Social Engineering The Planet In The Name Of Climate Change

Social Engineering The Planet In The Name Of Climate Change

Every day another headline or meme proclaims the perils of climate change.

The spin masters have their fingers on every topic that they can relate to ‘climate change’ and the names of the usual suspects doing this are now well-known to us all.

Listen to your Mother Nature, she’s got the true wisdom!

(This just might be the most important 3 minutes of reading you’ll ever do!)

What these ‘spin masters’, aka creators of ‘fake news’, are doing is not ‘geoengineering climate’ one of their favourite memes, rather they are engaged in social engineering.  The social engineering goal is to sustain the problem/crisis in our minds which serves as a penultimate click bait.

The prize as defined by the years of efforts and now enumerated in the Paris Accord ratified by the largest number of nations (195) of any international agreement ever is to be trillions of dollars of climate change spending every year. That’s where your ‘carbon taxes’ are going and then some.

social engineering begets geoengineering

Prof. David Keith at Harvard has signing privileges on one of Bill Gates checkbooks. His ‘artificial trees’ are pictured above alongside those cloud ships. click to read more

Pie in the sky solutions are the superstars that are proffered to solve our global dilemma while simultaneously abundant trifling solutions are also offered like the familiar admonitions to screw in one more energy efficient light bulb or sort one’s garbage (useful feel good exercises requiring minimal effort alas yielding minimal results).

Social engineering begets geoengineering.

geoengineering social engineering graphic

Social engineering click bait part of the spin mastering of climate change solutions as ‘geoengineering’ is rampant as illustrated in this major media graphic from the Guardian. click to enlarge

Meanwhile the dire consequences of the trillion tonnes of CO2, yesterdays CO2, already emitted into the world continue to drive the natural world toward cataclysm. All the while we are told to focus on solutions to limit tomorrows emissions of CO2. How is focusing on tomorrow going to help? It is certain doom to tell us merely to pay for science fiction and to reduce the second lethal dose of poison to Mother Nature while we are led to forget about the antidote for her first lethal dose, but that’s the advice we receive.

Take for example the fact that global ‘albedo’, cloudiness, has declined as a result of yesterdays CO2 reducing ocean plant life by as much as 50%. Those ocean plants make the natural aerosols that used to make sufficient cloudiness, aka shade, to keep our blue planet cool enough for life as we know it. (Follow this link to read more about the power of plankton cooling.)

Human engineers on the other hand all want to have access to vast sums of money to build artificial trees and artificial ocean aerosol machines and the social engineers of climate change spin their dream machine stories in bold headlines.

It’s TRUE clouds are our blue planet’s saviour!

goldilocks social engineeing

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Mother Nature has long known that our small blue planet is just a bit too close to our Sun for comfort. Knowing this she evolved the means to create for us a perfect ‘Goldilock’s Zone‘ by producing just enough cloudiness to give us enough shade to cool us from sun’s relentless heat.

Today in our world of social media the power of ‘social engineering’ has become all powerful. With this power well intentioned engineers have put their engineering minds to work to come up with ideas to save our slowly cooking planet. They are the proverbial ‘frogs in the pot’ that are aware that the pot will soon boil! God bless them for their good intentions.

However there is a voice that is speaking to us all that does not come across with the power of our engineered social media. That voice is your mother’s! If you stop for a moment, turn down the engineered noise, and listen you will hear her gentle wisdom. If you heed her motherly advice you will live a long and healthy (and happy) life. 

Mother Nature’s Climate Engineering Has Been Working For Billions Of Years, It’s Not Broken Yet But It’s Badly Bent.

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What is needed to restore and replenish Mother Nature are not the giant machines of David Keith and his well-intentioned geoengineering cabal. Mother Nature needs is our loving care of her children, the living things she created to care for the Garden of Eden that this blue planet is while living in that same garden, this includes us!

The greatest number of life on this blue planet lives and works in the blue part, you know the 72% that is ocean. There the countless multitudes live and work to keep our planet in the ‘Goldilocks Zone where it’s not too hot, not too cold, but just right… ahhh. The life I speak of are the ocean plankton, the drifters, both plants and animals that working together are the foundation of life on ‘Earth.’

But there is trouble in paradise as our burning of fossil fuels has spewed a trillion tonnes of CO2 into the planet’s air. Over a long time this trillion tonnes of CO2 would be trivial and life as we know it would easily manage it. But too much of anything all at once can make us terribly ill, as we all know from growing up in the loving care of our mother’s. So it is with our CO2.

The simple solution Mother Nature requires of us, her ‘pitch book’  outline follows.

  1. Problem = World’s Ocean Plankton That Make Our Cooling Clouds Are Dying Fast, CO2 has been and is killing ocean life.
  2.  Solution = Restore ocean pastures immediately with proven methods and technology.
  3.  Business model = Restore ocean pasture in the world’s 7 Seas via franchise businesses.
  4. Underlying magic/technology = In 2013, following my project in which I restored a 50,000 km2 ocean pasture in the Gulf of Alaska the ocean Garden of Eden bloomed. Proof of this was seen when following my bloom an additional ~200 million salmon were caught, the state of Alaska reports our additional fish delivered more than $700 million into the state economy. The fish grew because something like 100 million tonnes of ocean killing CO2 was converted into new ocean life.
  5.  Marketing and sales = Business proposals are presently on desks of heads of state of numerous nations at their request, the work to be done has also been described by me at the invitation at World Bank, UN Food and Agriculture Rome, and more…
  6.  Competition = It’s complicated, but sure there’s plenty.
  7. Team= Proven team headed by me Russ George the one and only person with his feet wet in this work.
  8.  Projections and milestones = Beginning this year I will work to deliver hundreds of millions of additional fish every year into fishermen’s nets and onto people plates, sufficient to bring an end world hunger. In my work this year bringing back the fish billions of tonnes of yesterday’s CO2 that is poisoning our planet will be repurposed into new life!
  9.  Status and timeline = After 20 years and millions of dollars spent in development, the largest ocean pasture restoration project in history as proven success 2012, is ready for global ‘franchise’ deployment 2017.
  10.  Summary and call to action = 10 Franchise ocean pasture restoration projects in developing nations require a mere $10 million each to engage a 3 yr. series of nation based demonstration projects each producing hundreds of millions of fish annually for the people of the sponsoring nation and for export to the rest of the world. Enough to feed the world.
blue deserts to green oases

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Join me and help bring back the fish, or sit back and watch our dust!