Turning Blue Ocean Deserts into Green Gardens of Eden

Turning Blue Ocean Deserts into Green Gardens of Eden

Every week it seems another report of great ocean dying appears.

Sea birds are now reduced by 70% of their recent historical numbers.

Whales are washing up on beaches around the world, emaciated and dead or dying of starvation, the giant blue fin tuna are said to be down to less than 3% of their historic population.

All the while nothing but pointing fingers of blame at ‘the usual suspects’ results, save the efforts of the Paris Accord on Climate Change commitment to raise $3 trillion in new carbon taxes every year to sustain a climate change feeding frenzy.

My life’s work is to restore and replenish dying ocean pastures that are becoming blue ocean deserts back to a condition of historic health and abundance. If you dare you may follow this link to read the death toll of ocean life over the past 5 years, this is why I have dedicated my life to this work. If you are looking for inspiration to do similar I found some of my inspiration in a film by the name “Ashes and Snow” it reveals beauty in the nature of man in nature or at least a true dream of how we might be.

I’ve done  a life’s work of ecorestoration for many years, going on five decades, but my best work was done in 2012 when with 11 native friends, my dirty dozen, we dusted 10,000 sq. kilometers of the Gulf of Alaska in our ‘salmon restoration’ effort. There is good news to come so do read on, some wonderful happened.

It just worked as the image for this post reveals.

bags of dust

4,000 50 lb bags of mineral dust one by one, man by man, lovingly gifted to Mother Ocean to restore and replenish her life.

In our distant patch of North Pacific we weathered vicious 80+ mph winds, hurricane force, with waves blasting over the top of our 130 ft fishing/research ship.

Noone escaped seasickness, some worse than others as our cook was so ill we had to evacuate her to hospital. But we persevered and over the course of weeks hefted/man-handled 4000 50 lb bags of life-giving mineral deck from the holds of the ship to give dust back to the ocean to replenish and restore all of ocean life, from the bottom up.

Looking astern off the transom of my research ship before we began our dusting to restore the ocean to health the ocean was a blue desert. After dusting the same view revealed a beautiful emerald-green see that had become full of life. (No Photoshop, raw camera)

Where before we began our dusty work in intensive scientific surveys of that dying ocean pasture we rarely saw much of ocean life. A few birds each day was all. Once every few days perhaps one sighting of a whale.

Nothing was being caught by our ardent fishermen crew who were always, as on every research ship, seeking to catch fresh fish for dinner.

slocum gliders

Our pair of Slocum Ocean gliders

Our fleet of two Slocum glider ocean robots, the most sought after leading edge ocean science instruments were on the job 24/7 diving and surfacing every two hours profiling the ocean from surface to the abyss with their array of instruments. Upon surfacing they dutifully dialed us up via their onboard satellite radios and reported on their progress and findings.

Along with those two Slocum gliders were a collection of 20 Argus drifter robots contributed to the project by NASA. These satellite linked instruments we would deploy throughout the many weeks at sea, some continued to send back data for more than a year.

Our main duties were deploying plankton nets, doing CTD instrument and sample collection casts, monitoring ocean chemistry and photosynthesis with an array of instruments, collecting atmospheric CO2 and other gas analyses minute by minute. And of course preserving, cataloging, and saving like gold a mountain of scientific plankton and water samples and hundreds of thousands of instrument data points.

Once we had located, with the help of the finest of the world’s satellite resources my perfect ocean pasture and we’d collected our background data the work of dusting began and took weeks to complete. We had a pasture field 100 kilometers by 100 kilometers to ‘plow’ day and night never stopping. Mixing in deck tanks my varied mixtures were made in the hope it would be revealed the perfect prescription for restoring the ocean to life. I guess right.

It just worked!

There are dangers in nature and over the course of my decades of working to restore damaged landscapes in wild places the grizzly’s have been growling, helicopters have crashed, and bones and hearts broken. In my ocean adventures, pirates have threatened, sharks have come way way too close, and my ships of dreams blown out of the water…. but it just worked. Life does find a way but that way is often not an easy one.

