UN Ocean conference bias

UN Ocean Conference Denies Oceans What It Offers Lands

First ever major UN Oceans Conference is underway though it is about oceans in spin only.

The key goal of the ocean conference blatantly leaves out vital ocean restoration.

Someone must speak for the oceans that need our help to restore them to historic health and abundance.

If you gaze upon the two images of this planet above you will see one image shows the common view where land is prominent. The other image is more accurate as this blue planet is 72% oceans. Even of the 28% that is land barely half of that is free of ice and capable of harbouring life.

June 5-9 is the UN Ocean Conference, the high-level United Nations Conference to support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development.

While this may sound like it is good news for the oceans it cleverly hides another agenda that is to treat the 72% of this blue planet of ours that is oceans very much as a lessor ecosystem. The simple fact is the UN Conference is displaying terrestrial racism in Sustainable Development Goal #14. It’s purpose is to shortchange the oceans.

oceans suffer first and foremost

The world’s oceans are suffering first and foremost from the devastating effects of humanities CO2 emissions!

Here’s how you can know there is terrestrial racism at the UN, look at what Sustainable Development Goal #15 says.

Protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems, sustainably manage forests, combat desertification, and halt and reverse land degradation and halt biodiversity loss. 

Notice the missing ocean concerns in SDG 14? Where is the word RESTORE with regard to the oceans. Where is the mention of sustainably managing ocean forests, aka ocean pastures? Where is mention of desertification, aka massive loss of primary productivity? Where is the mention of halting and reversing habitat degradation and biodiversity loss?  All these dire impacts and goals to mitigate those impacts that are taking place on land that are explicitly identified on behalf of terrestrial environments are intentionally missing in the UN SDG #14 for the ocean.

The calls for conservation and protection are great but the fact is the oceans and their most vital ecosystems, yes that is a plural ecosystems, are in a cataclysmic state of collapse. Conservation and protection are clearly considered insufficient to help terrestrial systems as SDG #15 clearly proves. The insufficiency rise to intentional neglect in the UN consideration for the oceans.

Just as SDG #15 demands real action for lands the same must be demanded for our oceans.

  • Restoration of our oceans is vital!
  • Combatting ocean primary productivity loss, aka desertification is vital!
  • Sustainably managing ocean forests, aka ocean pastures is vital!
  • Halting and reversing ocean habitat degradation and biodiversity loss is vital!

NO, it is not simply an innocent oversight! This is clearly meant to cut the oceans out of the world of work that is to be devoted to solving the global environmental crisis as has been so clearly adopted in the Paris Accord. The UN and world view of the oceans is derived straight from the military minds that rule the seven seas. It’s a world of swashbucklers where ‘the usual suspects’ are the only culprits the Vichy are willing to consider less they lose favour with their climate industrial complex overlords.

The tragedy of the ocean commons, the ocean pastures, is that no one is willing to act to save them, well almost no one. Join me.

Want more evidence on behalf of the oceans?

People everywhere know of the plight of the Amazon Rainforest. Today 20% of the biodiverse Amazon has been cut down. To save the remaining 80% the world holds saving the Amazon Rainforest as one of its highest goals. Every 5 years in the oceans of this blue planet, for the past 50+ years, an entire Amazon Rainforest worth of ocean forest, ocean pasture, has been eradicated. No one seems to be paying attention the the 10 ocean Amazon’s now lost. We can and we must restore our ocean pastures.

ocean amazon

A more accurate globe. Imagine the 10 lost Amazon’s being regenerated in the oceans around the world. Those ocean Amazon’s become the most powerful natural solution to our CO2 crisis and save our blue planet and providing food for all. – click to read more…

But hey instead of calling for the real action where it is needed let’s go back to that part about rounding up the usual suspects as is being called for at the UN this week.

How about those bad boys, those modern day pirates, the dastardly overfishing fishermen. There is an endless list of those pirates, from the smallest pirate boats carrying 3 or 4 in the notorious ‘blue boats’ of the Western Pacific to the infamous Chinese, you know the Red Chinese. What better usual suspects could one possible point a finger of blame at. Surely someone can foment some hate about those darned Ruskies.


Here’s a basic lesson from land that nearly everyone knows even if they have never felt anything but concrete beneath their feet.

Everyone knows when a pasture on land has no grass growing the pasture no longer sustains herds of livestock. (Think desertification.)

The famous English writer Walt Whitman said it in the simple form, “All beef is grass”, said he.

The same is true for ocean pastures where the pasture ‘grass’ is plankton. Today’s loss of ocean pasture plankton means the fish are certain to disappear… (Note those missing ocean amazon forests from above.)

Of course as the remaining fish are dying due to loss of something to eat then we, humanity, can indeed ‘overfish’ the remaining few fish and speed up their extinction.

But this means the problem is each and everyone of us NOT THE USUAL SUSPECTS!

The greatest threat to ocean fish is ocean pasture collapse.

High and rising CO2 has turned our once healthy and abundant ocean pastures into clear blue deserts on which fish can neither thrive nor survive. Throughout the Pacific, the Atlantic, and the Indian oceans pastures have been decimated.

Today only 3% of the Pacific Giant Blue Fin tuna remain. Yellowfin Tuna numbers are in collapse, again for Albacore tuna, BigEye tuna, and Skipjack tuna. We all know the tragic saga of the Atlantic Cod. Canada all but stopped commercial fishing for Atlantic Cod in the late 1980’s in the expectation that by protection and conservation alone the Cod Stocks would recover. They still have not recovered and this is because the Cod are starving at sea.

All ocean fish are in cataclysmic decline. We can and therefore we must bring back the fish.

climate saved by healthy ocean

Click to read more in a newly published paper in PNAS

In terms of the UN Sustainable Development Goals here’s everywhere on this blog you will see how restoring the oceans back to historic levels of health and abundance is immediately possible and incredibly affordable. Of course such a transformative solution to the global crisis of ‘climate change’ might just render conference like the one going on this week in New York rather redundant.

On Sunday afternoon immediately following the Fijian Boys Marching band parade with the Prime Minister of Fiji the head of this conference the UN cheerleaders who hosted speaker panel after speaker panel repeatedly asked the panelists of experts to tell the audience their worst horror stories about the peril the oceans are in. She kept imploring them “scare us, we need to be scared into doing something.” Never once did she ask the panel members to tell their most hopeful story on behalf of the oceans. As it seems the UN knows so well, IF IT BLEEDS IT LEADS!

We can and therefore we must restore the oceans to health. The voyage of recovery sails this year. Join me!

ps. When I arrived at the conference gate I discovered I was on the verboten list. While my work and ideas are on the agenda at the meeting they are only presented in the form of the official fake news rather than allow me to speak the truth.