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What Results Come From President Trump+Bill Gates = ???

Trump Administration Backs Climate Change Cloud Geoengineering R&D Funded By Bill Gates and Harvard

US scientists are set to send aerosol injections 20km up into the earth’s stratosphere in the world’s biggest solar geoengineering tech-fix for global warming.


geoengineering clouds

Geoengineering balloons are the Harvard engineers solution to restoring vital cooling clouds to keep Earth in the Goldilocks Zone – click to read how Mother Nature invented the solution to keeping us not ‘tooo hot’ eons of time ago, she calls her solution LIFE.

The $20 million Harvard University project will launch within weeks and aims to prove whether the technology can safely simulate the atmospheric cooling effects of the cooling clouds produced by a volcanic eruption aerosols. The R&D that is soon to go aloft may be part of a last-ditch bid to halt climate change as it will surely one day be needed.

The Harvard team has produced a video for the project in which they report that redirection of just one percent of current climate mitigation funds to geoengineering research is all that is needed and they argue that the planet could be covered with a solar shield for as little as $10 billion a year. Keep in mind the Paris Accord states it estimates $3.5 Trillion per year in new climate/carbon taxes are needed to do less.

harvard geoengineering video

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The hypothesis of the Harvard Team headed by David Keith is that by adding aerosols to the atmosphere more cooling clouds to shade the Earth the ravaging climate change global warming fever can be held in check. They are of course very correct in this but what they offer is a solution designed by chemical engineers. It’s the same old story of the ages, if all you have is a hammer every problem you see looks like a nail to start hammering on.

Have you ever smelled a plant?

Earth’s cooling clouds are indeed capable, have until recently been capable, of keeping our planet in the comfortable Goldilocks Zone in orbit around our blazingly hot Sun. But what engineer Keith just cannot understand, or he doesn’t like the naturalists as opposed to hammering engineers solution, is that our clouds are largely made by life on this blue planet. In fact most of our cooling clouds come into being because of the prodigious amounts of natural ‘aerosols’ that are made by the world’s ocean pasture phytoplankton.

amazon rainforest decline

The oceans have been losing an entire Amazon Rainforest equivalent of plant life every 5 years since 1950. Restoring those ocean forests/pastures with restore Nature and keep us cool. click to read more

Have you ever smelled a forest, or the smell of a newly mown lawn or hay field or a flower?  The organic smell you are smelling are plant aerosols and in the air, they are at the heart of every drop of moisture, as in the tiny droplets that make up clouds.  The greatest crisis of our high and rising CO2 is that it is responsible for the decimation of ocean pastures and their and our cooling clouds.

Our blue planet has always been too near to our sun for comfort and hence too hot. The present day crisis of global warming is an age old problem that LIFE invented a solution to manage eons ago.

Listen To Your Mother Nature, She knows how to save the planet – Better, Faster, Cheaper

geoengineering clouds

Ocean surface temperature is controlled by clouds and cloudiness is controlled by tiny airborne particles called aerosols. The largest source, 3/4ths, of aerosols on this blue planet are natural aerosols produced by ocean plant life, the phytoplankton that are the grass of ocean pastures. – click to read more

As for studying whether we, humankind, can emulate Mother Nature’s Volcano’s to make clouds to keep us cool that the Harvard engineers say is their goal; that question is very well-studied and proven the real ‘largest’ eco-restoration project in history.

When a volcano in the Alaska Aleutian Islands erupted in 2008 no one took particular notice. For a few days during that eruption clouds of mineral rich ash dusted the ocean pastures to the South and East in the Gulf of Alaska merely inconvenienced some international airline flights that had to avoid the ash clouds.

But two years later Mother Nature’s true scientists delivered their report on their life’s work studying, neh consuming, the results of Mother Nature’s volcano. Where the doomsday prediction was for the lowest number of Sockeye salmon in all of history to return to the Fraser River near Vancouver British Columbia, just 1 million fish whose such low number portended nearing extinction for the salmon we due home….

Instead 40 million of the scarlet beauties swam into the river of their birth, equal to the largest number in history. Those other equally largest salmon returns in history, also the result of half a dozen other volcanos over the past century.

Volcanos = Life

I commissioned BC Artist Leanne Hodges to paint what had long been seen only in my mind’s eye as no one was out in the Gulf of Alaska to witness this 2008 miracle. In 2012 with 11 shipmates we repeated this dream and saw it come true again, giving back to Nature her just some few thousands of 50 lb bags of her vital dust, her ocean pasture some 50,000 km2 changed immediately from a deadly blue desert into a Garden of Eden. – click to read more

How To Bring Back Billions Of Fish, Feed The World’s Hungry – Ocean Pasture Restoration Repurposes Billions Of Tonnes Of CO2 Into Ocean Life

It’s not just some lucky accident of nature.

