Guided Reading Index Post

Guided Reading Index Post

Guided Reading Index ( an index under construction)

This blog has 400 or more posts and it can be daunting to study for those interested in a fuller understanding. This ‘guided reading index’ is meant to give those wanting to dive into the deeper blue here some topical islands from whence to begin.

1. Opportunities in Ocean Pasture Restoration


Following The Applied Ecology Footsteps Of Arthur Hasler

Cannery Row At The Beginning Of The Story Of Ocean Pasture Collapse

Its’ Time To Bring Agricultural Attitudes And Civilization To The Oceans

Life Inside A Plankton Bloom, Welcome To A World Of Wonder

Lungs Of Earth Shrivel Under Our CO2 Abuse And Neglect

New Musical Stage Show – 40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong

NY TIMES Henry Fountain – Lies, Damned Lies, And More Redress

Ocean Iron: Can We Afford To Postpone Exploring This Option?

Ocean Pasture Plankton Collapse Cataclysmic Say German Media

Oceans Today Receive A Tiny Fraction Of Dust In The Wind As Past Ages

On The Shoulders Of Giants


Declining Dust In The Wind Slows Ocean Plankton Growth Increasing CO2 In Air

Global Dust Observations From Space Reveal Dramatic Declines

Global Greening

Good News For The Planet

Green Walls Push Back Deserts And Dustbowls

Greenland Melt Water Adds Vital Iron To Ocean

Drylands and Pastures – Can’t See The Forest For The Grass

Holy dust, the essence of life on this blue planet

Huge Ocean Carbon Biologic Capture and Storage Confirmed

Human Engineered CO2 in Air Geoengineers Water For Dryland Plants Kills Ocean Plants

Iceberg Dust Turns Gigantic Ocean Pastures Green

Icelandic Volcano Replenishes Iron And Life, Grows Half Billion Tonnes Atlantic Phytoplankton

Last Weeks Sahara Dust Storm Brought The Atlantic To Life

More Grass Growing Means Less Dust Blowing

Ocean Organic Carbon Persists For Millenia

Ocean Oxygen Producing Phyto-Plankton Must Be Restored To Save Sea Life

Ocean Pastures Are The Most Important Part Of Global Carbon Cycle

Ocean Plant Life Collapsing

Rapid Changes In Ocean Pastures Not Tied To Deep Ocean Iron Sources

Red Australian Skies Produce Vast Ocean Abundance

Red Iron Sand Beaches Of Galapagos Sustains Ocean Refugia As Global Bluing Worsens

Royal Society Describes Clone Of Haida Salmon Project

Sahara Dust Produces Massive Bahama Carbon Sink


Greenfinger Speaks – How Just 100 Villages Might Save The World From CO2 And Feed It Too!

Is Climate Change All A Lot Of Whale Poop?

Neil Young Provides A Blessing


An Ocean Field Of Dreams

AND YET IT WORKS! Replenishing and Restoring Ocean Pastures, Something Wonderful Has Happened

EC RAID Swarms Village Science Office With Overwhelming Force

Feeding The Greatest Migration On Earth

FIRE, Fluorescence Induction and Relaxation

In Love With Plankton

Into The Abyss – Tools For Ocean Pasture Stewardship

Mermaid Report – Pacific Pasture Reclamation Provides Farm Jobs For A Billion Fish

National Review Writes About Our Work The Fish Came Back

New Ocean Glider Lands Big Fish – $45 Million In Venture Capital

Record Numbers Of Salmon And Orcas Flood Pacific Coast

Record Salmon Returns From Alaska to California

Restored Haida Ocean Pasture Sees Rarest Of All Whales Return


A Penny For Our Planet

Dear (fill in your name here) Please Help Feed (and save) The World

EU Parliament Votes €6.5 Billion For Sustainable Fisheries Restoration Projects

Ocean Pastures Are Maricultures ‘Sine Qua Non’ – An Indispensable And Essential Action

Plankton Manifesto, Replenish And Restore Our Ocean Pastures, Or Else!

