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Spaceship Earth Voyage of Recovery

Ten years ago I was privileged to be invited to speak at a Green Conference in Chicago

There I met a great guy by the name of David Houle and we had a chance to become acquainted.

Just yesterday I heard from David after ten years having passed and he sent to me a new e-book of his titled Spaceship Earth. I read it in one sitting last night and it was pretty good in offering an inventory of all the things going on that we ought to be tending to on Spaceship Earth, his Quartermaster’s List.

I had some comments which I sent back to David this morning, its a bit of a guided tour of my life/blog if you follow the links.

Dear David,

As it happens I sat down last night and read your e-book This Spaceship Earth ‘cover to cover.’ A fast read admittedly but I got the drift, I liked it. It is filled with lots of useful facts and ideas, one tidbit I liked was that each gallon of gas our cars use sends 19lbs. of CO2 out the tailpipe. I also read all of the usual material about the usual suspects but of course I wondered about the missing key element, ‘my shtick’.

That is how the changing of this world due to our high and rising CO2 is acting through the power of plankton which are the most powerful force on this blue planet, be warned they have done this before. This is close to the same words I used at the Chicago Green Conference all those years ago with the benefit of 10 years of added experience and thinking. As you recall I am really all about plankton.

The plankton repurposed this planet countless eons ago to their liking and they are fastidious perfectionists that are slow but sure in their ways. Living on this beautiful Blue Planet, our Spaceship Earth, they first came up with the idea of and promptly invented/evolved the means to make clouds which were necessary to do two things for them to ‘redecorate the place.’ First cool the planet which is far toooo close to the hot side of the ‘Goldilocks Zone’ for life. Second offer some sunscreen to protect them from UV radiation.

Of course in doing what they did and do they incidentally produced prodigious oxygen which was the key element in allowing larger lifeforms to evolve, including us. The prescient plankton needed larger life to help tend to them on their ocean pastures, there is a lot of tending/housekeeping needed as your fine book points out.  But they knew that their ‘house-keeping planet mates could manage given the chance. The spectacular vertical migration of oxygen breathing zooplankton for example every night, the greatest migration on earth, mix the ocean with a force greater than all the winds that blow. That mixing and tending by the trillions of good housekeeper shipmates maintains the pasture in a healthy state. The fish and whales and us we also lend a hand albeit we are precious few by comparison.

So today some of the shipmates, we humans to be precise, have messed up the ship with our nearly trillion tonnes of added CO2. That is the added CO2 in the air from humanities actions both burning fossil fuels and the land change fomented by humanity, really more like 3 trillion tonnes. Our CO2 is wreaking havoc on the ocean pastures via the changes upon land that it causes. Global greening with more grass growing on the ‘earth’ prevents vital mineral dust from nourishing the ocean pastures. More grass growing means less dust blowing. That’s ocean pasture ecology 101.

What I have learned in these past 10 years since we became acquainted via my own demonstrated work is that the vital dust denied ocean pastures can be replenished by the hand of man with remarkable little effort. My $72,000 of rock dust (4,000 bags of it) in 2012 restored and revived my Gulf of Alaska ocean pasture that grew to at least 50,000 km2 in size to historic health and abundance. My ocean pasture repurposed perhaps a hundred million tonnes of our noxious CO2 into new ocean life for all.

The proof of that it just worked swam into our nets and onto our plates as the largest runs of salmon in all of history precisely on schedule following the revival of the nourishing ocean pasture upon which they peacefully grazed and were without my help doomed to mostly starving. This year the same salmon runs returned in the lowest number in all of history as no one was caring for their pasture.

So my work is all about delivering the immediate triage aid Mother Nature needs on this spaceship earth. I don’t need no stinkin badges, I don’t got to show no stinkin badges, and best of all I don’t need no stinkin’ bags of gold dust or trillions of dollars to restore the oceans and bring back the fish by the billions. I just need a few tens of thousands of bags of rock dust. I’ve personally lifted and loaded plenty of those bags of rock dust aboard a my ship of hope and life in the past and I am about to be pumping those bags of iron ore dust again. My muscles are already aching just thinking about it. Someone has to step up to do the heavy lifting to save this beautiful blue spaceship of ours.

So when I wrote back to you in response to your request that I join your crew on your Spaceship Earth effort that I was already to be found down below decks in the bilges of Spaceship Earth chipping rust I was only being slightly poetic, it’s my day to day reality. Stay tuned as the oceans return to health, life, and the plankton are helped to do their job of keeping this blue planet a lovely blue-green one filled with life for all.

Oh, by the way I am not doing this all alone I am actively looking for crew for my new Voyages of Recovery. I don’t need many, there will be just 100 in my crew, including myself, that’s all of us it will take to ‘pump iron’ (iron ore rock dust) to save this beautiful planet from the poisons we and our kindred billions have spewed by working in partnership with the greatest power in the known universe, the plankton.

Join me. It’s a job for the rest of life!

Best fishes

Russ George


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