In 2012 after many years of development work my company completed a commercial-scale pilot project designed to restore and replenish a vital ocean salmon pasture in the N.E. Pacific. Ocean Pastures provided the technology, methodology, and scientific and engineering expertise via a limited technology license and other guiding business agreements with the Haida Salmon Restoration Corporation.


The Gulf of Alaska is a nursery for Pacific Salmon, when the pasture is healthy the fish come back, when not the baby salmon starve to death at sea.

North Pacific Currents Define Salmon Habitat. The Green Pasture Patch Is Our 2012 Restored Ocean Pasture. It’s the most vital salmon nursery where most of the baby salmon from go to put on 95% of their adult body weight. (blue paths show their migratory routes.)  I knew that the billions of baby salmon from this region that swim out the sea each year have been mostly starving and dying at sea and not coming home to us hale and hearty. The reason has been clear that they are dying because their vital ocean nursery pasture has been collapsing and not growing sufficiently to sustain the abundance of salmon it once did.

Ocean Pasture Restoration

If we could restore and replenish their vital nursery pasture the baby salmon would survive and thrive. Mother Nature had already shown us this worked when she dusted the region with mineral rich volcanic ash from the Kasatochi Volcano in August of 2008. The blooms that followed made it clear that this part of the world’s ocean are deprived of vital mineral micronutrients.

kasatochi bloom

Kasatochi Volcanic Bloom in the Gulf of Alaska 2008 showing in satellite hyperspectral data of chlorophyll, aka green phytoplankton! click to enlarge

Even though the massively revived volcanic plankton blooms of 2008 were late in the season two years later the salmon came back in historic abundance, especially to the Fraser River which is the last major run of salmon to reach the Alaskan Gyre.

Associated with those volcano miracle plankton blooms were countless records of desperately poor years for Fraser sockeye with matching poor ocean pasture conditions.The Kasatochi volcano was not unique,  a few other volcanic eruptions of Aleutian volcanoes had similarly produced record sockeye salmon returns to the Fraser River.

These studies of the natural system provide ample data for comparison of good ocean pasture conditions vs. poor one. Read about the Kasatochi volcano miracle run of Fraser River Sockeye or better yet watch the music video! The Wilds – 40 Million Salmon Can’t Be Wrong

In my experimental design I knew I could not produce an effect that would compare in size to a volcano. But we could be smarter than a dumb volcano. I could prescribe and administer exactly the right mineral micronutrients in exactly the right place at exactly the right time.  All it would take would be me and 11 shipmates on one solitary fishing boat with a load of iron bearing dust. Along with a fantastic collection of our “state of the art” of ocean science tools of the trade.

What results did I see

Bloom Data

Plankton Bloom Data Taken With One Of Our Two Slocum Gliders

Aside from the tens of thousands of oceanographic samples that were collected before, during, and after the primary at sea ocean pasture restoration more than a hundred thousand discrete measurements were made of our pasture and the surrounding ocean.

When the salmon who survived and thrived in our restored ocean pasture started swimming home in 2013 we were overwhelmed with reports of their numbers. Hundreds of millions of additional salmon over and above the numbers predicted by conventional fisheries science swam back to us with a second treasure trove of delicious data.

The Fish Came Back

Salmon boats were literally overflowing with fish when the largest catch in history swam home from restored ocean pastures. – Click to read more about how to Bring Back The Fish

The SE Alaska Pink catch in the fall of 2013 was a stunning  226.3 million fish. This when a high number of 50 million fish were expected. Those extra ocean pasture fed fish came back because their pasture was enjoying the richest plankton blooms ever, thanks to me a 11 shipmates and our work in the summer of 2012. IT JUST WORKS!

What’s Next

What’s next in our plans is repeating this work to restore and revive dying ocean pastures around the world. From our direct experience in both Pacific, Atlantic, and Indian oceans we know it works, we think just about everywhere. Within just a few years time, revived populations of ocean fish now dwindling, will be brought back, by our efforts, to historic levels of abundance.

We are determined to produce billions of additional fish that will make it into the nets and onto the plates of people around the world. We know that will happen as our experience in the North Pacific in 2012 resulted in more than 60 million servings of our healthy wild Pacific salmon that are right now being provided to hungry American kids who receive food aid from the US Department of Agriculture.

And as a bonus since the ocean pastures we restore and the abundance of fish we grow are carbon based life this all takes place through the repurposing of billions of tonnes of CO2 from it’s harmful form in the ocean into life itself. What could be better than that. The world’s most delicious solution to climate change.

I think it will bring a smile to Gaia’s face.  Join Me!