Where Is Global Warming Warmth?

Where Is Global Warming Warmth?

Paris Accord now ratified and in final days before coming into full global force!

But what’s next? If you wish to turn down the heat of global warming you must first know where the oven is.

How is the world going to deliver on the good intentions of the 197 nations that crafted and agreed to that Paris Accord?

It’s time for immediate planetary First Aid!

While the Paris Accord which was the result of last years COP21 meeting in Paris has now been ratified by more than the required number of nations to proclaim it to be in full force, the next most important event in global environmental history is about to take place at the next Conference Of the Parties, aka COP22, about to occur in Morocco in November.

Aside from the inevitable popping of champagne corks in Morocco and sold out seating at Rick’s for sultry blues performances the real work is going to have to begin in earnest. Just what solutions are on the table ready to deploy that can turn down the heat on our warming blue planet and keep it from dying like the proverbial frog trapped in a pot of slowly heating water.

Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking once sang a duet about the complexity of the universe and how a glorious dawn awaits us which is also a good metaphor about  the horror of global warming but even more about the hope that is at hand.

Carl’s prophetic staging of his version on a ship at sea was inspirational and as wonderful and Motherhood and Apple Pie, he noted that  “If you want to bake an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.”

Today we face a dire emergency which is global warming, my view is that we can learn from Carl Sagan’s and Steven Hawking’s very positive and uplifting message. There is a still more glorious dawn that awaits us if we act, here’s my recipe for Apple Pie.

“If you want to cool the oven of global warming, you must first locate the oven.”

I am thinking of how to introduce in Morocco some of the vital understanding of our universe, our planet and her feverish plight. Our Mother Earth is very much like any of us when we have come down with an illness that is first noticed by a worsening fever. What we all know is that a fever can become a deathly symptom if we allow that fever to go too high. Without even understanding the cause of a fever it is imperative that we treat the symptom and cool the fever.

feverearthFirst Aid For Mother Earth

Cooling the fevered brow and body of the afflicted and frail be they young or old often demands immersion in a cooling bath. Our Mother Earth who has given birth to us and cared for us over her many billions of years of life is dangerously feverish. We surely might better call her Grandmother Earth, as she is indeed a frail grandmother of us all, and she needs emergency care, first aid immediately.

Perhaps a step toward delivering the most important First Aid humanity might ever be called upon to deliver can begin by expanding upon the language of ocean carbon as set down in the now ratified Paris Accord. That language already insures and reinforces the sovereign rights of nations to develop their own methodologies and technologies to repurpose CO2 in ocean ecosystems that cover 72% of this blue planet.

It could be helpful and useful to introduce into the discussion the fact that the oceans are where 93.4% of the warmth lies on this planet where only 2.3% lies in the atmosphere (the rest being in land and ice) and the immediate and effective remedy we have in hand that begins in the big blue part.

The "WARMING" of the present 'global warming' fever is overwhelmingly located in the 72% of this blue planet that are our oceans. Ocean are heating because they have lost and are losing their clouds, those cooling clouds are made by plankton - click to enlarge!

The “WARMING” of the present ‘global warming’ fever is overwhelmingly located in the 72% of this blue planet that are our oceans. Ocean are heating because they have lost and are losing their clouds, those cooling clouds are made by plankton – click to enlarge!

One aspect of global warmth that is vital to understand is how the ocean influences the climate with 40 times the power of how the climate influences the oceans. In this context the undisputed collapse of ocean plankton as the primary source of cloud producing aerosols on the planet and the also undisputed decline of marine cloud albedo effects utterly out-ranks the role of radiative forcing by ‘greenhouse gases’ in producing ‘global warming’.

What I write about, and have demonstrated as practical technology, is the immediate ability to restore global plankton cooling. These may be unwelcome words to the ears of the sellers of ‘greenhouse gas’ mitigation technologies, but these words and deeds should be incredibly good news for the planet. The first aid we have ready and able to be effectively used today will be provided by a tiny inexpensive effort engaging the labours of mere hundreds of humans and costing mere millions of dollars, neither billions nor even trillions as are forecast to be needed to satisfy the now ratified obligations of the Paris Accord. By our providing our loving first aid to restore the ocean pastures and plankton cooling we can most certainly produce a massive result in ‘climate change’ and stop ‘global warming’ in its tracks right now.

As technology and methodology I have made ready to deploy immediately this seemingly small effort to restore ocean pastures, their plankton crops, and their planet cooling clouds we will stop global warming with the speed of a volcano. Volcanic events have shown us that planetary cooling can and does occur within 1-2 years of such events.

We can be the volcano. A still more glorious dawn awaits.

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