whales share of mother nature

Yes Healing Mother Nature Will Save Us

Mother Nature is the entire living biosphere, 99% of Mom is in the oceans, let’s begin there!

Mom is like some extremely shy great whale that barely ripples the surface while she looks at you with that one large beautiful eye, what you see is not all, she’s a whale of a creature.

Here’s a story about the list of what afflicts us that will be cured by restoring Mother Nature to health.

Hint: It’s the ‘whales share’ of our troubles, but there are a few things we might have to live with.

First let’s get something straight about where to focus our power to work toward healing Mother Nature, we humans like to speak from our own point of view, for most that includes the notion that we are most important on this planet of ours. Hence all of science is contaminated with ‘political science’ that dutifully describes our human world as biggest and best or at the very least equal to all the rest combined. That is a blue faced ‘alternative fact’ nothing short of ‘gaslighting’ or ‘blueflame’ nonsense.

restoring ten amazons

During each 5 year span for the past 50 years an amount of ocean plant life equal to the entire Amazon Rainforest has been eradicated in the world’s oceans. click to read how to begin healing Mother Nature

Take for example the popular political science precept that plants on land, aka trees and grass, produce half the oxygen we breathe and do so from the paltry 17% of the planet’s surface ‘lands’ that is not bare rock and ice. (That 72% of this blue planet is blue, that’s not relevant.) Then consider that most, at least in the modern western nations, think this is a planet of trees, you know those bigger is better plants, when in fact this is a planet of grass, little tiny struggling plants that we can describe as being ‘green in the spring brown in the summer.’

The reality is that the lion’s share, or should I say the ‘whales share’, 99% of life on this blue planet grows in the blue part. As such when you ask Mother Nature where it hurts you will certainly hear her tell you about the pain that is giving her and us the worst case of the blues ever. It is in dealing with that blue pain that we must and can direct our healing attention.

ocean death toll

If you dare, here’s a very long list of the great ocean dying of just the past 5 years… click to read

If you have not been paying attention to the blue world of ours you might give this a thought at least 4 out of every 5 breaths of air/oxygen you breathe comes from green plant photosynthesis in the oceans. Those ocean plants are the phyto-plankton of ocean pastures and they are in a state of terrible collapse, as much as half of that life has been eliminated by our high and rising CO2 in the past century.

What needs to be done is neither difficult, expensive, slow, or unproven – it just works!

The major proof that the immediate ‘cure all’ for Mother Nature is in hand has been completed after 30 years of intense academic research. It took just a dozen people, me and 11 shipmates, and some few millions of dollars in the summer of 2012. It worked.

Mother recovered (for a time) and she sent her children to us to lets us know she was feeling replenished.

the fish came back

When 50 million Pink salmon expected in the catch of 2013 instead 226 million were caught, the largest catch in history. The state of Alaska reports the catch netted $700 million for the state economy.  click to read more.

Following Mother Nature’s health being helped by my North Pacific ocean pasture restoration, following that whale maternal nutrition work a baby boom miracle arrived. click to read more.

usda food aid

Our children too! The catch of Alaska pasture fed salmon led the USDA to buy half a billion meals of nutritious salmon it has been feeding to needy American kids via food aid. click to read more

With these proofs the work must and will continue in the North Pacific and in all of Mother Nature’s Seven Seas to cure many of her ills that we have inflicted.

Here’s just a few of the ministrations for Mother Nature we will soon begin. There are problems aplenty that will be resolved by restoring Nature to recent levels of health and abundance.  Join me there is plenty of work to do to take care of our mother.

Toxic mercury that makes fish poison to themselves and us can only be removed from the ocean by her natural bio-scrubbing plankton which we must and can restore to historic health and abundance. click to read more

Our blue planet enjoys its just right place in the ‘Goldilock’s Zone by no accident. Mother Nature and her plankton are responsible, those plankton are dying we must and can restore them to health. click to read more.

The future for fish is bright if we act now to restore and replenish their ocean pastures. Doing so will send billions of additional fish into our nets and onto the plates of people. Enough to help end world hunger. Click to read more.

If you have children there are some parables here for them too!

Here’s some stories to share with young and old, stories of hope, stories to make your children and you smile in the wonder of this wonderful blue planet of ours. Read more of my real-life parables.

uncle fred and little fred

Uncle Fred and Little Fred a true story for young and old about being joined by these two magical Orca whales as we restored their ocean pasture. click to read the story

jack cardinal story

In my life I have had many teachers, two I will always remember were poet Gary Snyder and my friend, Canadian woods logging partner Jack Cardinal. click to read the story

40 million show

40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong, my musical show about bringing back the fish, by the millions, a fabulous music video you and your children will remember. click to watch and listen

There’s much more but you get the idea, everywhere on this blog you can read about the great hope we have if we just begin. It will cost mere millions not trillions to restore Mother Nature to health and abundance. Join me. Do or do not!

There is a little wisdom that comes from Hollywood.

Don’t want to DO anything, that’s OK, just sit back and watch my dust!