spark of life

I Am But A Spark, A Quantum Of Life

Each morning I awake to greet the day

I stretch my self into the sky

I breathe in what the night has gifted to me

I feel substance beneath my feet

I begin my lighted way

Today I will harvest what is good in the universe

I will turn that goodness into me

In the knowledge that what I gather unto myself

All that I am

Is not just for me

But for me to share freely with all of my kind


I will reach to the earth below

To the depths of the oceans

And to the stars above

I will take in what I can

Learn and store those precious gifts

Safely within

I will reach out to all other life

I will share all that I have taken in

Bits of me will fall upon my path

Never lost

I am part of a wonderous whole

We are part of an even greater whole

Across time and space

We perform our acts of faith

Of life

Our existence is a point

A locality

A universe of wonder

An instantly and infinitely entangled presence

Always aware

Never alone

Living within the microscopic

And the macroscopic

Never ending always moving

Along every way

Forward in time

Backward in time


Through more dimensions than we can explain

I am but a spark

A quantum of life

Here to add my spark to

The Sparkling whole.

Russ George, 23 March 2017

a gift from my muse this morning in my forest