Real Climate Change Solutions Too Cheap To Meter

Restoring 10 Ocean Amazon Rainforests In Just 5 Years

Restoring Ocean Pastures and Fish Is A Win For Business, Community, and Environment

Restoring Ocean Plant Life Will Remove Double The CO2 Emitted By Mankind

A Call To 100 Villages. You Can Bring Back Your Fish.

Papal Advice Becoming Good Shepherds Of Nature

Another Roadside Attraction

Canadian Federal Scientists Given Notice, Speak To Haida Salmon Scientists At Your Peril

CBC Exposed!

Dust In the Wind, Rain In The Wind, Natures Yin Yang Harmony Between Land and Sea

Dust for the oceans will sustain the plankton blooms

Eco Triage, We Have Limited Resources, We Must Make Choices

Confirmed! Dusted Ocean Pasture Plankton Produced Ice Ages

Fish Give Back Iron To Sustain Their Ocean Pastures, Or They Used To!

2. Seafood Supply Chain & Impacts of Ocean Pasture Loss.

Alaska Salmon Bounty Breaking Half A Record Again This Year

A Practical Solution To World Hunger

Atlantic Salmon Lost At Sea Film

Atlantic Salmon Starve As Plankton Pastures Perish – We Can Feed Them

Bring Back Atlantic Salmon By Restoring Their Ocean Pastures

Children’s Diets Need More Fish

Collapsing Ocean Pastures Lose $10 Billion per yr In Fish and $10 Billion per yr In CO2 Value

Dateline 2006: 90% Of Fish Gone, Rest To Disappear By 2048 → 2013: A Solution Demonstrated

Farmed Fish Now Greater Than Beef And Wild Fish Production

Fijian Ocean Pastures In Troubled Waters

Fishing Fleet Working 17 Times Harder Than in 1880s to Make Same Catch

Food Aid Can Start With Abundant Food

Good Friday The Biggest Fish Eating Day

Mozambique Tuna Pasture Collapse Sinks Fleet And Country in $850 Million Debt

Nations Fight The Last Great Sea Battle Using Fishing Privateers

British Royal Society Calls For Research

Canada’s Salmon Sage Describes “EPIC FAIL” In Salmon Manangment

Chinese Foreign Fisheries Catch 12 Times More Than Reported, Study Shows

Clouds From Plankton Blooms Control Weather

Columbia River Salmon Thrive On $500 Million Annual Subsidy

Earths Natural Thermostat – Her Ocean Pastures

Goldilocks Eddies Vital Ocean Pastures Now Revealed In Stunning Space Radar Movies

