China loess plateau

China Changes The Face Of The World Through Eco Restoration

An Incredible Video About China’s Great Green Wall Program

Restoring lands that became deserts back to life in just a decade.

Good news for the Earth, but don’t forget the Ocean!

Restoration in a mere decade can be accomplished

For me as one who has practiced Eco Restoration since I became an adult some 50 years ago I am always delighted to be able to learn what others have accomplished. In this video of a few years ago China’s work to restore deserts back to green lands is a story of hope.

This is part of China’s ‘Great Green Wall’ policy to restore lands damaged over centuries of poor management back into healthy vibrant green ecosystems. The video “Lessons of the Loess Plateau” shows how an ancient civilization failed because they degraded their ecosystem functions. This parallels many if not all of the original cradles of civilization. But recently the Chinese people are showing that it is possible to rehabilitate large-scale damaged ecosystems. It’s also known as the Great Green Wall of China.

The dust that has blown from China has not been entirely a ecological disaster, that dust was helping to keep the ocean pastures of the North Pacific flourishing. Today as dust is diminishing and other ‘climate change’ impacts are hitting as well the productivity of the North Pacific is collapsing along with its fish.

China’s outstanding commitment and proven success taking care of its terrestrial ecosystem is a great benefit to the planet as a whole. We can only hope that China will focus some tiny part of its good will to damaged ecosystems to the oceans that once benefited from the dust that blew from its Loess Plateau. Surely less than 1% of the expert effort and goodwill China has shown for its lands would restore and sustain the North Pacific ocean pastures returning them to historic health and abundance.

If someone from China wants to enlist my help they merely need to ask and I will return to China to assist as I have done in the past.