If We Build It They Will Come

If We Build It They Will Come

Recently I have been hearing from people around the world who are concerned and wanting to help do something to help restore the health of Nature

Most ask me about my plans, so here’s a brief description of my plans.

I am a one trick pony, I know that by replenishing and restoring this blue planet’s ocean pastures this good shepherd’s work will produce immediate results.

Here’s a copy of a letter I wrote to a fisherman with whom I have been corresponding.

Dear Friend, Thanks for the beautifully handwritten thoughts and information. All of your ideas and information are wonderful to read, somehow more so in the almost lost cursive script.

My work is recently being widely received and I have been contacted by many concerned people even leaders of governments around the world, all of whom have asked me to come to their nations to help bring back their fish. There is clearly something in the very basic and common understanding of the importance of fish to humanity. Giving a man a fish is not sufficient, teaching him to fish is not sufficient. We must and we can do more.

Ten thousand years ago humanity learned that to live upon and in harmony with pastures on land we had to learn how to become good shepherds and give our loving care to those pastures. With our care those pastures return to us the sustainable abundance and variety of food all life requires. The worlds ocean pastures are today, ten thousand years later, still just a hunting ground and killing field for our taking of wild life/fish. Add to that our destruction of the ocean pasture ecological foundation by the spewing of a century worth of fossil fuel CO2 into the air which has made the grass grow and better cover the land and thus stop the vital mineral dust from blowing to and nourishing the ocean pasture. Our neglect, exploitation, and heedless harm is tragically too much for the 70% of this blue planet and our ocean pastures and for us.

The task at hand is really very simple, I have proven it so. With just 11 people, I and ten shipmates, we were able to prove my 30 years of research and advocacy on behalf of the ocean as witnessed in my 2012 Gulf of Alaska ocean salmon pasture restoration. In perfect harmony with that work hundreds of millions of additional healthy fish appeared in the nets of fishermen.

My present charted course is to head out to sea again and restore a number of even larger ocean pastures in oceans around the world where the need for fish and food is greatest. As I witnessed on my 2012 restored pasture tuna came in vast numbers to that pasture in-spite of it being far too cold of water for tuna, they arrived as skinny fish very low grade at 20-25lbs with virtually no body fat, their stomachs were absolutely empty. Within a few weeks of feeding on their wildly blooming pasture they were weighing 35-40 lbs and were fat and healthy highest grade tuna, their bellies were filled with food. My pasture had drawn them and literally countless other forms of ocean life from 500-1000 miles away, from the vast desolate North Pacific pastures where they were starving. They all braved the frigid waters of the Gulf of Alaska to save their lives and their future to come and feed at the table of plenty I and my small band of friends had replenished for them.

About tuna, they are miraculous fish. When starving as most are today in all the oceans of the world they spawn not more than once every year or two. As malnourished spawners they release only 5000 sickly eggs per spawn. When well fed and healthy tuna spawn twice per year and release a million healthy robust eggs per spawning. Tuna eat 25% of their body weight per day when they graze on lush ocean pastures. If we build it they will come, they will be renewed, and they go forth and repopulate the oceans to historic abundance.

So today I am working on plans to restore the most important tuna pastures in the world. I will go to them and not make them swim 1000 miles to frigid cold waters to survive and thrive. I am convinced that my work will be rewarded by immediately sending a billion additional meals of fattened and healthy tuna onto the plates of hungry even starving families in great need. Where my plans will take me, to the native ocean tuna pastures of the world, the additional fish will help to rescue millions of families from the malnutrition and starvation they are presently suffering. It is as simple as that.

I don’t need vast sums of money, measured in hundreds of million or billions of dollars, but I do need some very few millions of dollars. I don’t need thousands of people to work with me I need at most a few hundred. I don’t need a vast navy of modern ships I need but a handful of rather ordinary fishing boats, there are hundreds of such boats tied up and rusting away at docks around the world unable to go to sea to catch fish that have catastrophically starved to death and disappeared from dying ocean pastures. I don’t need unimaginable amounts of materials I need only few modest fishing boatloads (hundreds of tonnes not hundreds of millions of tonnes) of life bringing rock dust to replenish and restore the natural cycles of ocean pastures.

My promise is that the world’s ocean pastures will be immediately restored to historic health and abundance. I am calling not for all hands on deck rather for just a very few hands on deck.

Join me. Come dip yourself in the magic waters you will restore to our blue planet.