Government of Canada Invests $32 Million in Ocean Science

Marine Drug Discovery Becoming Major Research Venue

Ocean Carbon Explorer Robots

Ocean Eddies Are Perfect Ocean Pastures

Ocean Fish Biomass Estimate Increased By Thirty Fold

Ocean Nitrification Shown To Be Greater Than Ocean Acidification

Ocean Plankton Blooms Make Vitamin Water

Ocean Plankton Specks Form The Heart Of Rain Drops

Ocean Primary Productivity Shown To Be Vastly Under Reported

OOPS An African Continent Equivalent Of Animal Life On Earth Just Revealed

Pacific Forage Fish Decline As North Pacific Cools

Reports On Pirate Fishing Tells Only Half Of The Horrible Crisis Ocean Fish Face

Restore Whale Pastures To Bring Them Back And Keep Them Safe

3. Signs of Ocean Apocalypse – True, False, & Uncertain


Arctic Ocean Acidifying Rapidly – Phytoplankton Is The Only Solution

CO2 Forces Ocean Acidification Into High Gear

CO2 Ocean Acidification History – A Ring Trilogy

Ocean CO2 Chemistry

Ocean Life Afraid Of The Dark – Science Discovery Between Pacific Tides

Oysters And Shellfish Dying On North America’s West Coast


Poof Go The Puffins Unless We Help


Ocean Warming Due To Plankton Collapse

Pacific Ocean Warning Portends Disaster For World’s Seven Seas

Pacific Warm Blob Caused By Collapse Of Plankton Cooling

A Wonderful Bird Is The Pelican

About Reports on Ocean Extinction And The Usual Suspects

Antarctic Krill May Go The Way The Wind Blows, Away

Bad News For The World

California Sea Lion Pups Starving Due To 2012’s Clearest Water On Earth

Clearest Water On Earth Grows In Area – The Wonder – The Horror

Corals Can Be Saved If We Restore Plankton Cooling

Debbie MacKenzie – The Cod Mother

Devonian Mass Extinction Version 2.0

How Many Canaries Have To Die

Humpback Whales Driven Ashore As Distant Ocean Pastures Become Blue Deserts

Killing Seas and Trees, Fisheries & Plankton Collapse

Massive Squid Mortality In Chile Illustrates Ocean Pasture Collapse

Namibia Tuna Collapse As Ocean Pastures Become Blue Deserts

Netting Billions Tuna Report Utterly Ignores Vital Ocean Ecology

North Pacific Seabirds Deaths Beyond Counting, We Can Save Them

Ocean Canaries Are Dying – It’s the coal mined!

Ocean Death Toll For Five Years

Ocean Pastures Of Indian Ocean Disappearing Rapidly

Ocean Pastures West of California Have Become Blue Deserts

Of Octopus And Man

Pacific Ocean Pasture Collapse Starving Countless Seabirds

Phytoplankton Lab Studies Reveal Both Expected And Unexpected Results

Plankton Will Stop Making Oxygen By End Of Century

Radical Shift Of Ocean Ecology Correllated To High CO2

4. Atmospheric Carbon Dioxide: Up, Down, or Hidden

Amazon Rainforest Living Fast Dying Young In High CO2 World

Amazon Rainforest Mega Droughts Caused By CO2 Supression Of Plant Transpiration

Another Paper Confirms Dramatic CO2 Greening Of Land Plants

CO2 Clear And Present Danger Is First To Oceans Not Climate

CO2 Promotes Ground Cover Via Transpiration Water Loss Reductions

CO2 Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, understanding the CO2 crisis

Dust Decline Is Dire News For Our Blue Planet

Earth’s Clouds Keep Us Cool But Our Clouds Are In Danger

Global Warming Is Real How CO2 Does It Is Not What You’ve Been Told

High and Rising CO2 Helping Trees Conserve Water

High And Rising CO2 Is Reducing The Most Potent Greenhouse Gas In The Air

High CO2 + Terrestrial Plant Growth = Reduction Of Global Warming Rate

High CO2 Is Greening of the Planet

Obama’s CO2 Solutions, Evolutionary Not Revolutionary!

Oceans Manage The World’s CO2

Open Letter – Critical and Ignored CO2 Green Plant Climate Feedback Mechanisms

5. Politics, Journalism, & Public Policy

COST EFFECTIVENESS: Mythology and Comparisons

Hundreds Of Millions of Dollars Subsidize Industrial Carbon Capture – Hundreds of Millions Of Fish Do One Better

Disruptive CO2 Tech ‘Too Cheap To Meter’ Banned At Paris COP21

Carbon Market Gaming, Banksters, And Boosterism

EU Carbon Market In Steep Decline After Years Of Selling All Sizzle and Little Steak

Beware The Climate Industrial Complex

IPCC Calls For Geoengineering – But All We Need Is Caring Ocean Stewardship

Renewable Energy Won’t Save Us Say Google Engineers

Geoengineering Dreamers We Cannot Afford – David Keith

Geoengineering? Or Repurposing? CO2 – Context Counts

Follow The Money. The Planet Can Be Saved. Who Stands To Lose.

