 9% of the planet.

Ocean pastures are the parts of the oceans that bloom with plankton, phytoplankton – the plants or grass of the sea. They are constant yet fleeting pastures that grow and flourish for some months in one location then lie fallow for long periods of time. But the ocean being so large has, when healthy, always kept her ocean pastures in a glorious ‘crop rotation’ growing and going fallow here and there sustaining all of ocean life and doing very much more. As the most powerful force of Nature they have created and they sustain the global climate to suit life as we know it on the wonderful water world.


Earth is way tooooo close to the SUN for comfort, without the cooling clouds that ocean plankton pastures make we might have the climate of Venus with a surface temperature that can melt metals! Too cool and we’d have a surface covered with super cold dry ice like Mars. CLICK TO READ MORE

Ocean pasture and their plankton control the climate by controlling the temperature of our world. They evolved the ability to perform this vital ecosystem service which has kept our planet in the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ neither too hot, nor too cold, but just right.

A recent report in the science journal PNAS details the disappearing plankton cooling fog and low clouds along the west coast of N. America which has suffered a 33% loss over the course of the past century!


Chart of collapse of ocean plankton around the world. All but the dustiest ocean basins are being decimated. Click to enlarge

That decline is in lock step with decline of ocean phytoplankton in the Pacific, which has suffered a 26% loss of ocean phytoplankton in recent decades.

Plant life in the oceans, the phytoplankton, has been in cataclysmic decline for at least 50 years based on real observations not fuzzy climate models. The rate of phytoplankton/chlorophyll decline is ‘conservatively’ reported at being 1% per year.

In fact ocean plankton pastures produce tiny specks and aerosols that are the major source of the formation of tiny droplets that make up our clouds and the large drops that become rain. Ocean plankton produce molecules (aerosols) that make clouds which shade the ocean and reflect sunlight back into space (albedo).


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Restoring an entire Amazon forest equivalent of tiny ocean plant life in the North Pacific off the coast of California will effectively restore and regenerate the vital ocean pastures that perform plankton cooling to keep the in our desirable Goldilocks Zone to say nothing of being more powerful than Steve McQueen in dealing with THE BLOB, warm blob that is. This vital ocean pasture will regenerate within months and will immediately begin to send trillions of tiny new hearts into the skies around which life saving raindrops will form. The cost to accomplish this will be tiny mere millions neither billions nor trillions.

IT JUST WORKS! I’ve done it before with astonishing results. Lend a hand, the call has clearly gone out and that call is ALL HANDS ON DECK!

sitka news salmon story

My 2012 ocean pasture replenishment and restoration work in the NE Pacific returned the ocean to life as seen in the largest catch of salmon in all of history in Alaska the next year. – click to read more

The only question that remains is whether we, humanity, will Do or Do Not. Join me in the doing.