In spite of the proclamation by leaders of the European Carbon Trading Market that they would fight me to “prevent the possibility that if even 10% of what ocean pasture restoration might do in terms of carbon capture was true it would destroy the European carbon market”.

In spite of the withering ‘fake news’ attack by dark greens, aka the British Guardian and others about our work being against international law and not approved contrary to the clear documented evidence of our 6 year proper and lawful engagement with and approval and participation in the project by the Canadian government.

Even in spite of being subjected to a brutal assault by a Canadian government SWAT team in the largest SWAT assault in Canadian history for any purpose. That illegal assault that lasted for 24 hours brutally held hostage and stopped me and 6 young scientists from peering through our plankton microscopes and analyzing our precious scientific treasure trove of scientific data which was resulted in destruction of ours, and the world’s treasure, by the government goons.

IN SPITE OF THIS ALL though they, the unholy alliance of the climate industrial complex, had destroyed our work and ended our work (their threat) to deliver to the world the safest, most sustainable, most inexpensive solution to solve the lion’s share of humanities CO2 crisis, and it almost did, they failed.

Pirates, fake news, and swat teams couldn’t do one vital thing, they could not stop the my alliance with nature.

They could not keep the fish and all of ocean life from coming back and to our aid testifying in the flesh with their health and abundance that IT JUST WORKED!

Alaska fish came back

The very next year following my ocean pasture restoration, the fish came back to Alaska in the largest catch in all of history. – click to read more

orca baby boom

Orca Baby Boom followed on the return to historic abundance of salmon from my restored ocean pasture – click to read more

Alaskan Kasatochi Volcano dusted and restored the Gulf of Alaska before me, there is no better teacher than Mother Nature – click to read more

Time is running out

The world today, now five years delayed needs its ocean pastures restored and replenished back to the natural state of health and abundance they were in before the beginning of the fossil fuel age and we can and will do it.

The simple solution Mother Nature requires of us, her ‘pitch book’  outline follows.

  1. Problem = World’s Ocean Plankton That Make Our Cooling Clouds Are Dying Fast, CO2 has been and is killing ocean life.
  2.  Solution = Restore ocean pastures immediately with proven methods and technology.
  3.  Business model = Restore ocean pasture in the world’s 7 Seas via franchise businesses.
  4. Underlying magic/technology = In 2013, following my project in which I restored a 50,000 km2 ocean pasture in the Gulf of Alaska the ocean Garden of Eden bloomed. Proof of this was seen when following my bloom an additional ~200 million salmon were caught, the state of Alaska reports our additional fish delivered more than $700 million into the state economy. The fish grew because something like 100 million tonnes of ocean killing CO2 was converted into new ocean life.
  5.  Marketing and sales = Business proposals are presently on desks of heads of state of numerous nations at their request, the work to be done has also been described by me at the invitation at World Bank, UN Food and Agriculture Rome, and more…
  6.  Competition = It’s complicated, but sure there’s plenty.
  7. Team= Proven team headed by me Russ George the one and only person with his feet wet in this work.
  8.  Projections and milestones = Beginning this year I will work to deliver hundreds of millions of additional fish every year into fishermen’s nets and onto people plates, sufficient to bring an end world hunger. In my work this year bringing back the fish billions of tonnes of yesterday’s CO2 that is poisoning our planet will be repurposed into new life!
  9.  Status and timeline = After 20 years and millions of dollars spent in development, the largest ocean pasture restoration project in history as proven success 2012, is ready for global ‘franchise’ deployment 2017.
  10.  Summary and call to action = 10 Franchise ocean pasture restoration projects in developing nations require a mere $10 million each to engage a 3 yr. series of nation based demonstration projects each producing hundreds of millions of fish annually for the people of the sponsoring nation and for export to the rest of the world. Enough to feed the world.

There is as much as you can possibly read here in this blog.

Join me, green this blue planet of ours before it is too late!

What matters is not written on the page, what matters is what is written in the heart.