If Even 10% Of What You Say Is True Your Blue Carbon Will Destroy Our Market

A Rutter For The Legal Ocean

About Changing The World, More Important, Don’t Let It Change You

Au Naturhell

Become A Good Shepherd Instead – An Open Letter to Dr.Roy Spencer

Blue Whales Spared Ship Collisions On Relocated Restored Ocean Pastures

Canada’s Sockeye Disaster 2015 Salmon Run Smallest In History

Canada’s Sockeye Judicial Review Consumes $37.3 Million Returns No Fish

Haida Salmon Project Files With Supreme Court, Proof Of Illegal Search And Seizure

Comments From A Friendly Publisher

Greens Attack Haida Mariculture

Dear Mr. President Please Return To Your Old Haunts

Dear Pope Francis Please Re-Create The Miracle of Fishes

Eco Jihadis Of The Climate Industrial Complex

IPCC Reports Rekindles Debates Estimates Show Astonishing Costs Rising To Many $Trillions

Lies, Damned Lies, & Liars Who Tell Them

Living A Low Carb(on) Life

March 2013 Planned 50 Million Tonne Sediment Dump Smothers Kelp Forest Life In NE Pacific! And It’s A Good Thing?

Mob Rule On The Internet. A Global Crisis Of A Lost Moral Compass.

My Testimony To The US Congress On Restoring Seas And Trees

Nothin But Blue Skies – NOT

On being hunted by so called journalists

Pandora’s Promise – Green Carpet Baggers Cashed In By Killing Environment Saving Technology

Paris COP21 – Let Them Eat Fish Cake, A Better Recipe For Success

Paris COP21 Agreement + Notes

6. Marine Science & Fish Management

A Dropbox for ocean data: Stealthy big data startup OneOcean lands $6 million

A million years of plankton abundance shows iron repurposes CO2 into ocean life

African Dust Blows Across Atlantic

An Introduction – Killer of oldest living tree on Earth, meet killer of oldest living animal!

Atlantic Cod Declining Even More — We Can Bring Them Back

Orca Whale Baby Boom Miracle Follows Ocean Pasture Restoration

Overfishing NOT The Cause Of Fish Collapse In Pacific

Phosphorus Limitation In Ocean Beaten By Phytoplankton

Phytoplankton Use Quantum Coherence To Survive In Low Light Habitat

Plankton Plays Enormous Role In Global Carbon

Plankton Power Swirls Ocean Pastures – A Source Of 1/3 Of Oceans Energy

Plankton Working Stiffs Show A Variety Of Job Site And Ethnic Behaviours

Redfield Ratio Down For The Count

7. Marine Pollution From Land Runoff, Rain, & Dust Fall

Arctic Gulls Disappearing As Mercury Increases To 45 Times Historic Levels

Copper Kills Salmon Sense Of Smell

FISHPOCALYPSE NOW Toxic Waste Spills Into Top Salmon River From Canadian Mine

Ocean Pasture Plankton Blooms Scrub Mercury From The Surface Ocean

Oceanic Mercury Comes From Coal Burning, Immediate Techno Fix Priced Out Of Reach?, We’ve Got An App For That

Oceans of Plastic

Quesnel Lake Toxic Spill Science Primer

8. Comedy,  Nature, &  Tales of Mystery

A True Giant Of A Tree


Arctic Ocean Plankton Blooms Beneath The Ice

Atlantic Cod Have Personalities That Are Passed On To Offspring

Cayuse Angel

Chinese Volunteers Have Planted 64 Billion Trees

Consider The Copious Copepod

Creation Of Orcas

Extraterrestrial Plankton Found In Meteor Falling On Sri Lanka

Fish, Nature, And God All Part And Parcel Of A Great Puzzle

Five New Marine Anti-Cancer Drugs Presented At Cancer Science Meetings

From Office Common Room

Frozen Solid & A Real Life Horror Behind It



Cartoons from the lab

Help Wanted


Measuring Up

Not A Good Way To Break Up

My Treeplanting Early Days (and life) Restoring Devastated Ecosystems

Must Be The Season Of The Fish, must be the season of the fish.

Most Important Largest And Smallest Things In Universe Discovered


Jack Cardinal Indian Logger Who Blamed Me When He Could No Longer Bear To Hear The Trees Scream

My Treasured Chinese Lesson In Environmental Modesty


Learn To Be Wind

Learn To Be Water

Ocean Pasture Tools Of Stewardship

Learn How To Insure That The Greatest Migration Of Life On Earth Remains So For Your Grandchildren

Learn To Be Earth

Leave Clear Footprints So Others Can Follow More Easily

Mystery Of Krill Beneath The Ice Revealed

Ocean Pastures Are The Next Big Future For Drug Discovery

Origin Of White Cliffs Of Dover Phytoplankton Ehux Genome Sequenced

Plankton Bloom Spotted In Deep Space

Plankton Blooms Are Sentient Life Based On A Distributed Mesh Network Megamind

Plankton Butterfly Effect Helps Make Rain

Plankton In Space A Blooming Miracle

Plants hear sounds, remember, and respond intelligently

PROTEUS The Art Of Extraordinary Plankton

Remembering Lunch With The Oldest Living Being On Earth


Sahara Dust Sustains The Amazon Rainforest And More

Salmon Counts Break Records From Alaska To The Columbia River

Salmon Hope Sent By Heavenly Russian Volcano

Salmon Offshore Lives Most Critical To Survival – PLOS paper

Save The World Make A Little Money On The Side – My Mantra

SciAm what I yam and tha’s all what I yam

Science Confirms: Dust + Plankton = Ice Ages

Scientific Discoveries Are Blooming

Scientific Progress Always Delayed By Dogma

Sea Floor Bacteria Have Mile Wide Conducting Nerve Networks. I Wonder If They Also Have Bluetooth?

Sea Lions Mass Starvation On Pacific Coast Can Be Prevented

Seabirds Farm Plankton Blooms

Seabirds Work To Sustain Ocean Plankton Blooms

Seafoods Carbon Footprint

Seagulls Starving At Sea On Pacific Coast

Semmelweiss (Saviour of Mothers) Battle With Science Dogma

Sentient Forests – We Are Not Alone

Seychelles Yellowfin Tuna Facing Ocean Pasture Peril And Promise

Shells Of Shellfish Suddenly Growing Thinner

Shrinking Atlantic Cod Forced North By Collapse Of Ocean Ecosystem

Six Year Look At NE Pacific Blooms

Skeptics, Doubting Thomas’s, And Other Pitiful Personas

Slocum Gliders – Ocean Science Dream Machines

Sockeye To Return In Historic Abundance


Spring Blooms Convert Vast Amounts of CO2 Into Ocean Life And Oxygen

SQUAWK TO Save Millions Of Birds Being Trapped In 700 Miles Of Nets Stretching Along The Entire Coast Of Egypt

Starting A Google+ Ocean Pastures Community, Howa

Starving Sea Lions Perish By Tens of Thousands In California’s Dying Ocean

State Of Alaska Declares Emergency: Chinook Salmon Starving At Sea

Stinging Eviction Notice Being Served By Blue Planet Landlord

Super Pod Of Dolphins Feasting On Record Salmon Run

Support From FORBES Magazine July 2014

Supra-National Dirty Green Politics Of Fear Named By Late PM Margaret Thatcher

Supreme Court Justice Cohen Speaks – Mitigation Must Not Be Delayed

Sure Fire Way To Get The World Of Climate Change Knickers In A Twist (dander up)

Surface Dwelling Plankton Found Responsible For Past Mass Extinctions

Terror for Pteropods Unless We Help

The Age Of Aquarius And Sound Of Silence

The Climate Industrial Complex Juggernaut Sunk By Mother Nature?

The Devilfish Daughter

The Fish Came Back The Very Next Day

The Great Salmon Hoax Series – post # 1

The Krill Is Gone…ya done me wrong and you’ll be sorry someday

The Leaf And The Caterpillar, Slow Thinking On Sentient Life

The Most Abundant Plankton Are The Ocean Bacteria

The Parable Of Salmon Boy

The Politics And Pork Of Climate Change – And Yet It Worked

The Vatican Forest, The True Story

The Whale Is My Shepherd, I Shall Not Want

This Blue Planet

Tilapia To Help Save Wild Fish From Extinction

Tilting At Ocean Windmills to save the planet

Tim Parsons

Tim Parsons And The New York Times

Top Envrionmental Law Schools Voice Support

Triassic Ocean Acidification Wiped Out 95% Of All Life


Uncle Fred and Little Fred – A Tale Of Two Orcas

Up In The Air Junior Birdman, lessons from the desert Southwest

US CO2 Reduction Of ~ 1 Billion Tons Per Year By 2020 To Cost Taxpayers Not One Red Cent!

US EPA Tells In Their Words A “Bizzare” Tale

US Government Buys Another 50 Million Servings Of Our Pasture Fed Pink Salmon

US NOAA Squid Inks R&D Startup For Pharmeceuticals From Plankton

USDA Buys Our Pasture Fed Alaska Salmon For Hungry American Kids

Vanishing Marine Algae Can Be Monitored From a Boat With Your Smartphone

Venture Capital Pours $600 MIllion Into Plankton Bio-Tech

Vital Plankton Rock Star Dissolving In Our Acidifying Oceans

Volcanos Have Been Slowing Global Warming

Voyage Adds More Than One Million Species Of Plankton To Ocean Pasture Biodiversity

Waiting For Orca

Warming Arctic Ocean Is Blooming More Than Ever

Warming Ocean Grows More Vital Eddies Near Australia

Watch NASA Movie Of Global Dust Feeding Ocean Pastures

We Are The Virus. Oceans Reboot To Root Level Bacterial Ecosystem, Beware Blue Screen Of Death

We Are Wired For Healing Nature And For Hope

We Can and Must Restore Pacific Giant Bluefin Tuna

We Can Bring Back Healthy Fish In Historic Abundance Almost Everywhere

We Can Only Hope We Might Be Called Animals

We Can Restore Atlantic Cod – Are You Listening Pew

We Don’t Need God, Politicians, Technology, Or Billionaires To Save Our World From CO2

We Don’t Need No Stinkin Science

We Live On A Wee Bit Of This Blue Planet Which Is Owned By Children Of The Future

West Africa Nations On Verge Of Regional Tuna War

West Africa Tuna In Troubled Waters As CO2 Turns Sahel Green

Whale Children Babble As They Learn To Talk Just Like Human Kids

Whale Sport

Whales Are Geoengineers According To New Scientific Report

Whales Are Worms

What If The Cost To Meet The Australia CO2 Crisis Was Mere $Millions Not $Billions

What Is Geoengineering? What Have We Done On the 14.6% Of The Planet We Occupy.

What Value Does A Wildlife Refuge Share With Us

Where Have All the Plankton Gone

Where Have All The Sardines And Seabirds Gone

Who Killed Jack Mackerel, more important who will save his kind

Why Are The World’s Great Whales Dying

Why Bathing Beauties At The Beach Are Not The Ocean Parts Needing Help

Why Climate Models Fail – Measured Atmospheric Water Vapour Content Opposes Model Predictions

Why Discovery Channel Pimping Mermaid Anti-Science Is More Poison For Our Dying Oceans

Why We Call This Our Blue Planet

Why Won’t The World Spare Just One Ship To Save Ocean Pastures

Wild Fish Shrinking In Six Pictures Worth 6000 Words

Wild Fish Stocks In Trouble Sends Aquaculture Production Soaring


World Bank Tuna Plan Blindly Focuses On The Catch Forgets The Habitat

World Wildlife Fund Support

World’s First Commercial Scale Ocean Pasture Restoration A Phenomenal Success – It Won’t Be The Last

Yesterday’s CO2 A Trillion Tons Already Emitted Prevents Reefs From Growing

Yesterday’s CO2 vs. Tomorrow’s CO2

Yesterdays CO2 overdose deadly to life on this blue planet today

You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours – Say Flirty Gray Whales